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Varun Tiwari

Varun is a technical blogger at WeTheGeek. His engineering background helps him present technical solutions and concepts in an engaging manner. Varun enjoys reading both short and long form fiction and has tried his hand at writing poems too. When not busy with the pen, he likes traveling and spending time with family.

How to Find Your Lost AirPods

Just Imagine those cute little AirPods that give you a soothing effect when plugged in, get misplaced. There is a high probability of that as they are without wires, extra light in weight. The likeliness of losing them increases if you do n...


How To Hide A Drive In Windows 10?

Our personal computer is mostly filled with lot of sensitive and valuable data like photos, videos, documents etc. In all probability to protect that data from stalkers you hide that file or folder containing personal content. But what if y...


How To Enable Chrome Extensions in Incognito Mode

We often use private browsing mode or Incognito mode of the browser for surfing the web, especially when we do not want the browser tosave history and cookies. For a layman user private browsing mode of the browser provides a basic level of...


How to Block Specific Website on Your Computer

The world wide web is the deepest and biggest source of any and every kind of information. Whether you want to enhance your knowledge, keep yourself updated with current affairs or wants to hang out with your friends and much more all you n...


How To Automatically Start Browser in Incognito Mode

If you want to automatically open an incognito tab in your browser, read on. A private browsing mode or Incognito mode helps you surf anonymously though not completely. Whenever a user browses in a private mode the browser by default does n...


How To Fix Photos App Not Working in Windows 8 And 10

Photos App that made its first appearance in Windows 8 is a default app in Windows 10 for opening any type of picture file. Since its inception, this default picture app has significantly improved. Also, as compared with Windows Photo Viewe...


How To Untrust Computers Previously Connected to Your iPhone

Connecting an iPhone to a computer is a common practice that every user follows to sync personal data like photos, videos, contacts etc. Everytime you connect your iPhone to a computer you may have noticed a prompt on your iPhone to Trust t...


Use Smart Reply For Instant Reply In Gmail

Gmail app for our smartphones has provided us unrestricted access to all our emails. Whether we are on the move, or enjoying a movie, an email can be read and reverted to anytime, in case it’s urgent. Unlike in the past when to read and r...