5 Best Encrypted Messaging Apps for Android in 2023

Messaging apps are the natural place for users to communicate securely. However, most apps don’t offer enough security or privacy to their users. If you want an encrypted messaging app with end-to-end encryption, there aren’t many options out there. Fortunately, the market is changing fast and more developers are working on secure and private messengers daily. These apps keep your messages hidden from third parties like advertisers and hackers. This article lists Android’s best encrypted messaging apps to keep your conversations private.

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What does End-To-End Encryption mean?

End-to-end encryption is a message security protocol that ensures only the sender and intended recipient of a message can read its contents. This type of encryption uses a unique key only known to the sender and recipient, making it virtually impossible for anyone else to decrypt and read the message.

Whenever you send an SMS via an application, that message’s code is processed by a deep algorithm that adheres to the guidelines of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). AES, sometimes known as Rijndael, was founded in 2001 by the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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Three types of encryption that are common are 128-bit, 192-bit, and 256-bit encryption techniques. Out of these, 256-bit end-to-end encryption is nearly impossible to crack by any hacker or fast computer. The term “256-bit encryption” describes the size of the encryption algorithm used to secure a file or stream of data. A message secured by a 256-bit encrypted key will take a hacker or any computer 2256 different permutations to decipher, which is nearly impossible.

So with that brief intro to secure/encrypted messaging let’s take a look at the list of encrypted messaging applications.

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Best Encrypted Messaging Apps for Android in 2023

1. Signal


The signal is the finest and most widely used encrypted messaging app for Android smartphones. On Signal, all types of communication, including text, voicemail, and video calling, are end-to-end encrypted. It additionally provides the option of self-destructing messages in addition to encryption. The signal is a favorite due to its simplicity and powerful, open-source, constantly audited encryption.


Size: 35MB

Requires: Android version 4.4 and up

Version:  5.53.8

Downloads: 10 Cr+

Key Features:

  • Leading-edge end-to-end encryption algorithm. (Even Facebook & WhatsApp use theirs)
  • Governed by a non-profit organization.
  • Routine security inspections.

Get it here.

2. Threema


Threema is another encrypted messaging app that tries to prevent governments and companies from accessing your data. The app supports anonymous use, and strong encryption is available for phone calls and messaging. However, Threema is not cost-free like the majority of secure messaging apps. To use it a one-time cost of $3.99 is required.


Size: 24MB

Requires: Android version 5.0  and up

Version:  4.54

Downloads: 10 Cr+

Key Features

  • Scan a contact’s unique QR code to confirm their identification.
  • There is no requirement to sign in using a personal email address or other details.
  • All messages are encrypted using the solid NaCL ( Network and Cryptography Libraryencryption protocol.

Get it here.

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3. WhatsApp


The world’s most popular standalone chat and phone app, WhatsApp started using Signal’s end-to-end encryption algorithm for all conversations in 2016. There isn’t much WhatsApp can’t do. Along with typical text-based communication, it supports group chats, video calls, location sharing, makes payments, money transfers, and file transfers of various kinds.


Size: 36MB

Requires: Android version 4.1  and up


Downloads: 5 B+

Key Features

  • Top-notch end-to-end encryption (courtesy of Singal Messanger Application).
  • Most used messaging app all over the world.
  • Can make payments or transfer money to your friend and family.

Get it here.

4. Dust


Dust is a covert messaging program that enables you to send contacts brief “Dust,” or private messages, photographs, and videos (no voice & video calls), that vanish after being read. To safeguard all messages, it combines RSA and 128-bit encryption. What’s more, communications are removed 100 seconds after reading them or, if unopened, 24 hours afterward.


Size: 22MB

Requires: Android version 6.0  and up

Version:  6.56

Downloads: 5 L+

Key Features

  • Dust messages are sent over RAM-based servers, thus they are never kept permanently.
  • Detects when a screenshot is captured and alerts you of it.
  • Allows anonymous messaging.

Get it here.

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5. Telegram


Telegram has emerged over the past several years as the preferred messaging service for consumers looking to communicate with large groups.  However, because it needs to keep the data someplace on its servers, Telegram does not provide end-to-end encryption in ordinary chats. Despite this, the company’s “Secret Chats” function has strong encryption that is comparable to that of WhatsApp and Signal.


Size: 66MB

Requires: Android version 6.0  and up

Version:  9.0.2

Downloads: 1 B+

Key Features

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use UI.
  • Group discussions with up to 200,000 individuals can be encrypted.
  • Following six months of inactivity, Telegram accounts are likewise immediately removed.

Get it here.

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To Wrap This Up

So, this was a brief guide about what is end-to-end encryption in messaging apps and provides a list of the best encrypted messaging apps for Android. I can bet you are already using at least one from our list, just tell us which one it is. Also, tell us any suggestions or questions regarding the same in the comments below. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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