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Is Internet Security Dependant on Your Operating System?

The perpetual war between operating system is certainly never ending in the world of computers. In times long ago, the OS battles used to be more split up since there were many more different operating systems out there that people could us...


How To Choose The Best Registry Cleaner Software?

There isn't any doubt the fact that PC registry is probably the most rudimentary unit that is essential for a computer’s functioning. Hence, for perfect working of our PCs and also notebooks, it is crucial to ensure that registry stays ne...


How to Get Automatic Driver Updates For Your PC?

Device drivers are important to ensure smooth functioning of PC hardware. They help software programs recognize and communicate with hardware while functioning together. However, driver versions change on regular intervals, but manufacturer...


How To Fix Windows Error 1603

Windows error 1603 is caused by the installation of Windows not being able to correctly work on your system. We've found that there are a lot of potential issues which are preventing Windows from running the installation as you require on y...


Why Do You Need Porn Blocker?

With the growth of technology, particularly the internet, it becomes even more important for parents to protect their kids from any harmful element that may filter into their lives. We can't just sit aside and let our kids be exposed to suc...


3 Reasons Why Your Registry Cleaner Isn’t Giving You Results

Many people install the registry checker software on their computers to gain speed. But more often than not they get disappointed. It is frustrating to see the software working fine on another computer, while it does not help your computer'...


13 Best Mac OS X Finder Keyboard Shortcuts

One thing that's cool about Mac OS X is that the more you use it, the more you find "hidden" nuggets of cool things you can do with it. For instance, you can handle many Mac Finder tasks directly from your keyboard, without having to use yo...


3 Easy Ways to Stop BSOD Appearing on Your PC

The "blue screen of death" is a very common error, which is shown when you have a major problem on your PC. This error is also known as a "fatal" error because of the way it can cause your computer to restart or to have a lot of problems on...