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Varun Tiwari

Varun is a technical blogger at WeTheGeek. His engineering background helps him present technical solutions and concepts in an engaging manner. Varun enjoys reading both short and long form fiction and has tried his hand at writing poems too. When not busy with the pen, he likes traveling and spending time with family.

How to Fix “Aw, Snap!” Error in Chrome

While visiting your favorite website or browsing over Internet on Chrome we encounter various errors. Among all those errors one of the most common error that every user must have encountered is “Aw, Snap” Error. The error in itself ...


How to Automatically Share Instagram Stories on Facebook

It is quite easy to get addicted to social media, especially when we are surrounded by so many social networking apps and websites. An average smartphone user is undoubtedly a member of 4-5 social apps including the popular Facebook, WhatsA...


Tips to Make your iPhone Passcode More Secure

Today every smartphone manufacturer company knows that to top the charts they need to provide top-notch security to a phone. This is pretty evident as all modern phone are secured with touch id and facial recognition. iPhone has always b...


Avoid These to Improve Your SSD Life and Performance

Regardless of the stronghold conventional hard drives had on the market, the emergence of SSD surely dimmed the glory HDD received. Agreed that traditional hard drives cost less than a solid-state drive when comes to storage space but in to...


How to Create a Password Protected PDF File

Have you noticed, whenever you receive sensitive documents like credit card or bank statements, postpaid bills or investment documents they are in a pdf file protected by a password. This means to open that document you need to type in the ...


How To Create Custom Directions on Google Maps

Undoubtedly, Google Maps has made our travelling experience easy and convenient. With the use of Google Maps, now you can explore any place without a travel guide or planner and that too quiet conveniently. However, as everything in this...


5 Uses Of USB Drive You Probably Don’t Know

To transport data from one PC to another the first device that comes to our mind is USB or a pen drive. Undoubtedly in today’s era the storage media has touched new heights yet many of us still use USB not only to transfer data but also f...