9 Best Free Email Clients For Mac (2023)

Emails have turned 47 this year & the communication market is now bigger than ever!  Irrespective of which productivity, project management, or task organization application you use, Email Services will continue to be a significant part of your communication medium and work. 

Many of us have our inboxes overflowing both businesses and consumers send an average of 269 Billion Emails daily. That’s huge, right? So, if you need help in organizing, managing, and responding to important emails on priority. If you are not happy with your current email platform, the good news is there are a variety of email providers to help you succeed. 

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Top 3 WeTheGeek’s Recommendation = Desktop Email Clients For Mac (2023)

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Open-source, cross-platform email suite. 
  • Filter emails by new messages, people & tags.
  • Protects from phishing. 

Best choice

Kiwi for Gmail

Kiwi for Gmail

  • Ability to combine multiple accounts. 
  • Filter inbox by date, importance, attachments & more. 
  • Allows you to run G-Suite apps.

Best choice



  • Smart Inbox organizes your unread emails. 
  • Auto one-click replies are generated based on how you usually reply. 
  • ‘Send Later’ feature to schedule emails. 

Best choice

What To Look For: When Choosing The Best Email Client For Your Mac?

We’ve reviewed dozens of Mac Email Providers to help you choose the most suitable option. The best desktop client is the one that offers: 

1. Full Range of Features: You should get the ability to read, compose, search & organize your Inbox according to your convenience. 

2. Supports Integration: Try choosing the email client which supports a wide range of popular services as well as open protocols. 

3. Excellent User Experience: Choose an Email Service Provider that has an intuitive UI & hassle-free navigation. Hence, we focused on email apps rather than web services. 

4. Advanced Tools: Be it Email Filtering, Scheduling, Reminders, and Custom Notifications. Choose a desktop client that offers effective functionalities to enhance your experience. 

5. Extra Perks: Additional features like read receipts, the ability to undo an email, quickly find important emails, security features & other management tools are the added spark.  

Ultimately, the Price & Budget is a factor that cannot be forgotten. We have listed the free email options which have paid email packages as well that are worth your consideration. 

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Top 9 Free Email Clients For Mac (2023)

Here’s a rundown of the best email provider solutions to use on your Mac. 

1. Apple Mail – Default Email Client On macOS

A free email client, Apple Mail comes already installed and just ready for use with the operating system. The basic email program is capable of handling all your email accounts under one roof and provides essential features like Smart Folders, VIP Email Notifications, Attachment Markups, and so on. 


Apple Mail


Highlights: Apple Mail 

  • Already comes installed with your Mac operating system. 
  • Supports a variety of filters for easy email management & organization. 
  • Helps you keep an eye on important Emails. 
  • Sort messages into a mailbox for quick viewing.
  • Click & Drag to Customize the Apple Mail Toolbar.
  • Create multiple email signatures & switch between them instantly. 
  • Smart Mailbox displays all the messages that meet the criteria you specify. An effortless way to find important emails. 
Price: Compatibility: Latest Version: File Size:
Free  With all Macs Varies with Device

Limitations in the Unregistered Version: 

  • No registered version. Native Mail Application for Mac users! 

Download Now

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2. Mozilla Thunderbird – Best Free Email Provider For Power Users

Perhaps the most widely known for their browser – Firefox, Mozilla’s other significant utility is their free email client – Thunderbird. It is highly extensive and gives a look and feel of the classic Outlook email program. Some of its significant functionalities include the capability to send large attachments, customize the layout, tabbed emails, and so on. 


Mozilla Thunderbird


Highlights: Mozilla Thunderbird 

  • Enjoy multiple channel chats. 
  • Use attachment reminder, so that you never send an email without attaching files. 
  • Easily manage the largest files without any hiccups. Send in a single click! 
  • Excellent Phishing protection to enjoy top-notch security while communicating. 
  • Effective Quick filter toolbar for easy email management. 
  • Easily import entries from Apple’s Contacts app.
  • Install a wide variety of add-ons directly from within Thunderbird. 
Price: Compatibility: Latest Version: File Size:
Free  macOS 10.9 or Later  78.10.1  69.8 MB 

Limitations in the Unregistered Version: 

  • None as it’s a free email client for Mac. 

Download Now

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3. Kiwi for Gmail – Best Alternative To Gmail On Mac

If you are a huge fan of Gmail, then Kiwi is a suitable email client designed for you. It offers the ability to merge multiple accounts in one place and filter inboxes to organize emails based on date, attachments, importance, and so on. The company claims that Kiwi users save at least 30 minutes a day versus using Gmail.


Kiwi for Gmail


Highlights: Kiwi for Gmail 

  • Access all your email accounts in one place. 
  • Make use of expanded screen size to enhance overall email management. 
  • Simplify the file-sharing process by sending large files in a single click. 
  • Utilize the integrated search feature to quickly find files on Google Drive. 
  • Effortlessly manage the address book to pull out contacts & communicate. 
  • Integrate popular plugins such as Grammarly & more to use with the email client. 
  • Access Google Drive, Calendar, Hangouts & other popular services through the email client’s dashboard. 


Price: Compatibility: Latest Version: File Size:
Free Trial/$29.99 per Year macOS X 10.10 or Later  2.0.40 159.7 MB 

Limitations in the Unregistered Version: 

  • Capability to manage one account only. 
  • Keyboard shortcuts aren’t available. 
  • DND functionality is not available. 

Download Now

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4. Spark – Must-Have Email Client For Better Management

Spark is an impressive email program that is built around automated functionalities to organize your inbox, send instant one-click replies, and postpone emails. It features categories like Personal, Notifications, and Newsletter to help you act according to the priorities. Its scheduling feature works amazingly well to automate specific mails on time. 




Highlights: Spark 

  • Keep messages organized by category.
  • Smart Inboxes to view urgent messages on top. 
  • Receive notifications for critical emails only. 
  • Preserve all your folders previously associated with your account. 
  • Effective snoozing functionality. Choose mails that can be responded to later. 
  • Easily gets integrated with your OS to use the Email app through the notification center. 
  • Ability to create custom signatures & other personalization tools. 
  • With time, the email client learns according to your preferences to automate certain processes.  


Price: Compatibility: Latest Version: File Size:
Free/ $6.39 per Month  macOS 10.13 or later  2.9.22  49.6 MB 

Limitations in the Unregistered Version: 

  • Inefficient tech support for Free users. 
  • Email templates available – 5 per team. 
  • Only 5GB total storage for Team. 
  • Standard link sharing available. 

Download Now

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5. Airmail – Feature-Rich Alternative To Apple Mail

Airmail is a popular email program and has been around for several years. It supports all the major email accounts, including Google, Yahoo!, IMAP, Outlook, iCloud, and many more. Using Airmail, you can easily integrate an extensive set of apps such as Google Drive, Evernote, Todoist, Box, OneDrive, Asana, Trello & many more to enhance overall productivity. 




Highlights: Airmail 

  • Modern and easy-to-use user experience. 
  • Handy sorting and searching features
  • Mark an email as unread or important, move it to trash, flag it, or transfer it to any folder. 
  • Create a new reminder or calendar event. 
  • Support for iCloud, MS Exchange, Gmail, Google Apps, IMAP, POP3, Yahoo! & more. 
  • Switch between accounts like a breeze & instantly revert to incoming mails. 
  • Use multi-touch gestures on your Mac’s trackpad.


Price: Compatibility: Latest Version: File Size:
Free/$2.99 per Month macOS 10.12 or Later 5.0.4 60 MB 

Limitations in the Unregistered Version: 

  • Problems in syncing to Slack or Google Drive.

Download Now

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6. Newton – Best Mac Email Client For Hassle-Free Experience

Newton is an excellent email client that brings all your inboxes under one roof and helps you sync your contacts and email preferences across all your devices for more convenience. What makes Newton different from other email clients? The ability to remotely disconnect your email account from any connected device via the Newton website. 




Highlights: Newton 

  • Newton comes with a cleaner design & eliminates all the unneeded buttons. 
  • Allows you to manage your emails using keyboard shortcuts. 
  • Helps you sync your preferences to multiple accounts in no time. 
  • Integrated well with other popular apps to ease your daily tasks. 
  • Email tracking to get read-status for every email you send. 
  • Pull back that email blunder you just sent with the Undo option. 
  • Works with cloud storage apps like Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox etc. 
  • Works well with project management apps such as Slack, Trello, Asana & more. 
Price: Compatibility: Latest Version: File Size:
Free Trial/$49.99 per Year  macOS 10.12 or Later 10.0.55 37.2 MB

Limitations in the Unregistered Version: 

  • 14-Days trial only. 

Download Now

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7. Postbox – The Most Powerful Email Platform

Postbox is an incredible email provider solution packed with tons of templates for responses & more. Unlike most of the Mac Email Clients, Postbox supports reusing HTML snippets within replies. It also proffers over 25+ signature templates, Gmail Labels & the capability to create reminders & pinning important emails.




Highlights: Postbox 

  • Hassle-free file searching while composing emails. 
  • Displays high-priority emails in Important View mode. 
  • With a Conversation view, you can see the ‘Big picture’. 
  • Integrated with Google Calendar. 
  • Supports all POP & IMAP email accounts. 
  • Allows you to send Dropbox links instead of large attachments. 
  • Ability to clean up cluttered Re: Fwd mails. 
  • Ability to generate a well-formatted conversation digest. 
Price: Compatibility: Latest Version: File Size:
Free trial/$39 for Lifetime  macOS 10.13 or Later  7.0.48  59.3 MB 

Limitations in the Unregistered Version: 

  • 30-Days trial available. 
  • Includes almost all requirements, but you can manage only 2 accounts only.

Download Now

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8. Polymail – Best Email Provider For Productivity

Polymail is a modern email client revamped with a plethora of functionalities like unlimited email tracking, Snoozing, Schedule emails, and a lot more. The email app for Mac aims to improve your productivity level by helping you with small yet essential adjustments. What’s unique? Polymail helps in streamlining the newsletter unsubscribing process by filling a simple form to stop receiving these kinds of emails.   




Highlights: Polymail 

  • Create customizable message templates.  
  • Automatically surfaces detailed profile & contact info to receivers. 
  • Receive automatic reminders to follow up. 
  • Track when the receiver clicks on the link & download sent attachments. 
  • Manage analytics of your team’s activities. 
  • Schedule messages to send later automatically. 
  • One-click Unsubscribe process to get rid of unwanted Newsletters. 
Price: Compatibility: Latest Version: File Size:
Free trial/ For Basic – $10 per Month  macOS X 10.10 or Later  2.2.6 86.2 MB 

Limitations in the Unregistered Version: 

  • Only a 7-Days trial period available. 
  • With the Basic version, you can connect up to two accounts only. 
  • Have limited message templates. 
  • Limited email tracking. 

Download Now

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9. Zimbra Desktop – For Excellent Collaboration Online & Offline

Zimbra is a smart mailbox that helps users quickly find, manage, and respond to important emails as soon as possible. It offers plenty of functionalities along with collaboration solutions built for cloud computing. Unlike most email clients, Zimbra provides online & offline access to all your email accounts in one place! 


Zimbra Desktop


Highlights: Zimbra Desktop 

  • An effortless way to compose, edit, delete, or create drafts. 
  • Drag & drop functionality to attach folders.
  • Store all your contacts in one place for all your accounts.  
  • Supports any POP or IMAP email. 
  • Manage multiple color-coded calendars. 
  • Supports syncing Yahoo! & Gmail contact list. 
  • Edit docs, add images, spreadsheets before sharing. 
  • Access to smartphones & through Zimbra web-client. 
Price: Compatibility: Latest Version: File Size:
Free Version/$25 per Month  macOS X 10.9 or Later  7.3.1   77.8 MB 

Limitations in the Unregistered Version: 

  • Lacks tons of PRO features when it comes to accessing the collaboration suite.

Download Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the best email service for Mac?

According to us, Apple Mail is best for basic needs, Thunderbird is an appropriate choice for people who value features and simplicity, and Spark is a top-notch option for collaboration on emails. The ultimate choice depends on your needs & requirements!

Q2. What is the best Gmail client for Mac?

Choose none-other than Kiwi for Gmail. It gives a proper look and feel like Google Email and potentially offers more features for better email management & productivity.

Q3. Is Thunderbird better than Apple Mail?

When comparing these two email provider solutions, we found that Thunderbird is easier to use and has more features than Apple Mail. But if we talk about the product support, we feel that Apple Mail is a preferred option.

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