5 Reasons To Choose Mozilla Firefox over Google Chrome

Chrome has been the safest and fastest browser for a while now. On the other hand, Mozilla Firefox provides a lot of control over how it looks and operates. Chrome has been the browser king with 56% of users worldwide. However, it seems like there could be shift in this trend.

Firefox is one of the oldest browsers which stands behind its principles and tries out new ideas.Looks like,  Firefox is returning to its former glory. Usage of the browser increased from 7.7 in August 2016 to 12% in May 2017.

Here are five reasons that would make you understand why you should prefer Firefox over Chrome.

  1. Extension’s Concept Started From Firefox:

Chrome has a lot of extensions. But do you know the concept was started by Firefox? Still, some of the extensions are just for Firefox. NoScript is an extension for Firefox which is a Javascript, Java and executable file blocker and an essential tool which provides extra protection. Firefox also has Video DownloadHelper extension that allows you to download your favorite YouTube videos. Moreover, one of the best extension of Firefox ‘DownThemAll’ is a download manager which can increase download speeds and also allows you to pause/resume


  1. Firefox Has An Inbuilt Reader Mode

Firefox stands out for this one, unlike chrome, it has an inbuilt reader mode. In this mode, all the ads are removed from the website and you will get a website UI that enables you to view an amazing print-style article.

For the avid readers, Firefox is the best option.

  1. Choose Firefox, If Privacy Is Your Priority-

If privacy is the thing you seek, you should choose Firefox over any other browser. On the other hand, Google keeps an eye on your accounts to make sure the ads you get on Gmail are more relevant. In case it never occurred to you, that’s the reason Chrome always asks you to sync your data to Google, which makes this practice a big privacy concern.

Firefox doesn’t indulge in such things. Mozilla Firefox can definitely sell the user data but they won’t do it as it is an open source non-profitable organization. Moreover, it has many browser add-ons that help in strengthening the privacy settings.

  1. Firefox Is Good for Battery And CPU –

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Image credits : www.Makeuseof.com

Firefox has been criticized for its slow speed since forever. As Chrome is considered to be the fastest. Did you know the reason of Chrome’s speed? Chrome uses more CPU than Firefox resulting in fast speed and smooth performance. The negative effect is battery drainage and  huge usage of RAM.

According to Microsoft survey, millions of Windows 10 users experienced 31% less power consumption while using Firefox compared to Chrome, in real- world usage.

  1. Firefox Allows More Customization –

Most of us agree appearance does make a difference. Freedom of customization is one of the best features of Firefox. Chrome, on the other hand,  looks the same on every platform. A few superfluous changes can be made for the sake of customizations, such as hiding toolbars, removing a few icons, background themes, etc..

Firefox has a lot to offer. You can rearrange things and change the appearance. Moreover, you can download and install complete themes which will radically alter the layout of the browser . You can also imitate the appearance of other browsers with add-ons like FXChrome and more.

Firefox or Chrome:

We have listed the basic differences and disadvantages of Chrome over Firefox. Everybody uses a computer for various purposes. Nobody can be the judge of what is best for you.

If you prefer online privacy, want to use a few resources, then you should go for Firefox . On the other hand, if your need is speed and smooth performance, you should go for Chrome.

The decision is yours!

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