How To Copy In Command Prompt In Windows 10

Command Prompt is one of the most powerful tools in Windows operating system. However, despite being able to do what the Windows GUI cannot achieve, the Command Prompt always does seem to have any issue with copying and pasting within the tool. To make it easy for the users, this guide will explain how to Copy in Command Prompt as well as paste a command line if necessary.

How To Copy In Command Prompt In Windows 10

The default CTRL + C keys pressed together for copying, files, text etc. on all applications and Windows 10 will not work in Command Prompt. To copy in Command Prompt, we will have to use a different method:

Step 1: Press CTRL + A on the Command Prompt or make a right-click on the command prompt window and then click on Select All.

Step 2. Release the mouse button to deselect the entire screen, and this will automatically enable a small mouse cursor display.

Step 3. Now select any text you want to copy within the Command Prompt and that part of the text will change color while being select just as the small mouse cursor display.

Step 4. This highlighted part can be copied using CTRL + C and can be pasted on a word processor or text document using CTRL + V. If the CTRL + C do not work on your Windows 10, then try the alternative combination for copying that is CTRL + SHIFT+ C.

combination for copying

Note: Do not use the right-click on Command Prompt while copying as this would deselect everything and you would have to repeat the process from Step 1 to use the copy in Command Prompt.

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How To Paste In Command Prompt In Windows 10

Now that we have learnt how to copy in Command Prompt let us learn the steps for pasting text as well. The default shortcut for paste in many apps and the Windows operating system is CTRL + V. However, it does not work in the Command Prompt. Here are the steps to paste in Command Prompt:

Step 1. Make a right-click anywhere in the command prompt windows and from the contextual menu select “Properties”.


Step 2. Next, click on the Options Tab and under Edit Options; locate “Use CTRL + SHIFT + V as Copy/Paste”.

Options Tab and under Edit Options

Step 3. Place a check in the box next to it and click on OK  button.

Step 4. Now you can copy any line of code from the browser or document and paste it in the Command Prompt using the CTRL + V key or making a right-click within the Command Prompt and choosing Paste from the contextual menu.

Note:  If the CTRL + V does not work, then you can always use CTRL + SHIFT + V to paste in Command Prompt.

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How To Use Other Editing Keys In Command Prompt In Windows 10.

Now that you have learnt how to copy in Command Prompt and paste as well, two more simple commands will help you a great deal.

First: Use The Esc Key To Clear A Line

If you have made a mistake while typing the code, then you can use the backspace key to delete it and retype the correct code. However, in cases of long codes, it is better to hit the ESC key once to clear the current line instead of pressing the backspace key several times.

ESC key

Second. Use The Cls To Clear The Screen

If you want to clear the entire terminal clean, then type “cls” at the command prompt and the entire app screen will be cleared of all the commands typed earlier.

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The Final Word On How To Copy In Command Prompt In Windows 10

As most of us prefer using apps with the graphical user interface, Command Prompt in Windows 10 is rarely used. Nobody likes to type in long lines of command to carry out a process. All one prefers is to make a few mouse clicks to carry out what they want on the computer. But in cases you have to use the command prompt, it is essential to know how to carry out the primary function of copying in Command Prompt.

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