How To Enable Chrome Kiosk Mode In Your Computer?

Kiosk Mode feature allows the user to convert the Chromedevice into one usable app machine. It locks away all the other apps and features that Chrome has to offer. Chrome devices can include from a wide variety of Chromebooks, which are specialized and low budget laptops, Chrome CPUs, which are small boxes that only need a monitor to run and finally Chromebase devices, which can be used commercially for business.

Where Can Chrome With Kiosk Mode Be Used?

Chrome has become very popular over the users and is used for both personal and work purpose. The Chrome for Work, also known as Google Chrome Enterprise is a business-focused solution for Chrome devices. It is Google’s initiative to encourage institutions, schools and other workplaces to use Chrome devices. The Chrome Kiosk Mode is an essential requirement for institutions such as libraries and other business that prefer Kiosk systems so the user can use the intended app.

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That is the reason why Google inculcated the Single App Kiosk Mode, which locks the user on to a single full-screen Chrome app that cannot be changed or exited. This mode is different from the normal kiosk mode, which allows a few controls to the user. The normal Chrome Kiosk Mode can be activated on the Chrome Browser running in Windows 10 computer. But,this Single App Kiosk Mode is available only on Chrome devices, which locks the user on one particular website or Chrome app.

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How To Enable Chrome Kiosk Mode In Your Computer?

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Chrome Kiosk Mode On A Managed Chrome Device

If your Network administrator has modified the system policies that are controlling the Chrome OS or browser settings, then this Chrome device comes under the category of Managed devices. To set the Chrome Kiosk Mode, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the Chrome Device’s admin panel.

Step 2. Locate the Kiosk settings section.

Step 3. You can choose from a variety of selections like Public Session Kiosk, Auto-Launch Public Session and Auto-Launch Kiosk App.

Note: Public Session Kiosk means the normal Chrome Kiosk Mode, and Auto-Launch Kiosk App is a different name for initiating Single App Kiosk Mode.

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Chrome Kiosk Mode On A Non-managed Chrome Device

Step 1. Sign into the Chromebook and open Chrome Browser.

Step 2. On the address bar, type the following command


Step 3. Turn on the Developer Mode by toggling the switch towards the right.

Enable Chrome Kiosk Mode - developer mode

Step 4. Click on Manage Kiosk Applications.

Step 5. Enter the ID of the Kiosk App you want to use in the  “Add kiosk application” box.

Step 6. Select Add and then done.

How To Turn Off The Chrome Kiosk Mode?

Step 1. Restart your Chromebook.

Step 2. While the device is turn on, Press Ctrl + Alt + S

Step 3. The Kiosk Mode will Turn Off, and the normal Sign-in screen will appear.

Chrome Kiosk Mode On Chrome For Windows

To set up the Chrome in Kiosk Mode on Windows 10 computer follow these steps:

Step 1. Create a Shortcut of the Chrome browser on your Desktop.

Step 2. Make a right-click on the Chrome shortcut and from the contextual menu, click on Properties.

Step 3. In the Properties window. Click on the Shortcut tab and locate the Target Field.

Step 4. Do not erase anything in the target field. Add “ –Kiosk” at the end of whatever is already mentioned in the target field.

Enable Chrome Kiosk Mode - chrome shortcut

Step 5. Double Click on this shortcut icon and the Chrome browser will always open in Kiosk Mode. However, this will be the normal kiosk mode, which is different from the Single-App Kiosk Mode.

Your Thoughts On How To Enable Chrome Kiosk Mode In Your Computer?

Chrome’s Kiosk Mode is not only useful for businesses, Malls, Libraries but can also be used in your home. If you are left without any option but to hand over your laptop or tablet to your kids, then you could probably enable the kiosk mode so that they wouldn’t be able to make a mess of your system.

Enable Chrome Kiosk Mode - Man using Kiosk

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