Google Play Pass – All You Need to Know About It

With the launch of the Google Play Pass- mobile gaming streaming service in 2019 in the US, Google stepped into the world of gaming. And now, with the announcement of making it available for Indian users, it has moved one step further. The Play Pass subscription is currently available in 90 countries, including the US, UK, Russia, Poland, Italy, France, Angola, Chile, etc. You can find the list of available regions for Play Pass at this link.

This post explains all about Google Play Pass in detail, like its features, how it is different from Apple Arcade, why you would want it, and more. 

What is Google Play Pass?

For those who don’t know about this service, Play Pass is a monthly subscription-based service offered by Google for Android users to access unlimited content on Google Play. The service is an excellent assortment of apps and games, and it can be used and installed on devices on which the subscribed Google is running.

The service benefits users and gives developers a new avenue to expand their reach and unlock more revenue streams. It comes with a monthly and annual auto-renew subscription, letting you prefer the plan you like.


  • 4.99 monthly.
  • $29.99 annually.

Furthermore, Play Pass can be shared with five other people if you have a Google Play family account set up.

That’s not all; Play Pass offers a slew of games and apps for Pass users.

Games and Apps available on Play Pass

Although the service did start on a back foot, with time, Google is adding things to it, and honestly, you get various apps & games to work with. Listing all won’t be easy; still, to give you a glimpse, we’ve picked up the latest items added to Play Pass like

Evoland 2, Shiny Ski Resort, Botanicula, Swapperoo, Crying Suns, Brave hand, Night Of The Full Moon, Hidden City Adventure, The Ramen Sensei, Pocket League Story, Laser Quest, and more.

To know what else Play Pass has to offer, go to the Play Pass section in the Play Store > tap on the Explore button. You can now browse through the content that comes with your subscription.

google play pass

Now, you must be thinking about whether or not the content has in-app purchases, right? Luckily, the Play Pass content is free of in-app purchases, and Play Pass is said not to add games that work on microtransactions. Also, with Play Pass, you won’t have to worry about spending on individual installs and paying for unlocking the full version. 

How to sign up for Play Pass?

Signing up for this fantastic service is pretty straightforward. Before you follow the steps to sign up, make sure you fulfill the following requirements:

Your device should be running Android 4.4 or later.

Play Store version 16.6.25 or later.

1. Open the Play Store.

google play pass games

2. Tap on your profile picture. From the list of options, select Play Pass.

play pass google

3. You will be re-directed to a new screen > tap Get Started. Now with the help of the options you see, don’t the screen, you can set up the subscription.

Browse through the available content > locate the apps and games you like and install on your Android devices.

Note: Play Pass doesn’t allow sharing downloads between family members and Play Pass subscribers. Also, the downloaded apps & games are directly installed on the person’s device who initiates the process. No one else has access to them. This helps prevent your device from getting cluttered with data you will not use or games you won’t play. 

If I cancel Play Pass, what will happen to the downloads?

Play Pass is a subscription service; therefore, once you cancel the subscription, you will lose access to all games and apps that come with Play Pass. However, if you have days remaining in the subscription,  the games and apps will work until then.

Managing Play Pass subscription?

This is simple as well. Like any other subscription, the Play Pass subscription can be found in the Play Store app under the library option in the user menu. Please tap on the profile picture > payments & subscriptions > tap on it & you will be able to access the subscription menu.

The Play Pass option will be listed here if subscribed. You can cancel it if you want from this section.

This explains Play Pass, but is it better than Apple Arcade

If you need a comparison but are short on time, tell me the main difference between Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass. The former is strictly for games, but the latter includes apps too. For those, who want to know more, read on! 

Google Play Pass Vs. Apple Arcade

Google Play Pass Apple Arcade
The annual subscription costs you $29.99. The annual subscription costs $49.99.
Includes Apps & Games. It only offers games.
800+games and apps with new ones added monthly. 210+ games, and the number is increasing as weekly new titles are added.
It supports only Android devices Supports only Apple devices.
You can run and use Play Pass on an intelligent TV on Android. To run Apple Arcade on TV, you will have to purchase Apple TV. 

Ultimately, Play Pass is better than any other streaming service. Whether it is the pricing, features, or functionality, Google’s Play Pass is way better than Apple Arcade. So, if you wish to enjoy an extensive library of apps and games without any ads or in-app purchases, Play Pass is the best choice. We hope you find the information helpful and that you will give the gaming service a try. 

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