How to Fix Google Chrome Has Stopped Working Error

No matter how much discussion or comparison is made between the various browsers, Google Chrome remains the preferred choice for millions of users. From surfing over the web to connecting with friends over social media users prefers Google Chrome over any other available browsers.

But what if one day the browser starts to crash while browsing with an error “Google Chrome has stopped working”.  Many users have encountered this problem in the past. So, if you too have faced this problem with Chrome and are looking for a resolution then you have landed at right place.

Resolve Google Chrome Has Stopped Working Error:

Although Google Chrome is quite stable browser that doesn’t crash often but this error can be caused due to a faulty browser extension or network issues. But whatsoever be the reasons in this article we have summed up different ways to resolve the error Google Chrome has stopped working.

Restart Chrome:

This is the first step that you need to follow if you are facing this error. Close all the currently open tabs of Chrome, quit it and reopen it. Try reloading the pages again to see whether the problem is resolved or not. If the problem still exists then move on to next step.

Close Multiple Opened Tabs:

If you have opened several tabs in the browser then they all will start consuming some amount of resources and memory leading in the crashing of some of the tabs and ultimately crashing of Google Chrome with error Google Chrome has stopped working. Therefore, we suggest to close all the unnecessary and needless tabs and again reload the page in which you faced the error.

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Clear Cache and Delete Cookies of Chrome:

Browser cache, although speed up the browser speed by faster loading of webpages but due to clogging of unnecessary cached pages and corrupted cookies sometimes browser starts crashing. Therefore, cleaning cache and deleting cookies many at times resolves many of the browser problems.

 Clear Cache and Delete Cookies

To clear cache in Chrome press click on the menu icon present at top right corner and select More tools > Clear browsing data. In the window that pops up, check mark all the three options, Browsing history, Cookies and other site data and Caches images and files and click on Clear Data button.


On the Clear browsing data screen, select Browsing History, Cookies/other site data and Cached Images/Files and click on the Clear Data button.

Now try to access the webpage again to see whether the error message is gone or not.

Reboot Your Computer:

As per Google, various opened programs and applications also hamper the correct loading of the webpage. Therefore, if Chrome is crashing with an error then restart your computer, start Google Chrome and check that whether you are still getting error in accessing the webpage.

Remove Incompatible Browser Extensions:

 Remove Incompatible Browser Extensions

Undoubtedly, browser extensions enhance the functionality of the browser but faulty, corrupt or incompatible browser extensions often become the prime reason for crashing of Chrome. Therefore, to resolve this problem start removing extensions one by one to find out which extension is causing the problem. To remove extensions, click on Chrome menu icon and from the drop-down menu select More tools > Extensions. In the extension page, you will find all the installed extensions. You can either disable or completely remove them as per your requirement.

Lookout for the Conflicting Software:

 Lookout for the Conflicting Software

If any of the program or application installed on your system conflicts with Chrome then it will crash the browser. Therefore, to check for any conflicting software type chrome://conflicts in the address bar of the browser and hit Enter key. If any program is reported as conflicting then try either updating it or removing it to resolve the error.

Scan and Fix Scan System File Errors:

System file errors also lead to crashing of Chrome; therefore, it is strictly recommended to clean these system file errors. On Windows computer, SFC is a utility to check for all system files errors. To remove all these system file errors, you have to run the command sfc /scannow in the command prompt. Windows will automatically check for the errors and fix them.

Remove Harmful Programs:

Scan and Fix Scan System File Errors

Google Chrome browser is much more powerful than your expectation. Chrome not only detects harmful and suspicious programs but also removes them from your system.

Click on Menu icon and click on Settings. Scroll to the end and click on Advance. Now scroll further and select Clean up computer. Now Chrome will start scanning for any malicious or infected program.

Reset Chrome Browser:

Reset Chrome Browser

If you are still facing the error, even after cleaning your computer via Chrome then reset the browser to its default settings. To reset Chrome, click on Menu icon and click on Settings. Scroll to the end and click on Advance. Now scroll further and select Restore settings to their original defaults. In the pop-up that prompts click on RESET SETTINGS button.

Uninstall and Reinstall Google Chrome:

This one is literally the final troubleshooting step and should only be used when all the above listed steps fail. Open Control Panel and select Program and Features. Now from the list of installed programs select Google Chrome and uninstall it. Now reinstall Google Chrome back on your system and check that whether the problem is resolved or not. Hopefully, it will be.

So, guys hope above listed troubleshooting steps will help you in resolving Chrome has stopped working error. If you have any other steps that will help in resolving this error then do share them in the comment box below.


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