10 Best Apple Arcade Games To Play In 2024

If you are a follower of Apple products and love to explore new games, Apple Arcade at Apple event must have thrilled you. We have also noticed people talking about several games and varieties that Apple Arcade brought with it.

We have an idea that you want to explore all the games in one go and don’t want to stop anymore but wouldn’t it be easy if you get to know about the best Apple Arcade games before going ahead. You never know, something best could be hidden here! Before taking you on tour to explore Apple Arcade games, let us give a slight hint about Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade was launched on 19th September 2019 with a 1-month free trial opportunity. Even after this, you need to pay only $4.99 per month for the whole family subscription. Apple family has created yet another record by launching so many games in one go which no other services have done before.

Apple Arcade


10 Best Apple Arcade Games To Play

Excited enough, let’s check out the list to know the best Apple Arcade games.

1. Pilgrims


Those who love traveling and meeting new people with some adventure throughout the way, Pilgrims is just for you.

  • Get dozens of items and meet various characters while solving the tasks using cards.
  • Learn stories of various other travelers to move ahead and solve the cards.
  • Humorous and unique animations make you laugh and wonder how this task could move ahead.
  • Collect different cards during the game and enjoy this best Apple Arcade game.

Play Pilgrims!

2. Assemble With Care

Assemble With Care

Falling in the genre of exciting puzzles, this is one of the best Apple Arcade games that you do not want to miss where you are taking things are apart after which it is needed to put them back into the shape.

  • You are looking through the eyes of Maria, an antique restorer, who can manage broken things around her through this one of the best Apple Arcade games.
  • Meaningful puzzles come out in front of you which you have to restore with stitches in time.
  • Game’s graphics and audios are pretty impressive and stylish that motivate to assemble things with care.

Play Assemble With Care!

3. What The Golf?

What The Golf

Forget about real golf for once and do not put so many brains inside the game till you begin to enjoy. Its whole concept lies on the base of those people who hate golf! Bamm! Yes! This does help in making What The Golf one of the best Apple Arcade games.

  • Apply fundamental Physics to clear 3D game levels.
  • Get entertaining golf holes to pass through it and even replay the whole level.

Play What The Golf!

4. Speed Demons

Speed Demons

Another from the Apple Arcade games list is Speed Demons where you can drive at a speed crazier than ever having a breakneck speed, crashes based on Physics, and even a lot of traffic. You can experience eight kinds of gameplay modes and facing hundreds of various events in between.

  • Modern effects with retro visuals can give you a great stir.
  • Apply brakes when required, and the accelerator is already in your hands, you know where you have to go already!
  • So many different vehicles to experiment within the app, makes it one of the best Apple Arcade games.

Play Speed Demons!

5. Mutazione


Another adventure Apple Arcade game is right here! Well, the story revolves around a meteor hitting the ground and created mutant characteristics in the place where the people survived. Now you are a 15-year-old teenager who is traveling the same island to meet granddad.

  • At this island, you are making new friends, planting musical gardens, attending BBQ nights, going for boat trips, etc. and finally save everyone from the strange darkness.
  • The story keeps moving with dramatic twists and turns.

Play Mutazione!

6. Skate City

Skate City

If you are already in love with skateboard and street skating, Skate City is one such Apple Arcade game you have been waiting for. You would love to see quick tricks, perfect flow while immersing in the dynamic environment.

  • Sun-soaked streets of Los Angeles, Oslo, and Barcelona are your streets to explore differently.
  • Whether you know how to skateboard or not, there is no reason to dislike the game.
  • Do some endless skating just like a local boy and keep upgrading your skills with great music supporting the whole game.

Play Skate City!

7. Sneaky Sasquatch

Sneaky Sasquatch

This cute little is pretty naughty and sneaks around the whole campsite while you have to let him escape from the park ranger. If you think it’s an easy task, you may need another thought. Apply various tricks while disguising yourself in human clothes.

  • Enjoy the game by going fishing at the lake, playing golf pretty quick and even cook sausages in between.
  • Gaming art is extremely cool, and you would want to call it one of the best Apple Arcade games.

Play Sneaky Sasquatch!

8. Chu Chu Rocket Universe

Chu Chu Rocket Universe

Revived Sega game with a series of mind-blowing puzzles tells you that the universe is full of surprises and planets to explore. The mice are the real astronaut here who have to reach space avoiding obstacles on the way.

  • Plan your routes nicely to save mice from getting caught.
  • More than 100 mind-bending puzzles to travel through delightful galaxies.

9. The Enchanted World

The Enchanted World

Having cool graphics and scary adventure is right on your iPhone’s screen when you begin with this Apple Arcade game. You walk through a puzzle in a magical world that is surrounded by dark forces.

  • A series of different environments follow us with each stage which you need to piece back together.
  • 30 challenging puzzles in 9 different realms fill you with thrill.
  • Music, background story and animated visuals make things extraordinary.

10. Shinsekai Into The Depths

Shinsekai Into The Depths

Do you want to experience the feel of underwater while taking refuge there? Yes and this is why Shinsekai Into The Depths make you realize that humankind has changed the land face and now they need to find space in those depths.

  • Explore and discover new spaces while meeting mysterious creatures on the way.
  • Manage your oxygen reservoir smartly and even maintain the pressure.
  • Proceed beneath and find old ruined civilization.


Apple Arcade games are simply the most amazing collection of games, that we have seen after such a long time. Enjoy each of these Apple Arcade games with fun and excitement and simply at such a small price of the subscription, for whole family indeed.

What are your calls? We would like to know them in the comment section below along with your suggestions. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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