Why Should Duplicates Be Kept in Check?

Are you sure whether to delete duplicate files on Android or not? Well, most phones are filled with duplicate files. However, with ever-increasing storage on our phones, we tend to overlook the redundant files. No matter what storage size your phone has, it will get full one day. That’s when we truly think about cleaning it. While doing so, most of the storage is found to be duplicate files. As we edit files, save them on our devices, or download files multiple times, duplicates are created, and they unnecessarily eat up space.

Well, if you delete duplicate photos on Android, you will gain more storage space, and it will boost the performance of your phone.

Can I delete duplicate files on my phone?

Yes, you can delete duplicate files on your phone. In this post, we will tell you the effective methods to remove duplicate files from Android.

Should I remove duplicate files?

Yes, we should always remove the duplicate files from our phones as they only create more confusion. Moreover, they fill in space unnecessarily and make it hard for the user to identify files when needed.

How do I delete duplicate files?

Deleting duplicate files can be performed in two methods – manual and using an application. Here we will show you how you figure out the duplicate files by looking at the internal storage manually and using smart phone cleaner.

1. Using the Manual method to delete duplicate files on Phone-

To delete duplicates on Android manually, one needs to follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to Internal Storage and check the Download folder and check for the duplicates.

Step 2: Select the files you want to remove and click on the trash icon.

Step 3: Repeat the process for Gallery, Documents, and Other folders.

Although you can delete duplicate photos on your Android, it will be possible in a long time.

Let’s move on to the next method to delete Duplicates in a much simpler way.

2. Using smart phone cleaner to delete duplicate files on Phone-

While the manual method is time-consuming, taking the help of an application makes it easier. Here, we make use of the application called smart phone cleaner. It is the best cleaning app for Android, works as an excellent game booster, battery saver, and improves overall Android performance. Here, we will tell you how you can use it to clean the duplicates from the device.

Step 1: Download smart phone cleaner from the Google Play Store link below.


Step 2: Open the application, and the scan will run on the Home Page. You can see the Scan summary for the total storage used on your Android device.


smart phone cleaner



Step 3: Now, locate the Duplicates button and tap on it. A quick scan will be started, and you can see smart phone cleaner looking for the duplicates on your Android.


smart phone cleaner


Step 4: You can be given the results in a short while, and all duplicates will be grouped. One file with multiple duplicates is shown in one group, and all duplicates except one file are selected from each group.


smart phone cleaner


The All section consists of all kinds of files, although you can sort it individually with Music,  Videos, Photos, and Documents.

Step 5: Go through the list and unmark all the Duplicates you do not wish to delete. Click on Delete now when you are done.

This app makes the app done in a short period and also helps you to get rid of all of them with one click.

Thus, smart phone cleaner proves to be the best solution to delete duplicate photos on Android. It serves as an Android optimizer and booster application with useful features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete duplicate photos on my Android?

Duplicates photos are generally formed by moving, copying, and downloading pictures on a device multiple times. If you try to delete the duplicate images manually, it will take a lot of time. It is better to use similar photos finder and remover apps for Android.

How to find duplicate apps and files on my Android?

Now we are clear on why it’s necessary to keep a check on duplicates on our device. The next question is how to find duplicate apps and files on my Android, and the answer to it is a Cleaner app which is best in detecting duplicates.

Which app is best for deleting duplicate files?

If you ask yourself a question about why duplicates need to be kept in check, try out the duplicate finder app. The result will speak for you about how mostly the phone storage is full due to duplicate files.

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While duplicate files only act as the clutter on your Android phones. It is required that you use a safe cleaning method such as manually removing them or with the app – smart phone cleaner. It has been seen as the secure method to delete the selected duplicates from the list shown by Duplicates finder tool on the application. Therefore we at Systweak recommend using it; download it now from the link below.


We hope that this method explains how keeping a check on the duplicates is needed. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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