Tips To Follow If Your Kindle Is Slowing Down Or Freezing

It is an old saying that books are the best companion. But in this fast-paced world when it’s not easy to carry books along with us, Kindle has provided a perfect solution. Now if you are an avid reader then you can carry hundreds of books along with you in this slim, natty looking device. But what if you suddenly find your Kindle starts freezing and slowing altogether. Obviously, you will not be able to achieve that rich reading experience that you were enjoying before. Guys, slowing down or freezing of Kindle is a common problem that is reported by many users, so don’t be disheartened. Therefore, in this article we have summed up some tips that will help you resolve this problem:

Restart Your Kindle

Sometimes a restart is all that is needed to put back things on track. Moreover, it is not only the computers or smartphones that need a restart, Kindle also needs a regular restart. Therefore, whenever you feel your Kindle is sluggish, restart it.

To restart Kindle, hold down the power button for six to seven seconds, and then from the power menu that pops up choose the “Restart” option. Holding the power button for more than 30 seconds will also restart the Kindle.

Watch Out for Any Active Downloads

If you are downloading any content on your Kindle then it will also slow down your Kindle until the download remains in progress. Moreover, if you immediately start using your Kindle just after downloading a bulky content then also it may slow down. Therefore, it is always recommended to let the download finish before you start using the device again.

Look Out for the eBooks You Are Reading

It is always advisable to download the eBooks on your Kindle from Amazon. eBooks that you have got from non-Amazon sources can be in a format that is hard for Kindle to process. Like a PDF scanned copy of a page would be in an image format instead of PDF format, and this will make the overall content bulky, that makes Kindle sluggish and slow to respond. Also, improper indexing of eBooks and corrupt eBooks also slows down the Kindle.

Update the Software for Your Kindle

Never miss an update for your Kindle. Although whenever an update is available the Kindle is automatically updated to the latest. But in case it doesn’t happen manually update your Kindle.

Updating the software will certainly improve the performance of your Kindle. To update your Kindle tap on Menu button > Settings. Now in the settings page again tap on Menu button and then tap on Update Your Kindle.

Perform Kindle Reset

This should be the last step, and should be only used when all the above steps fail to boost the performance of Kindle. Please note that factory resetting the Kindle will wipe all the data and settings from it. Moreover, factor resetting will also erase all the downloaded data from Kindle, therefore before resetting the device backup all the data to cloud or your personal computer.

To factory reset Kindle head to Menu > Settings. Now in the settings page again tap on Menu button and choose the Reset option. In the confirmation prompt that appears click on Yes to reset your Kindle. The Kindle will turn off and then after few minutes it would restart itself as a fresh Kindle, and you will have to set it up all over again. But this will certainly end the slowness of your device.

Apart from above-listed tips, it is also advisable not to operate your Kindle in extreme hot or cold weather conditions. Low battery also many a times slows down the performance of Kindle. Moreover, if the touchscreen of your Kindle is dirty then it may also give an impression of slowness. Therefore, if in case the touchscreen is dirty then try cleaning it with a slightly damp cloth. Also, it is advisable not to use the Kindle with wet or dirty hands.

So, guys, that’s it from our side. So, whenever you find your Kindle slowing up or freezing just follow these above-listed tips to increase its performance.

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