10 Best Free GPU Benchmark Software for Windows in 2023

So why do you need a list of the best benchmarks for GPU? Let’s begin with giving you a brief on what exactly is a GPU and why we are looking for a dedicated tool for it.

Graphical Processing Unit or GPU comprises the hardware of your computer that deals with what you see on your monitor i.e graphics card. It is the configuration of the graphics card that helps to determine the quality of video and images displayed on your screen. Now, just by looking at the hardware, you will not be able to determine the power and capacity, and performance that your graphics card can deliver. For that, you need one of the best GPU Benchmark Software to help analyze your Hardware.

A GPU Benchmark Software is a type of application that scans your PC’s hardware and displays the information in a user-readable format. It informs the user of the capacity and the extent to which your hardware’s full potential can be utilized. Some important features of a GPU Benchmark Software are temperature monitoring, Fan & Clock Speed, make & model, and comparison between other PC configs.

Our Top 3 Choices



  • PC Temperature at all times.
  • Easy to use and simple interface.
  • Computer snapshots can be saved and shared.

High-end choice (Recommended)

MSI Burner

MSI Burner

  • Includes FPS Counter.
  • Alters Fan speeds.
  • Supports all graphic cards 

Best choice



  • 4D rendering process.
  • Optimal for high end PCs.
  • Performance is evaluated on the real-time

Best choice

10 Best Free GPU Benchmark Software for Windows

1. Speccy

Image Credits: CCleaner

Moving forward we have one of the best free Windows GPU benchmark applications, Speccy, which is developed by Piriform, the same company which gave us CCleaner. With basic functions, it can be used as a free GPU benchmark software. This PC gaming benchmark software is used by gamers across the globe to identify if their system meets the minimum requirement for playing a game. It provides detailed hardware information, monitors the temperature of the CPU, and determines how your RAM is being used.

  • Includes Search Feature to find specific
  • Computer analysis and reports can be shared.
  • Computer snapshots can be saved and shared with others.


  • PC Temperature at all times
  • Free for life with basic functions
  • Easy to use and simple interface
  • You can perform a free benchmark test for life with basic functions


  • Paid version includes more features

Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Version V 1.32
Price $0
Price (licensed version) $19.95

2. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner
Image Credit: MSI

MSI Afterburner is yet another free GPU benchmark software which helps users to overclock the graphics card. Needless to say, it offers a more accurate way of testing the latest GPUs. This app is for GPU benchmarking only and does not provide information related to the CPU. It allows users to control their GPU in every possible manner, including the clock and fan speeds with the voltage

  • Includes FPS Counter
  • Alter Fan speeds
  • Supports all graphic cards including non-MSI


  • Free to use
  • Allows Overclocking GPU
  • Performance Measurement on a real-time basis
  • Lets you perform a free benchmark test


  • Missing CPU details

Operating System Windows 10
Version 4.6.3
Price $0
Price (licensed version) N/A

3. Cinebench

Image Credits: Maxon

Another best free GPU benchmark tool is Cinebench which is available on all major platforms. This free GPU benchmark tool uses 4D image rendering technology to grade your CPU and OpenGL performance.

  • Reports generated are on practical performance.
  • The 4D rendering process pushes your hardware to its maximum limit.
  • Helps users to choose the appropriate components to build premium PCs.


  • Optimal for high-end PCs
  • Performance is evaluated on the real-time scenario
  • Free to use.


  • The installation file is very large
  • Interface is a bit complicated

Operating System Windows 10
Version V
Price (Trial version 30 days) $0
Price (licensed version) $81.91

4. HWMonitor


Image Credits: Cpuid

To begin the list of best GPU benchmark software, we have carefully placed HWMonitor at the top because of the exclusive features offered by this app. This app provides complete information about your hardware as the name suggests and is a popular tool among the gaming fraternity. This PC gaming benchmark software offers a simple and easy-to-use interface that displays a PC’s fan and clock speeds, temperature, and voltage with power consumption. HWMonitor can be truly considered as one of the best free GPU benchmark applications in 2021.

  • Free Classic Version
  • Paid Version Supports Client handling via remote.
  • Can record CPU & GPU temperatures.


  • Free to use
  • Lightweight app
  • Real-time updates are displayed


  • Could add certain features.

Version HWMonitor 1.44
Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 & 64 bit)
Price ( Basic) $0
Price (Standard) $19.95
Price (Extended) $34.95

5. GFXBench

Image: GFXBench

The next one on the list of best GPU benchmark software is GFXBench which is a utility that is designed to display graphics performance. It conducts few tests to obtain the required information and also helps in the comparison of graphic cards. There are advanced options that can be used to carry out an API benchmark check between OpenGL and Vulkan 2D/3D applications.

  • Graphics Test can be customized.
  • It supports PC and Mobile devices
  • Check Battery Performance.


  • Available on Multiple Platforms
  • Compare various devices on its website
  • Supports Vulkan and OpenGL


  • Not easy to install.

Operating System Windows 7 Linux
Version GFXBench 5.0
Price (Basic) $0
Price (Commercial) On request only

6. Passmark

Image: Passmark

If you are looking for a GPU benchmark software that can compare your computer with similar systems in the market, then you must opt for Passmark. This application maintains baseline databases with the help of submissions from other people. Another feature that makes this the best GPU benchmark software is the fact that it can run directly from a USB drive.

  • Supports 3D Video Cards.
  • Assists in measuring network speed between two PCs.
  • Determine the Read/write speed of RAM.


  • Easy To Use
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Database of over 1 million users


  • Fewer Features as compared to others in this list
  • Very Expensive full version

Operating System Windows 7, Server 2012, 2016, 2019, Windows 10
Version Performance Test 10.1 x86
Price (Trial version 30 days) $0
Price (Full Version) $76

7. AIDA64 Extreme

AIDA64 Extreme
Image: Aida64

Looking for a tool to benchmark GPUs on Windows operating systems? AIDA64 Extreme can prove to be a great bet that provides detailed reports about the hardware in your computer. This information can be saved as reports in various formats like CSV (Comma Separated Values), XML, and HTML formats. It also offers information on the apps installed along with their license details.

  • Helps project data on VFD and LCD
  • Provides a graphical representation of data
  • Analyze RAM usage and bandwidth


  • Accurate Fan Speed and Temperature
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Prevent Hardware issues


  • Interface requires to be revamped
  • Expensive

Operating System Windows 10, Server 2019
Version 6.33.5700
Price (Trial version 30 days) $0
Price (Full Version) $39.95

8. 3DMark

Image Credits: 3DMark

The Final GPU benchmark software in this list is 3DMark which is more of a PC gaming benchmark software. The gaming benchmarks included in this application are Port Royal (ray tracing), Time Spy (DX12), 3DMark Fire Strike (an older DX11 test), and others. A free demo version is available on the Steam application.

  • Compare your PC with other 3DMark users.
  • Guides users to upgrade their PC with regards to playing specific games.
  • Helps to overclock GPU.


  • Gaming Benchmarks
  • Overclocking Stress test
  • Compare your PC with many others


  • Expensive application

Operating System Windows 10
Version V APR 21
Price (Trial version 30 Days) $0
Price (licensed version) $9.95

9. Geekbench

Image Credits: GeekBench

One of the best GPU benchmark software for Windows 10 is Geekbench which is now available for other platforms like macOS and Linux. This application conducts a lot of different tests, including those that measure unique factors like machine learning and augmented reality. In the case of GPUs, users can utilize OpenCL, CUDA, Metal, Vulkan, etc.  It provides users a facility to compare the benchmark across various platforms as well.

  • Available for mobile phones, Android & iOS.
  • Command Line tools are included.
  • Software licenses are available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.


  • Comparisons can be done across platforms
  • Augmented Reality tests
  • Vulkan API supported


  • Expensive
  • Different uses require different types of licenses.

Operating System Windows 10 (64-bit)
Version V 5.4.0
Price $0
Price (licensed version) $9.99

10. UserBenchmark

Image: Userbenchmark

Speaking of the best free GPU benchmark, we have UserBenchmark which is a complete suite of benchmarking modules and is available free of cost. Users can access the CPU, SSD, GPU, RAM, HDD, USB, and more to analyze the hardware. This software was originally built by a group of people as an open-source project and was never intended to be sold commercially.

  • Provides a net score of complete hardware.
  • Suggests performance improvement methods.
  • Helps users determine if they can play certain games on their machine.


  • Free of Cost
  • Provides benchmarking of many hardware aspects
  • Completes PC tests in less than one minute
  • Offers benchmark test free of cost


  • Hardware Ratings seem to favor certain hardware brands more than others.

Operating System Windows 10 (64-bit)
Version V
Price $0
Price (licensed version) N/A

Your Choice on best Free GPU Benchmark Software for Windows

There are many GPU Benchmark Software available in the software world and it is difficult to choose the best one from so many of them. We have tried and tested many of these applications and concluded the 10 best GPU Benchmark software that will help to analyze your GPU and monitor your hardware. You may choose the best software that suits your requirement but if you ask us then we prefer to use Speccy to analyze and compare our PC specifications. These are the best free benchmark software and have been used by millions of users across the globe. Follow us on social media – FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I check my GPU BENCHMARK?

A: You can check the GPU Benchmark of your computer by using any one of the applications designed to measure the GPU benchmark listed above.

Q: How do I know if my graphics card is running properly?

A: To check the status of your graphics card, the fan speed, and voltage, you must use one of the GPU benchmarking software lists above.

Q: What is the need of a Graphic Card Benchmark Software?

A: A GPU benchmark software is used to carry out a test to check the speed, performance, and efficiency of the GPU chipset. With this software users can find out about the performance of different hardware components in the GPU, like RAM, GPU cycle, processing throughput, etc

Q: Are PC benchmarks free?

A: Not all of the benchmark software is free essentially. But yes, you can find free benchmark GPU tools for your Windows PC. Check out the list mentioned in the blog to find out the top benchmark software.

Q: Which is the best benchmark software for PC?

A: HWMonitor is one of the best benchmark software for PC which is available in free and paid versions. Majorly advertised as a hardware monitoring tool, but it can be easy as a free graphics benchmark software.

Q: How to troubleshoot a GPU problem?

There are several things you can do to troubleshoot a GPU-related problem. You can start by checking if there is dust inside your PC. If not, you can update your graphics card driver, try uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, and lower overclocking. Sometimes, certain background applications can also stop GPU from running smoothly. In that case, you can also try closing down any background applications.

Q: How to improve the benchmarking scores?

There are several ways you can improve the benchmarking score –

  • When performing the benchmarking test, it is highly advisable to close all programs that you don’t require anymore.
  • If you have downloaded the beta version of drivers recently, you might consider rolling them back to their previous version.
  • Downloading only compatible drivers and updating them from time to time can help in improving the benchmarking score.


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