Apple Arcade: A Vibrant Ad-Free Gaming Subscription Service by Apple

It’s Showtime folks! So, have you heard the good news already? At a recent event held at Cupertino, California, Apple made quite a few jaw-dropping announcements which go way beyond our imagination. And Apple Arcade happens to be one key highlight of the event. Yes, that’s right. Hold your breath gamers, we’re about to drop exciting news for y’all!

Apple recently unveiled a vibrant gaming subscription for users at their “Showtime” event which will be known as “Apple Arcade”. And yes, we will be discussing everything about Apple Arcade in this blog including what all games it features, how to avail this service, how is Apple Arcade different from other existing cloud gaming services and probably every question that is running through your mind right now.

Let’s get started!

What is Apple Arcade?

If you’re wondering ‘what is Apple Arcade’ and how is this any different from other gaming subscriptions, then we shall clear all your doubts in this post. Apple Arcade will feature more than 100 exclusive games from renowned curators including Ken Wrong, Will Wright and more. This platform will redefine your gaming experience like never before whether it comes to creativity, originality or fun element. Users will be able to enjoy some of the best-handpicked collection of games in an ad-free environment.

What is Apple Arcade
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With Apple Arcade you will be able to access games on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. Rather than being a cloud streaming service, Apple Arcade is more like a dedicated online gaming platform where you will be able to access your favorite games from various developers. The games featured in Apple Arcade will be pretty exclusive, so you won’t find any of these on other mobile platforms other than Apple.

Apple Arcade is undoubtedly every gamer’s living fantasy, isn’t it?

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Will Apple Arcade Have to Face Serious Competition?

Will Apple Arcade Have to Face Serious Competition
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When it comes to cloud gaming services there are already a lot of competitors including Sony and Microsoft as top contenders. But Apple Arcade is a bit unique in terms of its role offerings. Apple Arcade is exclusively intended for iOS devices and is just a gaming subscription service which allows you to download games from the App Store. So, one cannot compare PlayStation or online game streaming to Apple Arcade. It’s simply a newly launched dedicated gaming tab in the App store which will include exclusive games titles from renowned curators under one roof.

How to Use Apple Arcade?

How to Use Apple Arcade
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Apple Arcade games will be available on App store for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. You will be able to download any of these Arcade games through an iOS device. And you know what’s the best part? Apple Arcade will sync your games across all your iOS devices which means if you were playing any game on iPhone or iPad then you can start off from the exact same point on your Apple TV or any other iOS device.

When Will Apple Arcade Be Rolling Out?

This amazing gaming subscription service by Apple is expected to roll out later this year in more than 150 countries worldwide. Many renowned gaming curators and developers will be launching exclusive gaming titles that you will be able to access on your iOS devices pretty soon!

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Will Apple Arcade Be a Turning Point for Apple?

Will Apple Arcade Be a Turning Point for Apple
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Agree or not but based on how much we have heard already from sources, Apple Arcade looks like a bold move. It definitely has the potential to become a huge hit as Apple Arcade will be showcasing some of the best exclusive games which cannot be accessed on any other mobile platform other than iOS. By paying up a tiny monthly cost you will be able to enjoy premium games on your iOS device which you won’t find anywhere else. Apple Arcade looks like a whole new revolution in terms of gaming and innovation. Apple is all set to conquer the gaming world, so buckle up your seatbelts!

So, we hope now you’re aware of what is Apple Arcade and what all features this gaming subscription includes. What are your views on this breakthrough gaming service by Apple? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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