The Much Awaited Update is Here: WhatsApp Video Calling is Live on WhatsApp Beta!

WhatsApp- the undisputed champion of instant messaging- has finally rolled out video calling feature in its messenger app. Video calling has been a much awaited update on WhatsApp. The feature is supported in 2.16.318 version of WhatsApp on Android. The update has rolled out for beta version as of now, but masses are expected to receive it soon.

WhatsApp Video Calling can be used with calling icon on the app. Upon tapping, the app seeks permission to make video or voice call. Your confirmation to video call will eventually make the free call to the recipient. However, it would require both the parties to have the latest version in order to make free WhatsApp video call. If the person you’re trying to connect with doesn’t have the latest version, WhatsApp flashes a message saying the recipient needs to update to the app.

Our Perception of WhatsApp Video Calling

Although this is a significant update in the app, we don’t think it’s going to upgrade or downgrade WhatsApp’s popularity on a broad basis. WhatsApp enabled voice calling long back but it hardly is replacement for cellular calls. Besides, Skype and Messenger – among others – have already established themselves as the fore-runners of both audio and video Calls over the Internet. So WhatsApp needs to come up something really unique to make their voice and audio services as popular as instant messaging.

For the moment, Web reported WhatsApp Video Call feature to be fine, with some minor bugs in the call quality. The call was conduct over a 50Mbps Wi-Fi network.

We expect WhatsApp to throw in some surprises to market its Video (and Audio) Call service soon enough.

Recent Update on WhatsApp

Instant messaging is WhatsApp is primary concerned with and to that end, WhatsApp developers always strive to provide best user experience. The app has recently been updated with some great features like tags in group chats, drawing and adding stickers to its camera images, inviting people to join groups by sharing a link, support for placing calls and composing messages with Siri and lot more.

With these, we expect WhatsApp to come up with more user-friendly features and continue to be much loved app that it has become.

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