Blocking Explicit Results on Google Using SafeSearch

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Google holds the answers for almost every question. If you have a simple question creeping on your mind, or facing a technical difficulty, all you need is to put your query in Google search and instantly Google delivers an answer for that. Along with all these positives that put Google on top,  searches can sometimes yield embarrassing results. This happens as Google doesn’t discriminate search results between users and displays the same search result for the user that is a 5-year kid and a 55-year-old man.

Well, you are thinking that how this can go wrong. Just image a kid that has no idea of right and wrong must mistype on Google search and all he gets a content that is nowhere meant for him, such as pornography or nudity.

So, if you too as a parent is concerned with search results of Google then this article will help block explicit results on Google search using Google SafeSearch.

What is Google SafeSearch?

Safesearch is a setting in Google search can block all explicit results on Google. In other words, Google SafeSearch provides an efficient control option to the parents that need to protect their kids from any inappropriate content, irrespective of the device they use.

Once SafeSearch setting is turned ‘On’, Google will automatically block all images, websites and videos that contain inappropriate content from its search results.

SafeSearch setting can be turned on not only on computer but also on smartphones running Android and iOS.

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How to Turn on SafeSearch On Your Computer:

  • To get things started open Google and click on the Settings located at the bottom right corner. From the menu select Search settings.
    google settings in android

You can also head on to Search Settings by clicking here.

  • Now, in SafeSearch filters, checkmark the box next to ‘Turn on SafeSearch’. Click on Save located at the bottom to save the settings.
    turn on safe search

How to Turn on SafeSearch on your Android:

  • To turn on SafeSearch on smartphone running Android open Google app. Now tap on menu icon located at the bottom right corner of the app.turn on safe search in android
  • From the menu list tap on Settings google settings
  • Now in the Settings tap on Accounts and account and privacy
  • In the Accounts and Privacy settings tap on SafeSearch filter to turn it on.
    turn on safe search filter

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How to Turn on SafeSearch on iPhone:

  • To turn on SafeSearch on iPhone open Google app and tap on the gear icon located at the top left corner of the Google search in iphone
  • Tap on the Search settings settings in iphone
  • In Search setting you will SafeSearch Filters option. Tap on Filter explicit results to turn on SafeSearch feature. Tap on Save button to save the search on iphone

Can I Still Find Inappropriate Content Even with SafeSearch on?

Guys, unfortunately answer to this question is Yes. Google itself feel that the explicit content may pass through and can appear in search results even if SafeSearch is turned on.

However, Google has provided a workaround for this situation. A user can directly report offensive content on a site to Google by using a tool provided by Google itself.

Undoubtedly, Google is a mine for all the search results. Now just apply SafeSearch to Google and block all explicit results on Google search and let your kids search whatever they want.

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