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Varun Tiwari

Varun is a technical blogger at WeTheGeek. His engineering background helps him present technical solutions and concepts in an engaging manner. Varun enjoys reading both short and long form fiction and has tried his hand at writing poems too. When not busy with the pen, he likes traveling and spending time with family.

How to Turn Off Recent Files and Frequent Folders in Windows 10

While working on Windows you might have noticed that Windows makes a history of all the recently opened files and frequently used folders in the form of recent files and frequent folders. You can easily find these recent files and frequent ...


How To Organize Your Facebook Timeline

Although Facebook is now going through a tough time, it nowhere means that it has completely lost its high ground. Even now, Facebook is far ahead from all its competitors when it comes to the number of active users. No matter the number of...


Recent Skype Features To Ease The Interview Process

Skype, a program that introduced us to the world of video calling and quite literally made video conferencing truly charismatic experience. This breakthrough video calling/conferencing software from Microsoft paved way for millions of confe...


How To Delete The List Of Phone Contacts That Facebook Has

Facebook that was going all guns blazing suddenly finds itself in a lot of trouble. For serious allegations of data mishandling, Facebook find itself in between a streak of apologies, confessions and new promises. The shares are tumbling, u...


iPhone Allows Disabling CPU Throttling In iOS 11.3

You may have come across the news in which the tech giant Apple has admitted that they suppress the CPU speed of the iPhone as the battery gets older. Apple received a lot of criticism from all over the world, although they tried to mend th...


How to Check If Your Email and Password Have Been Compromised

Have you ever imagined that you might be using a compromised email id and password? Shocked? Sadly, it can be true. Past few years have seen a steep rise in security breaches. The user data stored in the data servers of big enterprises like...


6 Tips To Minimize Startup Time Of Your Mac

If you feel that problem of slow startup is limited to Windows PC then you are mistaken. With passage of time, Mac may also start to take a lot of time to start. So, if you are having the thoughts to buy a new Mac because your current Mac t...


How to Set Up Medical ID on Your iPhone

Have you ever imagined that your iPhone that is power packed with lot of advance features can also be a life savior? Yeah, we are talking about an iPhone feature, Medical ID that can help you in an emergency. Though this feature was firs...


Blocking Explicit Results on Google Using SafeSearch

Google holds the answers for almost every question. If you have a simple question creeping on your mind, or facing a technical difficulty, all you need is to put your query in Google search and instantly Google delivers an answer for that. ...