How To Directly Link To Text On A Chrome Webpage

As of lately this year, Google has started using a Scroll to Text Fragment feature on Google Search results. This way, users are sometimes directed to a specific text fragment on a webpage that directly answers their Google query. This is an initiative to make Google results in more efficient and more adherent to the user intent. This feature works when a user browses through Google via Google Chrome.

Now, Google Chrome is also allowing users to create their Scroll to Text Fragments on a webpage. This way, in case you are sharing a webpage link for some reason, you can directly send the receiver of the link to the specified text fragment you wish him/her to read. This feature can be useful if you’re sending links to your portfolios, blogs, or other professional material among your co-workers.

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Here’s how you can add a direct link to text and create a Scroll to Text Fragment Chrome link on a Chrome webpage:

How to Link to Text on a Chrome Webpage

Step 1: Chrome is now offering an extension you can use to initiate the process of linking direct text on Chrome webpage. Here’s the extension – Link to Text Fragment Browser Extension.

Step 2: Add this extension to your Chrome account.

Step 3: Select the webpage where you want to add a link to a text fragment. Here, I have selected a review of an Android app called Message to Unknown Number.

Step 4: Select the text you want to mark as a link to a text fragment. You can select or highlight that particular text via your mouse.

Directly Link To Text news Step 5: Right-click on the text.

Step 6: Click on Copy Link to Selected Text.

select text and save

Step 7: You’ll see your selected text highlighted in Yellow for a while.

Link To Text On A Chrome Webpage

Step 8: Send the link to the concerned receiver right after you’ve copied the link to that text.

Step 9: Check with the receiver if the process worked.

The link opened by the receiver will take him/her straight to the text linked to the webpage. This will allow the receiver to read the specific text firsthand without scrolling through the document to reach there or find it like a needle in a haystack.

The process of linking a text to a web page has been made more than easier by this new Chrome extension which is available on Chrome Web Store for Chrome versions 80.0 and above.

link to text fragment

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However, while testing the feature, it was found that the extension still has got some bugs. For example, when I linked a text to the webpage, there was a notification claiming that I need to highlight a longer text sequence to link, and the site won’t accept my command.

However, in many instances, I wasn’t required to highlight a longer text sequence and highlighting even a few words at a time worked perfectly.

Being a new feature, Google may further work on it and rectify these bugs soon. The extension is mostly useful when you want to direct someone to a specific step among large sets of instructions. Use the extension yourself and see if it works for you.

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