How to Activate Kiosk Mode on Firefox Browser?

Sometimes you would require to program or set your device in such a way that only a specific app is functional while restricting access to all other apps and the operating system itself.  In other words, you would want to enable Kiosk Mode on your computer. It is possible to set your Windows 10 in a Kiosk Mode, but you will get an option to choose only one Microsoft native application which can be selected to run as a standalone app.

Kiosk Mode on Firefox - Logo

And perhaps that is the reason why Mozilla has added the Kiosk Mode feature to its Firefox Web Browser. This new Kiosk Mode in Firefox allows the users to be able to surf the internet and browse websites via Mozilla Firefox without doing anything else on that computer. Rumours have it that this feature was first requested by a Firefox user around 18 years ago. Perhaps Mozilla did not think that Kiosks would be an essential feature shortly.

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So, What is A Kiosk Mode and Where is it Used?

Kiosk Mode is a setting that locks your entire computer down, making it inaccessible except one single application.  These computers or Kiosk Machines are placed in many places for people to use but with the limitation of using a specifically intended app only. This is usually done so that the users can focus their concentration on a specific purpose that is being targeted and not use the computer for general purpose.

Kiosk Mode on Firefox - Apple Kiosk

As I mentioned earlier, Kiosk mode concentrates on a single app. That is why it is useful to place these restrictions on computers placed in Shops, Malls, Libraries and other Terminals such as Vending machines and Presentations/Documentations during the promotion.

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What Differences Can You Observe When You Activate the Kiosk Mode in Firefox?

Kiosk Mode on Firefox - Google in Kiosk

Once the Kiosk Mode is activated in Firefox, it does not allow anyone to tamper with the computer except for the pre-set application. Once activated the following limitations or restrictions can be observed:

1) Once the Kiosk Mode in Firefox is activated, it enables a compulsory full-screen mode which cannot be minimized or closed.

2) The Minimize, Maximize, Close buttons are no longer displayed.

3) The F11 key does not respond to any corresponding action when it is pressed.

4) The right-click does not work, and even if you manage to make it, there would be no contextual menu approaching.

5) There is no status bar at the bottom of the page, which generally displays the web address when the mouse hovers over the hyperlinks.

6) Finally, all Toolbars, Title bar, Bookmarks, Navigation, Menu bar are either not visible or disable, which means the user is restricted to specific actions only.

Adding to the above limitations, users also cannot open multiple tabs or customize Firefox options and settings. Neitherdefault or built-in pages will open norcan you go out of this mode smoothly, leaving only a predetermined web page content with a few functional hyperlinks making the user travel in a closed loop.

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Kiosk Mode on Firefox - FireFox

How to Enable Kiosk Mode in Firefox?

Now that you know what a Kiosk Mode in Firefox is and where it can be used, here are two ways that you can use to enable kiosk mode in Firefox on your computer.

Method 1. Enable Kiosk Mode in Firefox Using RUN box.

Step 1. Press the Windows + R keys together to activate the Run box.

Step 2. Type Firefox –kiosk in the text box, and hit the Enter key.

Kiosk Mode on Firefox - Run command

Step 3. The Mozilla Firefox browser will open in Kiosk Mode and full screen.

Note: Make sure that no other Firefox window or session is open before enabling Kiosk mode.

Method 2. Create a Shortcut to Initiate Kiosk Mode in Firefox Browser.

You can always create a separate shortcut icon on your desktop to launch kiosk mode on your Firefox browser.

Step 1. Create a new shortcut of Firefox on your desktop.

Step 2. Make a right-click on this shortcut and from the contextual menu, click on properties.

Step 3.  In the properties dialog box, locate the text box next to the field labelled as Target.

Step 4. Do not delete or change that text. You need to add the command mentioned below at the end of the string already present in the text box.


Note: These must be a blank space after the last character mentioned in the Target Text Box and the command mentioned above.

Kiosk Mode on Firefox - Firepox Properties

Step 5. Click on the Apply button, and launch Mozilla Firefox through the modified shortcut.

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How to Disable Kiosk Mode in Firefox?

When you have enabled the Kiosk Mode in Firefox, you will not be able to use the other features of your computer and if you must exit then follow these steps:

Step 1. Hold down “Ctrl” + “Alt” + “Delete” on your keyboard simultaneously, and this will display specific options on the screen.

Step 2. Choose Task Manager from the list of options, and a new window will open.

Step 3. Now, click on the Processes Tab, and from the list of current processes running in your computer, locate a process with the name that begins with Firefox.

Step 4. Click on Firefox and then click on the Endtask button, located at the bottom right of the window.

Kiosk Mode on Firefox - Task Manager

Step 5. Repeat this process if there are more than one process that beginswith Firefox.

Step 6. Your computer will exit the kiosk mode in Firefox and will be restored to normal mode.

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Some Other Tips and Tricks with Kiosk Mode in Firefox

Tip 1. Specify a website with Kiosk Mode command in the RUN box, and it will load it when launched.

For Example Firefox –kiosk

Note; Using this command in the Run box, the wethegeek website will open on Firefox browser in Kiosk Mode.

Tip 2. The above command will also work if the same string is pasted in the properties of a Firefox shortcut as described above in Method 2.
Tip 3. The Kiosk Mode in Firefox can also be directly opened in Private Browsing mode using the following command.

For Example: Firefox -kiosk -private-window

Tip 4. If you want to print a page in the Kiosk Mode in Firefox then, you can type the following command:

Firefox –kiosk –printing

This will print the current page opened in Kiosk Mode of Firefox without displaying the Print dialog box.

Tip 5. For Administrators using Command Prompt, type the following command line:

run \firefox.exe –kiosk

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Kiosk Mode on Firefox - New Firefox

Your thoughts on How to activate Kiosk Mode on Firefox Browser?

A Kiosk Mode with your Firefox Browser need not be necessary for commercial purpose only. You can use it at home when you have kids over, and they want to browse the internet or watch YouTube. Just enable the Kiosk Mode and stay relaxed as they will not be able to mess up your documents and applications.

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