15 Best Push Notification Services 2023

Nowadays people use so many apps on their smartphone. Brands have their own apps and websites. With so many diversions available for customer, it is very challenging for marketers to communicate with them.

What Are Push Notifications Services?

Push notifications services can help enterprises to improve customer engagement and reduce churn rates. They are digital marketing techniques used for customer engagement and retention. These are information that is sent from an app or a website to mobile devices or desktops without their request, and are delivered even when these apps or website are not open. Information such as new products, discounts and offers are sent using push notifications.  App owners receive customer’s feedback and reactions which they analyze to improve their marketing strategy.

It is important to find best push notification service to suit your business needs. Different businesses have different customer bases and geographic locations.  It is necessary for your app to be developed according to these specific needs. Let us look at some of the best push notification services of 2023 for different development platforms

Best Android Push Notification Services

Best iOS Push Notification Services

Best Web Push Notification Services

Best Android Push Notification Services

1. Batch

source: batch

Batch is one of the best android push notification services for marketing companies. Its best feature is that users can track push notification marketing campaign of their competitors. App owners can also monitor their own campaign from its app marketing dashboard. Batch creates user segments automatically by making use of their usage frequency data. It also provides a fast search engine to keep track of app push notification database. It is a high-speed push notification service with speed up to 20,000 messages per second. It is available for free trial.

2. Urban Airship

Urban Airship
Source: couchbase

Urban Airship push notification service provides mobile app push notifications at a speed of up to 300,000 messages per second. it also provides its clients with location based targeting of their app users and various insight tools for analytics. Its other main benefit is its security which include power backup, biometric authentication, fire suspension systems etc. It is available for free trial for 45 days.

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3. Amazon SNS

Amazon SNS
source: medium

Amazon simple notification Service allows owners to send mobile app push notifications to many different platforms addition to Android, such as iOS and Windows, using a single API. It supports multiple transport protocols and can easily be integrated with mobile apps. It is a low-cost push notification service which provides simple APIs through its AWS management console.

4. Braze

source: seeklogo.com

Braze provides many useful services for its app owners to improve customer engagement. It allows them to send message through multiple channels such as email, news feed, in-app messages. App owners can also customize messages for different users according to their profile. It supports Android app development platform as well as native platforms.

5. Kumulos

source: kumulos

Kumulos main feature is that it can customize app push notification messages for each brand. It uses Kumulos Geo-fencing feature to segment audience based on location and to schedule push notifications according to their time zone. It has a white label notification dashboard where clients can manage their notification delivery campaign and get useful statistics.

Best iOS Push Notification Services


Source: mmaglobal

SWRVE not only provides its clients with app push notifications service but also app analytics, A/B testing and many more. It can automatically segment users and can send personalized notification messages to the audiences. It supports only Android and iOS app development platforms.

2. Upsight


Upsight is a major mobile marketing and app development company. The main feature of its mobile app development feature is that it provides a very high level of customization compared to other app push notification services. Pricing is also customized for specific clients. Its push notification services run only on Android and iOS app development platforms.

3. Accengage

Source: innocherche

Accengage is one of the best iOS push notification service companies. It provides various tools to increase customer engagement. It allows third party analytical tools to provide insights. It also provides mobile retargeting, geo-fencing, in app messaging, app usage tracking solutions. Accengage is also capable of segmenting and notification personalization.

4. Catapush

Catapush iOS
Source: webnews

Catapush is an app push notification company which provides app owner to communicate with the app users. It allows real time two-way communication of transactional push notifications and tracking status of message delivery. It can push up to 100,000 notification messages per second with its real time IP dedicated channel and iOS app development platforms.

5. Pushwoosh

source: halfdantimm

Pushwoosh is a good push notifications service for marketing campaign. It offers a range of features such as analytics, in-app messaging, segmentations and many more. Its major advantage is that it provides multi-language support and cloud hosting facilities as well. It is a very cost-effective service which offers free plan to send notifications up to 1000 devices. Apart from iOS it also supports 21 total app platforms.

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Best Web Push Notification Services

1. PushEngage

PushEngage is one of the best web push notification services used in over 115 countries. It works with every major web browser including Chrome and Firefox. It can automatically segment audiences using URL and send automatically send notifications using RSS feed. It supports multi-user single step login with access control.

2. AdPush

AdPush web
source: adpush

AdPush is a user-friendly notification service. Owners can send filtered notification messages using geo-location and time zone. They can also preview their messages before sending.  It also allows scheduling the notifications messages and getting daily statistics report of marketing program. It allows including big picture and templates in notification messages.

3. Sendpulse

Source: sendpulse

Sendpulse offers many services in addition to web push notification services such as email marketing, Bulk SMS, SMTP server. It can customize notifications for specific users based on location and usage pattern. It supports browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari on desktop as well as on mobile websites.

4. OneSignal

Source: seook


It is a free web push notification service. It not only supports desktop and mobile devices but also various mobile app development platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows phone. It also provides features including Segmentation, targeting, A/B testing, real time tracking of messages. The main benefit of using Onesignal is that all these features are available for free.

5. Pushcrew

Source: atpsoftware

It’s an easy to set up and use web push notification service. It allows scheduling notifications and including images in the messages. It is capable of sending personalized messages to specific segment of users. It offers multiple user support using RSS feed.


There is a sharp growth in push notification apps. Every app is using push notifications to communicate with its audiences. In today’s times push notifications are not only sending push messages but utilizing various tools such as quantitative analytics, demographic segmentation, location based targeting, and many more to help get useful information for digital marketing campaigns. If you are not using push notifications for your app then it is time to use this technology in your business. This article, informing you about best push notifications services, must have given you useful insights about these services.


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