Possible Ways To Check And Update AMD Graphics Card

A computer comprises of various components that plays a vital role in the working of a system. It includes both hardware and software. Among many, a Graphics card an important component for a PC specifically targeted at gamers, designers and for the users who are stuck to video streaming. How would you check if your system has an AMD graphics card?

You’ll be required to struggle a bit to find an answer to your query. Make sure you do not follow a way that is complicated rather reach your solution with such ease. The article here is not only restricted to finding graphics card but will also let you know how important it is to keep your system drivers updated.

What Is An AMD Graphics Card?

AMD graphics cards are extremely powerful and play an essential part in everything that you see on your PC screen. As it produces graphics and images. The term AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices and is produced by Radeon Technologies Group.

Where To Find AMD Graphics Card?

For all Windows 10 users, finding AMD is not as simple as it seems. It can only be an easy process when you have all the required details with you. How to check if your computer has an AMD graphics card? To simplify the process, you can check out these vital ways to look for a graphics card on Windows.

Check and Update AMD Graphics Card on Windows 10

Here are listed some of the ways to find and update AMD graphics card on Windows 10.

Find Subsystem Vendor and Device ID

Checking out your Windows PC for Subsystem Vendor and Device ID will help you find graphics card on your system. To begin, start with Device Manager.

  • Press Windows+R and type ‘devmgmt.msc’ to open the device manager.Device Manager
  • Now, explore Display adapters to check the available display hardware on your Windows.Device Manager
  • The results will differ based on the PC you’re using. Then, right-click on the display adapter and click on Properties.
  • The dialog box that opens will have multiple options. Click on the ‘Details’ tab and it will show you the screen with more vital and to-the-point information. This will let you know about which AMD graphics card is there on your Windows.

Device Manager

It will display the details that will help you to check hardware on your Windows. In the above image, you’ll find both Device and Vendor ID. This is where you can identify your PC graphics card.

It is easy to find graphics card on a PC having AMD graphics card by Radeon. Here are listed some of the ways to find graphics card on Windows 10.

How to Fix AMD Graphics Card Issues?

The AMD graphics card is one of the best graphics cards and powerful hardware that can lead you to sometimes experiencing problems. No one ever comes to know the reason behind the problem, its occurrence, and its certainty.

Such issues are inevitable. AMD graphics card will be problematic if your machine will be kept long enough. A few problems can be fixed just by updating graphics card drivers on Windows. But, on the contrary, automatic updates are better than manual updates. Thus, you’ll need to update your system drivers using an effective driver updater tool like Advanced Driver Updater.

Why Update Device Drivers?

For a fast-performing Windows, there is always a need for an updated version of all drivers. Even a single issue with any of the device drivers will hamper all your hardware functioning. Most common issue if ‘Outdated Drivers’. Once any driver gets outdated, your PC starts experiencing various issues.

Similarly, if your system’s graphics card goes out of date, your PC will eventually start creating problems while functioning. Therefore, it is quite essential to update your drivers. Updating graphics card drivers manually is a daunting process. Hence, consider updating them automatically and for this install and use Advanced Driver Updater to auto scan and update all your system drivers in a go.

What Can Advanced Driver Updater Do?

Advanced Driver Updater will help you automatically get an update for the outdated drivers. You can either choose to uninstall or renew them as per your needs. Having an automated tool can help your Windows run smoothly and can do wonders for your PC drivers with its quick scan and fix processes.

Advanced Driver Updater is, as the name says, a device updater tool that scans for all drivers, shows the outdated drivers, updates them, look out for missing drivers, helps you to get updates from their websites for the current version of the device drivers, and much more.

To update graphics card drivers using Advanced Driver Updater, follow these steps:

  • Download, install and run Advanced Driver Updater.


  • On the Status tab, click on the Scan Now button to quickly scan for all the outdated drivers.


  • Once the scan is over, check if there are any outdated drivers. Click on Update all button at the bottom right of the dialog box that appears to update all outdated ones.
  • Reboot your computer to apply the necessary changes. You can now try again to check if all your drivers are updated or not following the same steps.

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To Conclude

These were the best ways to fix AMD graphics card issues on your computer. If you find your PC working slow or if your system is lagging, ensure that you check for Windows and driver updates. Follow all required steps to update or uninstall outdated drivers or to find the missing ones to install them for your PC’s smooth functioning.  Having a hand on an automated tool like Advanced Driver Updater will make everything go on ease. Your Windows will start working efficiently and smoothly for sure.

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