6 Free Anti-Phishing Toolbars To Prevent Unwanted Online Activities

What is Phishing?

Phishing attacks are methods that are used by hackers to make fool out of Internet users. They steal sensitive information such as bank and paypal account details, social media password by installing malicious programs on computers. Such programs are sent via emails that seem professional and authentic.

Do you know that 97% of Internet users cannot identify sophisticated phishing emails, 30% of them open it and 12% get infected with malicious emails? Adding to it, phishing attacks have increased by 65% from previous year. In such alarmed conditions, you need to ensure that you stay safe from phishing attacks. Here are few anti-phishing toolbars that are free and efficient. They can prevent unwanted online activities due to phishing.

Top 6 Free Anti-Phishing Toolbars For Chrome & Firefox

Here are 6 best free Anti-phishing security toolbars to separate phishing websites. Read On!

Avira Browser Safety (For Chrome & Firefox)

Avira Browser Safety
source: avira

Avira Browser Safety ebbs infected sites while search on the web. It blocks malicious websites, protects user privacy and also finds deals for online shoppers. It ensures that every website its user visits is safe for browsing.

Other than that, it obstructs browser trackers that stops frustrating ads from being displayed on your browser screen while you shop. Another useful feature of Avira Browser Safety is that it blocks unwanted apps. It actually provides alert notifications whenever you click on applications that are potential unwanted and suggests safe websites for downloading your desired software. Visit official website to download the toolbar.

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Windows Defender Browser Protection (For Chrome)

 Windows Defender Browser
source: chrome.google

Windows Defender Browser Protection add-on for Chrome instills an extra protection layer while you browse online. The add-on alerts you about malicious URLs and helps you stay back on safe website. Windows Defender Browser Protection crosschecks URLs you visit in the regularly updated list of bogus URLs from Microsoft. As soon as it finds a suspicious link, it stops you from browsing it further, hence ensuring complete security while browsing online. This browser extension is only available for Google Chrome. Visit official website to download the toolbar.

Avast Online Security (For Chrome & Firefox)

 Avast Online Security
source: Avast

Avast Online Security is one of the best anti-phishing toolbars you can find online. Like Avira, it offers extensive protection to both Firefox and Chrome users. It will keep every website on its radar, be it Facebook or your bank. Thus, it always ensures that your data is completely safe.

Avast stops phishing attacks, displays user reviews and provides alerts whenever you are trying to visit a harmful website. It crosschecks trustworthiness of website according to ratings given by its user community consisting of 400 million people.

Again, it amplifies overall online browsing experience using crowdsourced web reputation ratings. Visit official website to download the toolbar.

Bitdefender TrafficLight (For Chrome, Firefox & Safari)

Bitdefender TrafficLight
source: chrome.google

You can call it as one of the best anti-phishing toolbars that offers an entirely safe web browsing experience. Bitdefender TrafficLight is available for Safari, Firefox and Chrome. It checks, processes and filters web traffic and blocks malicious content ensuring complete browser security.

Bitdefender TrafficLight offers superior protection against malware and phishing attacks. It examines and restricts pages from downloading if they contain malicious content. Another benefit with Bitdefender TrafficLight is that it tracks your search results and tells you if you are attempting to access a fraudulent website. It also identifies and restricts suspicious URLs on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. It also examines your browsing behavior. Visit official website to download the toolbar.

McAfee SECURE Safe Browsing (For Chrome)

 McAfee SECURE Safe Browsing
source: chrome.google

McAfee SECURE Safe Browsing is one of the best anti-phishing toolbars that is sourced by TrustedSite. The extension instantly checks whether the website is secure and is free from phishing attacks. It also checks whether the site holds an authentic SSL certificate. Moreover, McAfee SECURE Safe Browsing shows TrustedSite reviews and ratings for the website you want to access.Visit official website to download the toolbar.

Panda Safe Web (For Chrome & Firefox)

Panda Safe Web
source: – chrome.google

Panda Safe Web focuses on improving your overall web performance. It provides instant alerts about pages that are suspicious and immediately blocks them. It protects your privacy while surf online and blocks different tracking sites from monitoring your Internet activities such as visits, purchases and downloads.

Panda Safe Web also indicates security level of search results and shows websites that are secure to access.

Note: This toolbar has been discontinued.

These are some of the best anti-phishing toolbars that you must use to prevent secure your Internet browsing session. Data security is foremost when it comes to any online activity. Share your experience about these toolbars. Also, let us know if we have missed out any efficient toolbars from the list.


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