How To Securely Hide Files And Folders In Windows 10 With Command Prompt

Everyone using the computer is extremely concerned about his personal files and folders. It doesn’t matter what stuff a person saves on his computer, he will always find hundreds of reasons to hide some specific content. Also, there might be some files or folders in your computer which you wish to prevent from accidental deletion or modification. To tackle all such situations windows has provided an efficient solution of hiding the files and folders.

How To Hide Files And Folders In Windows 10(A Conventional Method):

Any computer user who is just above the novice user this conventional method of hiding the files and folders. In this method user has to right click on the file or folder which he wishes to hide. Now from the drop-down menu he has to select Properties and change the attribute of file/folder to hidden. Now once he clicks on OK button the file/folder gets hide from file explorer.

The only problem with this method is that if anyone knows that you have some hidden files or folders in your PC, then he can easily access them by clicking on the” View” tab followed by unchecking the checkbox present before Hidden Items.

This means if you follow this method, then retrieving the hidden files is simpler than hiding.

How To Hide Files And Folders In Windows 10 Using Command Prompt (A Secure Method):

From above discussion, you must be quite sure that the conventional approach is not a secure method of hiding the files. Therefore, in case if you wish to securely hide your files or folders then you have to go for some third-party tools. But these third-party tools not only cost you money but also can’t be easily trusted.

So, to tackle all these situations the best method is to hide the files by command prompt in such way that operating system treat them as system files.

  1. To get started open command prompt by typing cmd in search area of windows and press enter.
  2. In the command prompt window that opens type attrib +h +s followed by the path of the file which you wish to hide. Now press the enter key.
    command prompt

In the above example, we are hiding folder “readermode “which is located on Desktop. Therefore, its file path is written as C:\Users\varun.tiwari\Desktop\readermode.

For our user’s knowledge, we would like to tell that attribute command which we have used here is to set various attributes for a file. The letters “h” and “s” in the following attribute command tells the computer to treat folder “readermode” as a system and hidden folder.

So, in this way whenever you wish to hide any file or folder them simply use “attrib” command with parameters “h” and “s” followed by the file path which you wish to hide and press enter. Now your file or folder will be treated by your computer and will become hidden like other system files.

Also, we recommend you save the path of the file or folder to unhide them whenever required in future.

How To Unhide The Files Using Command Prompt In Windows 10:

To unhide the file or folder using command prompt first you need to have the path of that. Now open command prompt and type attrib -h -s followed by the file path and execute it by pressing enter button.

You will again find that hidden file or folder back on your computer.

So, guys hope this article helped you in hiding you files and folders in a more secure manner.

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