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How To Fix NTLDR Missing Error?

It is a well-known scenario for many Windows users - you switch your PC on, wait for Windows to boot... and all you get is a black screen with a cryptic "NTLDR Missing" error. For most PC users who are not very computer-savvy, this is a hor...


How To Speed Up Your PC With MSCONFIG

This is the single best command ever created for Windows in our opinion. MSCONFIG has been there in past versions of Windows and still exists in Windows 10, for obvious reasons that you will understand while you read this article. Know how ...


How To Fix Shell32 DLL Not Found Error Messages?

Shell32.dll is very crucial to the smooth running of Microsoft Windows Operating System and other associated applications. Basically, the file enables access to many functional objects, including files and web pages. When there is a prob...


Why Do Linux Distros Upgrade So Often?

Are you Windows or a Mac computer user? There are many computer users who have spent their computer life on Windows or Mac and for them, Linux has always seemed like a strange beast. Descendant of Unix, Linux is an OS software that users wo...


Happy 21st Birthday Google! Know 21 Crazy Facts!

Google is our lifesaver, any time We are stuck on something like how to fix a hard-drive(DIY) and so on, we seek Google, type in the query, and we get the answers to our questions. Now Google is not just a search engine. It is a multinat...


7 Best Methods To Secure Linux Desktops

Linux system comes with in-built Linux security system that keeps the system safe as compared to Windows. The security feature in Linux surely makes it resistant to viruses and other threats, but that does not conclude the entire security i...


Why Isn’t Linux As Popular As Windows?

We know what everyone is going to say once they read this article. You're a Microsoft fanboy. So, we’re going to say that Linux is great, and we know that it has so many advantages over Windows. There have been articles floating around...


How To Prevent “Physical Memory Dump” Errors On Windows PCs?

The "Physical Memory Dump" error is a Windows blue screen error that often shows on a computer that has some serious errors inside. This error is typically shown when your PC either has corrupt software or incompatible hardware, and is desi...


How To Format USB on Mac?

If you have a Mac and use storage devices like a USB drive of a different format than that recognized by Mac, you pretty much know that it is difficult to format it. The reason behind this is that most USB drives are designed to work on Win...