Top 10 Desktop Blogging Platforms for Pro-Blogger

The desktop blogging platforms are growing and evolving rapidly. As a pro-blogger, it is necessary for you to choose the best writing software that fulfills your needs and goals.

Life of a blogger can be full of hurdles. You may need to travel more often and may be away from power and connectivity sometimes. In such cases, blogger desktop software can help go a long way.

Let’s look at some best desktop blogging software that could enhance your productivity and uplift your blogging experience.

10 Best Blog Writing Software For Windows And Mac: –

Here are the 10 best writing software for every pro-blogger. Read On!

1. Windows Live Writer

windows live writer Desktop Blogging Platforms
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It is one of the best desktop blogging applications especially for the windows users. It is open source software and has look and feel of MS Office. You can include media such as images, maps, videos to your posts easily. You can work offline on it and it automatically posts your blogs when you are online.

It has many features and themes to make your blog look great. But it can only be used on Windows operating system.

2. Mars Edit

mars edit Desktop Blogging Platforms for mac
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Mars Edit is one of the best desktop blogging platforms for Mac users. It allows you to create your blog while browsing on the internet using option ‘Bookmarklet’. You can also insert media from different photo apps. It allows you to easily switch between different text formats and preview your post.

It works with most leading blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Tumblr, etc. But it is blogging software for Mac users only.

3. Type Metal

Type Metal Desktop Blogging Platforms
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TypeMetal is another great tool for Mac users. Its main feature is that users can to include excerpts from previous posts to their current post easily even in offline mode. It’s another great feature is ‘clear view’, which allows you to concentrate on your work by removing distractions such as sidebar and widgets. You can create ‘snippet sets’ which is a type of library of your common phases, keywords and constructs, to help you during writing.

Its major drawback is that it works on only WordPress blog sites and is available only for Mac user.4.

4. MacJournal

Best Blog Writing Software mac journal
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MacJournal is arguably the best writing software for bloggers who use Mac desktops and like to discuss their everyday experience on their blogs. It allows you to search, browse, and insert media into your posts such as songs from iTunes, pictures from library, and videos from YouTube. You can track and arrange your everyday posts using ‘timeline mode’. You can also track time spent in writing your posts by ‘timer’ feature.

It helps you to secure your work using password. It works with blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, LiveJournal but on Mac operating system only

5. Blogdesk

Blogdesk Best Blog Writing Software
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Blogdesk allows you to manage multiple blogging sites simultaneously. Its integrated spell checker supports 14 languages. It keeps a copy of published posts in your device. You can store keywords from your previous posts and use it in your current post. It is WYSIWYG software and consists of many themes and design templates. It also has a notepad to roughly note your ideas that you get instantly and finalize them later on. It is a free software and supports Windows, Mac and Linux

6. Blogjet

Blogjet Best Blog Writing Software

It also supports media such as audio, video, images from different apps into your post. But its main feature is that you can write posts in many different languages of the world and can also spell check them. It other amazing feature is that it enables you to post on multiple blogging sites simultaneously.

It supports main blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Squarespace Movable Type, and Drupal.  But this blogging software is available for Windows users only.

7. Blogo

blogo Best Blog Writing Software
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Blogo helps you to monitor and organize all your work on different blogging sites under one dashboard. You can save your work as drafts in offline mode and publish it when you are online. Its ‘send to blog’ extension enables you to insert any media into your post. You can also write in rich-text mode or embed HTML and change between them anytime while writing. Blogo can be utilized by Mac users only.

8. SharpMT

sharpmt Blog Writing Software
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SharpMT has an option, Bookmarklet, which allows you to create a new post while working on the web. You can also work offline and save your work to your device. Another great feature of SharpMT is that it enables users to edit many posts at the same time. You can also format text, add different media, and preview your posts in SharpMT

It only supports movable type blog platforms and is available for Windows users alone.

9. Thingamablog

Thingamablog blog writing tool for desktop
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It is one of the oldest desktop blogging software developed in 2006. It permits you to import functions and blog entries into the software. You can publish your post even when you are away from your desktop through email. It enables you to manage multiple blogging sites simultaneously and allows you to make your own design template without much effort.

10. Wordable

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Wordable is the best blog writing software for bloggers. It publishes blogs on WordPress platform. It efficiently exports your work on MS office or Google Docs to WordPress blogging platform. It also formats your posts automatically before exporting and publishing.

Using efficient blogging software can make blogger’s job much easier. It saves much of your time and effort by doing tasks automatically which you used to do manually. These blogger desktop software not only improve the quality of your blogs, but also provide insightful stats about your work. As the competition in the field of blogging is rising constantly it’s important to choose the best writing software to suit your needs.

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