Quick And Simple Steps On How To Clear Cache And Cookies In Chrome?

Cache and Cookies are temporary files that are created to store some parts of the website and their settings also. This is done to reload the website faster when it is visited for the second time. There are some specific settings and options, which can be customized and are chosen when you visit the site for the first time. The browser remembers the settings you have chosen and stores them as cookies on the computer.

Although this process makes surfing faster and convenient, but it is also essential to clear the cache and cookies. If stored for a long time, they start to accumulate unnecessary space, and in many cases do not let the updated version of the website to be displayed as the data is loaded from cache and cookies stored on the hard drive.

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What Will Happen When You Clear Cache And Cookies From Chrome Browser?

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The straight answer to the above question is “Nothing”. You will not face any issue at all if you clear cache and cookies from Chrome on your computer. The cache stored in your computer consists of common images, website logos, videos, advertisements, and other parts of the webpage that remains constant. The cookies, on the other hand, has users browsing data like credentials, preferences and different settings. Both of these help to load the webpages more quickly as the browser picks up the saved data from the cookies and cache instead of re-rendering them again.

Once the Cache and Cookies are deleted from your system, there will be no major issue while you are working on your computer, and you can continue working as you were. The notable changes that you may notice are:

Your webpage may load slowly for the first time as there will be no information loaded about the website and every bit would have to be rendered afresh. The time taken would not be considerable but as same as opening any new site.

The saved credentials will be lost, which means you will have to enter username and password to sign in and log in to the website just like the first time.

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How To Clear Chrome’s Cache And Cookies

Clearing the Cache and Cookies in Chrome is an easy task, and it requires you to access the browser’s Settings. To open the Cache and Cookies settings, you can use any of the three ways mentioned below:

Step 1(a). Open the Chrome Browser and click on the hamburger menu or the three dots on the top right corner of the screen. Then, click on More Tools and Clear Browsing Data.

Clear Cache and Cookies in Chrome - Clear Browsing data

Step 1(b). Open Chrome Browser and press Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys simultaneously from the keyboard.

Step 1(c).  Open Chrome browser and enter the following address in the address bar on the top.


Step 2.  No matter which step you choose among the above mentioned, the result will be the same, and a new window will open asking you to select a Time Range. The default value is always set to All Time. You can choose from last one hour, one day, one week or one month.

Clear Cache and Cookies in Chrome - select time

Step 3. Place a checkmark in the box next to Browsing History, Cookies and other Site data and Cached Images and Files. This will erase all the temporary files and free up space on your computer.

Step 4. Click on Clear all Data. Wait for a few seconds, and this will clear cache and cookies from Chrome browser.

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The Final Word On How To Clear Cache And Cookies From Chrome Browser

The key to sustainability is maintenance, and as you maintain your vehicle and other electronic devices, you must spend some time and effort on your computer and your browser as well. Browser Optimization and clearing caches and cookies in Chrome is through a small part of computer maintenance, but an essential part of it.

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