9 Best Email Verifier & Validation Software In 2023

Do you have a growing email list but low open & click-through rates?

Well, if you are nodding, then you might be holding a list that needs Cleaning!

In this article, you are going to come across the list of Best Email Verification & Validation Services. You can rely on these tools to cross-check your mailing list & rule out the invalid addresses. Using these verifiers, you can improve the deliverability score & bounce rate to make marketing campaigns effective!

So, let’s begin!

PART  1: What Is Email Verification?

Email Verification aka Email Validation is the process that checks whether or not the given email address is valid, accurate & deliverable. For verifying email addresses, these tools use techniques like syntax check, domain check, disposable address detection & so on.

For example: You have a long email address list for marketing purposes. Chances are most of the email addresses are invalid or wrong. Hence, sending emails to an invalid address would lead to a high bounce rate & ISPs would start treating you as a Spammer. Those mails will directly go to the Spam folder & nobody would ever read it. That’s why Email Verification is a vital process that every marketer should incorporate in their system for successful email marketing.

PART  2: Why Do We Need An Email Validation & Verification Software?

Any company that relies on Email Marketing should inculcate a dedicated Email Verifier & Validator into their existing security solution. This not only helps them to stay protected from incoming threats but also helps them to avoid the hassles that result from being tagged as ‘spammers’.

Using an ideal email verification tool helps users to avoid sending campaigns to non-existent addresses.

So, if you have a long list of emails, the fastest way to improve its deliverability is by cleaning it through a good email validation service or tool. Having a verified email list would help you in enhancingOpen Rates, Bounce Rates, Click-Through Rates & Conversion Rates!

PART  3: What Are The Features Of Good Email Verifier Software?

It’s always easy to choose when you have two options. But things get cumbersome when you have dozens of Best Email Verification & Validators in the market. Here are some notable features that should be present in the ideal email verifiers you choose.

1. Essential Features

Analyze what type of Email Verifier & Validator do you need? Do you just want to keep your email list clean or a regular basis or need a real-time validation? The following list of features are most demanded:

  • Syntax Check
  • Bulk Verification
  • Formatting Checks
  • Mailbox Verification
  • Risk Assessment Tools

–          Duplicate email addresses

–          Role accounts

–          Temporary email addresses

–          Spam traps

  • Domain Confirmation
  • Real-Time Email Verification

2. Affordable

You might believe in a philosophy “The more you pay, the more you get”. Well, that should not always be the case. Despite offering the same set of features & benefits, the price set by these email validator services can vary from $70 to $2000 based on the size of Email Verifications.

The email checker & validator, price comparison page might be of help!

Best Email Verifiers & Validators

Price(For 100K Email Verifications)
NeverBounce $400
Clearout $350
Xverify $400
Mailfloss $150
Pabbly $165
ZeroBounce $400
EmailListVerify $169
EmailChecker $299
QuickEmailVerification $320

3. Verification Time

The time taken by Email Checkers to validate the email address list could affect your campaign. Make sure you verify the validation speed before choosing the service for your needs. Ideally, a dedicated Email Verification Solution should not take more than several minutes to complete the process.

4. Fast & Accurate Verification Method

Not all the bulk email checker & validators discuss the details of how the verification process is done. But before you choose the ideal email verifier software, you have to be sure that the results offered are accurate. Ideally, a dedicated verifying tool should be based on SMTP Authentication for the best results.

5. Email Validator API

If you are planning to inculcate the email verification solution directly into a product, a website, you will need an API. Having this capability in every email verifier is not essential, but it surely opens the door to several possibilities.

6. 24*7 Customer Support

Working with a complex Email Verifier Software is no piece of cake. Obviously, you have certain questions & queries about using the service. Thence, it’s important that you have 24*7 support.
Customer Support

PART  4: Which Are The Best Email Verification Software In The Market?

1. NeverBounce

NeverBounce is another excellent bulk email checker tool, mainly focused on offering a high level of accuracy. It offers a unique 20+ step proprietary process that checks each email address at least 75 times across the globe has earned a large user base.


  • Accuracy = Claims 98%+ of email deliverability after cleaning
  • Real-Time API= Available, with complete SDKs & integration
  • Duplicate Email Removal = Yes
  • Turnaround Time = Processes a list of 10,000 emails in 2-10 minutes
  • Formats Accepted For Upload = CSV
  • Formats Accepted For Download Results = CSV
  • Free Trial = Available
  • Customer Support = Live Chat, Call & Email Support available 24*7

2. Clearout

Clearout is relatively new in the category of Best Email Validator Services, however, its clean interface & excellent API, made it stand in this list. It allows users to upload email addresses in bulk & claims to offer accuracy rate as high as 98%. The free version of Clearout lets users check and verify 500 email addresses at once.


  • Accuracy = Claims 98%+ of email deliverability after cleaning
  • Real-Time API= REST API available can be integrated with all programming languages
  • Duplicate Email Removal = Yes
  • Turnaround Time = 10 minutes to verify 10K Email records
  • Formats Accepted For Upload = CSV & XLSX
  • Formats Accepted For Download Results = CSV & Excel
  • Free Trial = Available
  • Customer Support = Email

3. Xverify

One of the most demanded, with high-accuracy deliverability rates, Xverify is another excellent email validation tool. It assists users to keep their email list hygienic without any formidable investment. Besides offering the capability to check the validity of your email list, Xverify offers additional options to auto-correction. Hence, you don’t have to care about any typos or syntax errors.HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Accuracy = Claims 98%+ of email deliverability after cleaning
  • Real-Time API= Yes & JavaScript implementation methods are also available
  • Duplicate Email Removal = Unknown
  • Turnaround Time = B2C & B2B data may take an hour to finish
  • Formats Accepted For Upload = CSV
  • Formats Accepted For Download Results = CSV
  • Free Trial = Available
  • Customer Support = 24*7 Email support


4. Mailfloss

Integrated with a large number of email service providers, like MailChimp, Drip, Mailerlite, and more. Mailfloss lets users verify their email list in bulk without any hassles. The email validator works brilliantly to detect invalid addresses, temporary mails, dupe emails & spam traps. The verification service ensures to remove hard bounce rates & validates syntax errors.


  • Accuracy = Claims 99%+ of email deliverability after cleaning
  • Real-Time API= Doesn’t facilitate real-time verification through API
  • Duplicate Email Removal = No
  • Turnaround Time = 5 Minutes to verify 10K Email records
  • Formats Accepted For Upload = CSV
  • Formats Accepted For Download Results = CSV
  • Free Trial = Freemium model offers 500 free email verifications every month
  • Customer Support = Live Chat, Email & Phone


5. Pabbly

Pabbly Email verifier & validator is one of the most reliable solutions to check valid addresses, without any hassles. It uses anti-grey listing technology that secures your email list from spammers. Additionally, it works great to protect your IP Address from getting blocked. The email validator software ensures less false positives & minimize bounce rate.


  • Accuracy = Claims 97% of email deliverability after cleaning
  • Real-Time API= Available to connect with website or software
  • Duplicate Email Removal = Yes
  • Turnaround Time = Depends on email list size, usually, you can find results in 24-48 hours.
  • Formats Accepted For Upload = CSV
  • Formats Accepted For Download Results = CSV
  • Free Trial = Available
  • Customer Support = Email support, from Monday to Friday


6. ZeroBounce

One of the most accurate email verification solutions available in the market, ZeroBounce is a leading solution available to check the valid email addresses in no time. It ensures its clients to send complex & high volume mails to active addresses without failing in deliverability rate. ZeroBounce is a GDPR compliant & guarantees accuracy of 98.8%.


  • Accuracy = Above 98% 
  • Real-Time API= Available
  • Duplicate Email Removal = Yes
  • Turnaround Time = Process 10K emails in 1 hour
  • Formats Accepted For Upload = CSV & TXT
  • Formats Accepted For Download Results = CSV & PDF
  • Free Trial = Freemium
  • Customer Support = Live chat & email support


7. EmailListVerify

Here comes an award-winning email verification service, EmailListVerify. It claims to offer 97% of accuracy rate with no false positives. The email validator solution works phenomenally well to clean your email address list by eliminating known email complainers, abusers & spam traps.


  • Accuracy = 97% deliverability rate
  • Real-Time API= Available for Python, Ruby, PHP & C#
  • Duplicate Email Removal = Unknown
  • Turnaround Time = Depends on email list size; between 30-120 minutes
  • Formats Accepted For Upload = XLS, CSV or TXT
  • Formats Accepted For Download Results = CSV
  • Free Trial = Yes
  • Customer Support = Limited online support & phone support is available in English


8. EmailChecker

Claims to offer an excellent 97% of email deliverability rate, EmailChecker is another good email verifier to consider. The validator ensures that all the addresses are correct & active in real-time. You can easily deploy the email verification API to your products & other platforms.


  • Accuracy = Guaranteed data accuracy
  • Real-Time API= Available for Yahoo mail & websites
  • Duplicate Email Removal = Yes
  • Turnaround Time = Depends on email list size
  • Formats Accepted For Upload =
  • Formats Accepted For Download Results =
  • Free Trial = Available
  • Customer Support = Email


9. QuickEmailVerification

QuickEmailVerification is a simple but effective verify email address tool. Designed with a user-friendly interface, it offers great functionalities to integrate ESPs like AWeber, SparkPost, MailChimp and more. It makes use of its REST API, which provides real-time verification & ensures the best email list cleaning. Moreover, you don’t need to download extra software to use the service.


  • Accuracy = 99% deliverability rate
  • Real-Time API= Available
  • Duplicate Email Removal = Unknown
  • Turnaround Time = Processes 20K Emails in three hours
  • Formats Accepted For Upload = XLS, XLSX, ODS, CSV & TXT
  • Formats Accepted For Download Results = CSV
  • Free Trial = Yes, lets you clean 100 mails per day
  • Customer Support = Personalized service support


PART 5: Frequently Asked Questions: Best Email Verifier & Checker

Q1. What Type Of Emails Does Email Verification Software Validate?

Good Email Verification & Validators are capable of checking every type of email, including Gmail & Yahoo mails. However, in most of the cases, these tools are used to validate business & professional mails.

Q2. How Email Verification Really Works?

Want to build truly effective campaigns? Well, the Email Verification Process is the very first step to your success!

STEP 1- Email Syntax & Formatting Check

The best email verifier & validator solution instantly check your email list against standardized email formatting requirements as well as the provider-specific formatting preferences.Email SyntaxSTEP 2- Domain Confirmation

After verifying email addresses with standard requirements, the next step is to check the DNS records for the domain name. This is done to be sure that the email address is active & valid. Once the addresses pass the Mail Exchanger (MX) test, it means the recipient would receive your mail.

STEP 3- Mailbox Validation

The final step is to check if the specific mailbox exists. A legitimate email verifying service utilize the SMTP Protocol & contact the mail server to check that the mailbox can receive emails or not.

Q3. Are There Any Free Bulk Email Verification Services?

To be honest, there’s nothing like a free bulk email verification service. Several email checkers do claim as, free tools to check valid email addresses, but the difficulty of verifying long email list is so high, that no one offers as Free Service. However, there are lots of verification & validation service that lets you check individual emails one by one.


  • comment_avtar
    Thank you for the detailed article. Could you also share the names of any free bulk email sending providers? or if you have a list of free mass mail software?

    4 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Mansi Vijay
      Hi Shashank, Thanks for your feedback! Check out this complete list to find the Best Free Bulk Email Sending Providers!

      4 years ago
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    Thank you for your reply but I cannot see the link in your reply. Can you please send again?

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    Bibin PS
    Well Mansi, this is a nice blog and it is very evident that you have put in a lot of time and heart into researching the different email validation vendors to form the list. I would appreciate if you can look into antideo.com that is again an email validation API with additional features like IP health check and phone number validation. We also provide a free tier that allows over 5000 api calls/month for free, that many of your readers would find useful.

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Aastha Shaw
    Amongst all these email validators I found Clearout to be working the best for me.

    3 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Mansi Vijay
      Undoubtedly, it is one of the best email validation tools at the moment. It claims to offer an accuracy rate as high as 98% & we totally admit to the fact!

      3 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    I noticed in your site article which compares email verification and validation services. I would like to include my company Mailcheck.co on this list. Can you tell me please about the process?

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