Best Instagram Analytics Tools to Track Your Traffic

Social media platforms are known for direct engagement, ability to interact and augmenting awareness. They provide a perfect channel for businesses to boost their sales by directly engaging with their respective customers. Of all the available platforms, Instagram is the most engaging channel, paving way for the implementation of best marketing plans.

The best feature of Instagram is that it allows you to measure the performance of your business and gives you the exact direction to launch your next step. In this blog, we are covering the best Instagram Analytics Tools to track your success based on the statistics of your Instagram posts. These tools are the best way to analyze your sales record and justify the money and time you spent on Instagram.

Sprout Social

An all-inclusive social media analytics tool that amalgamates management tools and content development with analytics. This app is suitable for every kind of business and agencies toiling hard to create brand awareness on Instagram. Sprout Social is best for large businesses working on tough guidelines.

Some of its features are the editorial calendar, centralized media library, social CRM etc. The editorial calendar tool of this app helps users to schedule content across various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Likewise, the centralized media library of Sprout Social allows management of inbuilt editing tools.

While social CRM channelizes chats into a ‘smart’ inbox. Here, users can watch complete chat history with every individual and eventually distribute tasks or tag messages to the team members internally. Also, you can make a deep analysis of hashtag performance or geotagged locations of every individual.

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Simply Measured

Simply Measured

Simply Measured app allows you to gauge your brand or page coverage on Instagram. A great Insta Tracker app for beginners to track and check the growth in numbers of followers as well as the overall growth of the page. For instance, you can get the complete information about the posts via hashtags you are using, potential coverage of your post and snapshots of your performing videos.

Also, you can get an edge over your competitors by spying on their work and campaigns performing best. Moreover, you can track the influencers that are following you and you can skip investing a large amount on influencer marketing. The interface is simple and visual dashboard is friendly to use, giving you detailed information about the posts.

Furthermore, the app suggests you the community discussion in which you can take part and flourish. It has a “Social Conversion Funnel” feature that aid you to analyze engagement-based activities and work on your essential point. Simply Measured tells you the best time and the best day of the week to post based on deep analysis.

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Instagram Insights

It is an inbuilt feature of the Instagram app, which is only available for business accounts. If you do not want to invest any Instagram analytics tool, then this can be your best choice. All you must do is to switch from personal profile to business accounts. With this tool, you can examine your post engagements, impressions, top post, and other significant metrics.

Instagram Insights

Also, you will get information about audience demographics data to understand the genre of followers based on age, place, and gender. With Instagram Insights, you can understand your target audience, what kind of people are engaging in your post and what modifications you can do to augment the post reach. All these factors make Instagram Insights the best Instagram Followers tracker app.


This app allows you to comprehend the role of frequent posts and probable causes of increase or decrease in followers on daily basis. The buffer-like tool of this app allows post management across various accounts at same time. These features make this app perfect for freelancers or businesses, who plans to save time while managing multiple accounts or clients.


This app constantly shows you the comments on the post and allows you to carry on the conversation without missing important update. Also, it has a media content library from where you can download high-resolution beautiful pictures.  The editorial calendar tool of this app allows you to schedule posts beforehand by managing content efficiently.

Also, you can save your money by tracking the influencers that are already following you by planning a campaign with them at reasonable rates. The app allows you to evaluate influencers based on their own followers. This Insta Tracker is the best analytics tool before jumping into any commitment.

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Keyhole gives you real-time feedback Insta Tracker app rather than daily reporting feature of other apps that demands metrics to analyze your progress. With keyhole, you can evaluate the latest trends by inserting a specific keyword or hashtag. This app also helps you to assess your personal posts giving you the trending results. Glancing over your activities can help you analyze the causes of growth or decline of followers.

Keyhole instagram analytics tool

With Keyhole, you can develop your own feed for tracking the Instagram of your competitors automatically. It is vital to keep an eye on your competition and what factors are making them trendy. Also, you can select some KPIs beforehand for tracking efficiently and saving lots of time. You will get reports about the same automatically, helping you to manage your data on the dashboard and simultaneously share with other team members.

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The concept of Influencer marketing has gained its reputation on Instagram. It offers a platform for every aspiring traveler, blogger, and businesses planning to establish themselves as a brand. Influencer marketing has become the latest trend, thanks to Instagram and its amazing features. However, paying a large amount to influencers and expecting a positive ROI is not the best idea to apply. You must do a proper research on all targeted influencers and evaluate their success rate. But to perform such an analysis, you must have knowledge about marketing. If you are unaware of the process, then you can use Tapinfluence.

It is an influencer marketing tool that helps you to find influencers, administer campaigns and receive analytics. With this app, you can find influencers on different platforms and plan campaigns based on ROI and profits. This app offers you a platform to watch industry benchmarks to analyze your performance. Also, you can evaluate engagements, views and reach on another social media platform apart from Instagram.

If you are working with various influencers, then with Tapinfluence you can individually analyze the performance of every influencer. You can also ask influencers to make posts for different social media platform with the help of this Instagram Followers tracker app.

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The specialty of every app mentioned above is that they give information about your account or posts based on predefined KPIS. But delivers strategic insight about the content that you are posting. For instance, the app will tell you the best photo filter for your post based on the analysis and Instagram trend.

Now, you do not have to decide the future of your posts based on the limited and half-baked information. As this app gives you the opportunity to reform your posts based on the comparison of multiple metrics. One of the best features of this app is that it breaks down your post engagement into performance rates.

It means that you can evaluate your performance by creating a benchmark and augment the quality as well as the quantity of your audience. As we all know that every social media platform makes use of an internal algorithm to figure out the number of posts that will be visible to your audience. What it means that if you are not posting enough posts or engaging with the audience, your account is automatically restricted to a limited audience. helps you to recognize potential influencers who might intensify your brand communication.

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If you are on a strict budget and looking for a completely free analytics app, then is your app. This app has some exceptional features like Instagram influence score, which is based on three significant factors i.e. community interaction, engagement, and network size. Based on these three metrics, you get your score based on direct analysis and you do not have to track hundreds of individual metrics. analytics tool

This app is perfect for beginners, who have just started with social media and are looking for Instagram Followers tracker. You can make decisions about your Instagram page with ease with this app.

Note: This app has been discontinued.

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So, these are some of the best Instagram Analytics Tools that are currently available in the market. If you have started your own business and looking for best results via marketing on social media platforms, then downloading one of the tools is necessary.

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