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How To Fix “BOOTMGR is missing” Error in Windows 10, 8, 7

If you are here on this page, it can mean only one thing, you were trying to Boot your PC and you got the BOOTMGR is missing in Windows 10/8/7 error. There are a number of causes that prompts the PC to have a black screen while rebooting an...


How To Get MacOS Mojave Features On Windows 10

Apple latest feature for their desktop operating system was announced in the early days of June 2018. This new feature was announced at the WWDC and is named MacOS Mojave. MacOS Mojave has some amazing features like Dark mode and desktop st...


19 Best Download Manager For Android 2023

Evidently, we use Android devices to download files of different sizes and formats, be it for leisure or work purpose. Downloading depends upon certain factors like type of internet connection and the source website. That said, using the be...


How To See Credit Cards and Saved Passwords In iPhone (iOS 12)

The ‘Saved Password’ and ‘Autofill’ feature was made available on iOS devices for user convenience. After the release of iOS 7, users were no longer required to insert passwords every time they visit a website. Moreover, ‘Autofill...


The Best Mac Window Managers To Increase Productivity

Managing windows on Mac computers is altogether an irksome task. It’s frustrating when you drag and resize every window manually. Fortunately, there are specific applications that are designed to ease the window management process. Moreov...


11 Best Augmented Reality Apps For Android

Augmented Reality apps have become a raging trend today. With Google empowering AR technology with its ARCore development, many AR apps for Android are being quickly introduced in the market. How wonderful it would be if your favorite ca...


How to Hide and View Hidden Files on Mac OS

Changing the visibility of the user’s files and folders to make it invisible might be because of personal or security reasons. However, doing the same for the macOS requires some technical expertise. Usually, macOS comes with features tha...


15 Best Quit Smoking Apps For Android and iOS

“Nicotine is a fast-acting drug with short-lived effects, which you can assume by the fact that you need to smoke often.” - Gudjon Bergmann Tobacco kills one person every five seconds. In countries like United States, 37.8 million peop...


Best Video Journal Apps To Record Your Memories

Journaling and writing blogs are considered as one of the best ways to record our memories or share our moments with others. Now with the advancement in software development and technology, we can easily maintain a video diary rather opting...