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Varun Tiwari

Varun is a technical blogger at WeTheGeek. His engineering background helps him present technical solutions and concepts in an engaging manner. Varun enjoys reading both short and long form fiction and has tried his hand at writing poems too. When not busy with the pen, he likes traveling and spending time with family.

Tips To Follow If Your Kindle Is Slowing Down Or Freezing

It is an old saying that books are the best companion. But in this fast-paced world when it’s not easy to carry books along with us, Kindle has provided a perfect solution. Now if you are an avid reader then you can carry hundreds of book...


How Does Snapchat Work?

It would not be a hyperbole if we say that Snapchat has brought a revolution in the world of mobile messaging apps. Before the inception of Snapchat, no one even dreamt of such a unique way to communicate with friends. The concept that Snap...


How To Disable “Low Disk Space” Warning on Windows 10/7

If you have too many download files, duplicate files (images, videos, documents) and unwanted applications then you have surely encountered the error message of “Low Disk Space” in Windows 10/7. This usually happens due to poor manageme...


Secure Your Computer Data: Take A Back Up On Google Drive

We all are much aware about  the ransomware that prevail  these days. The ransomware, that is mostly sent via a malicious attachment in an email once make its entry into the computer locks all your data. The only way to get the data back ...


How To Enable And Use Smart Compose Feature in Gmail

Google always focuses on innovations and is trying to pave a new way for Artificial Intelligence implementation in all of its products. A glimpse of that was found in Google I/O 2018 conference where Google introduces many new innovative fe...


How to Easily Find the Location of Sender in Gmail

Emails are one of the primary ways to communicate, be it professionally or personally. However, apart from mails from known people our inbox is usually hogged by annoying emails from unknown contacts. Most of these emails that come from unk...


How To Download All Your Instagram Data

Facebook had to encounter a lot of criticism worldwide in Cambridge Analytica scandal. Most of its active users deleted their account and downloaded all their data that they had uploaded on Facebook servers. This was not possible on Instag...


What Is Screen Pinning? How Can It Be Used To Pin Apps In Android

Our Android smartphone is loaded with so many features that many a time we remain unaware of some important and useful features. Today, in this article we will discuss about a feature, screen pinning that, despite its ability to lock your p...