Top 12 Fastest Android Launcher In 2023

Some of our friends’ phone interface look so attractive in terms of the home screen, app widgets, shortcuts and background themes that we just hide ours back into the pocket. But afterward, we really wish something like that for ourselves and a sudden urge or attraction arises within. Now if you wonder how so much of phone customization is possible, well, fastest Android launchers await to get downloaded in your phone today!

What Is An Android Launcher?

Call it a powerful customization tool, a launcher can be downloaded from Google Play Store like any other app. With this, you can simply interact, arrange or organize the apps in your own way. Add an explosive array of colors, change the icons of the app or an overall screen look, and this is where you opt for third-party launcher besides sticking to default.

12 Fastest Android Launcher Apps 2023

Let’s begin customizing your phone features today & now with fast launchers for Android phone and experience an all-through difference from other phones around you!

Here is the list of the fastest and best Android launcher apps

1. Pocophone F1 Launcher

Minimalist but gorgeously designed, Pocophone F1 allows personalization for your ultimate phone comfort. You have the option for wallpaper customization, themes, and change icon color easily, and of course, now you can hide these icons from prying eyes. All apps get managed within the phone with the creation of custom groups by itself.

Why So Cool?

  • The so-cool Dark Mode is available with Pocophone F1.
  • It is fully compatible with phones containing Android Q.
  • Called as one of the fastest Android launchers because of breakneck speed and smooth functioning.

Pocophone F1 Launcher

Launch Here!

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2. Pixel Launcher

This best launcher app by Google is smooth, neat and clean in its interface. Moreover, you can toggle in between dark or light modes and are free to create shortcuts the way you wish. Drag one app at a time or show them permanently and vice versa. You are the one and only guide to your phone’s functions now. Though it’s available for Google’s Pixel or Pixel 2 phones, you can load in your phone using its APK.

Why So Cool?

  • Just swipe right from the screen and see the personalized Google feed in a go.
  • It supports Long press shortcuts, notification dots, your own favorite bar, app suggestions, and quick Google search access.

Pixel Launcher

Launch Here!

3. Hola Launcher

You would love to term it as one of the most creative and top Android launchers while looking at colors, full-material design, scrollable dock pages, and smart gestures like swiping up and down for quick app launching. Long press each icon and you can edit its features easily.

Why So Cool?

  • No obnoxious ads pop-up and interfere with the flow.
  • Creative app icons present to customize your present app icons.
  • Holo Plus offers customizable notification badge color, desktop gestures, widgets overlapping and various transition effects.

Hola Launcher

Launch Here!

4. Microsoft Launcher

If you have a Microsoft account, you can access your documents, files, calendars, etc. in your personalized feeds. This launcher for Android allows you to access your files even from Windows PC and ultimately sets up connections amidst all devices. Not just this, you can pin up the contacts of people who are important on the home screen and place it according to your wish.

Why So Cool?

  • Cortana becomes your assistant once again here while reading messages, unveiling the details of calendar, etc.
  • Gestures could be easily customized through Microsoft Launcher including Swipe up for app drawer, double tap to quickly lock the phone, etc.
  • The interplay between Android Phone and PC is quite strong that one can snap a picture on the phone and view on PC straight away.

Microsoft Launcher

Launch Here!

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5. Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

Bring yourself another best launcher app for Android to your device and fill it up with colors and customizing features like smart sizing the app icons, changing their shapes, stylize the folder style, etc. You can add widgets in such a way that even a single glance to it works just like that.

Why So Cool?

  • ‘Quicktheme’ to customize home screen colors, ‘Quickbar’ to customize Google search bar and ‘Quickedit’ contains alternate icon suggestions for the users.
  • It automatically chooses a dominant color from the wallpaper and adjusts it with the app drawer.

Action Launcher Pixel Edition

Launch Here!

6. ASAP Launcher

Organize your cluttered home screen in a beautiful manner using this app launcher in Android. This clean and ad-free launcher is settled at minimal design including themes like dark, light, day/night, and so many wallpapers to choose from. The slide-out app drawer and its settings make you reach faster at your preferred location as well.

Why So Cool?

  • Minute details within the launcher make it different from all. For example, when a track is being played, the controller will adopt those changes and display the artwork of the track in the forefront.
  • Speed, beauty, and simplicity are prime factors of ASAP Launcher.

ASAP Launcher

Launch Here!

7. Nova Launcher

If you wonder why Nova is the best Android launcher app, you need to note that it can enhance your home screen in an advanced manner where icons can be customized with multiple methods. The night mode and dark theme suit all the latest requirements of a user at one end whereas you can position the icons and widgets in a grid cell properly at another.

Why So Cool?

  • It contains smooth and snappy animations that even allows an old phone to get back its speed.
  • In-built backup and restore feature save data to the cloud or locally for easy transfer.

Nova Launcher

Launch Here!

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8. Lawnchair Launcher

Considering a great palette of dock customization, notification dots, various icon sizes, and icon pack support, Lawnchair launcher can be called as one of the best Android launchers. The flexibility of features and ability to gain a very little space on the phone makes it worth once again.

Why So Cool?

  • Light to use, stable and can be called as one of the fastest Android Launchers.
  • Adds support to subgrid positioning which allows shortcuts & widget to be placed halfway through a phone on desktop.
  • Enable, disable, show or hide the icons and details, as you like!

Lawnchair Launcher

 Launch Here!

9. Go Launcher

How about 3D parallax themes and HD wallpapers in your phone so that anyone who just sees it asks you ‘How did you do that’? You will surely be impressed with the number of options that Go Launcher presents including various background themes, animation effects on screen, uplifting the phone speed and amazing widgets. We do not call it an amazing app launcher for Android just like that.

Why So Cool?

  • More than 100000 free HD wallpapers to customize your screen.
  • Transition effects to give more than 20 animations for screen and app drawer.
  • Regular updates bring up new and smart features every week.

Go Launcher

Launch Here!

10. Hyperion Launcher

Marked with endearing UX, Hyperion Launcher is very consistent in providing regular updates that are loaded with customization options like dock icon changes to change color, text, and size of the icons, can hide apps swiftly and forms various grids. It is also known as the best Android launcher apps considering smart Google search widget and gestures.

Why So Cool?

  • Wallpaper gradient adjustments are present with Hyperion.
  • Change the color of navigation bar as well as status bar.

Hyperion Launcher - best android launcher app

Launch Here!

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11. BIG Launcher

Keeping in mind senior and partially impaired people, BIG launcher has all the icons quite bigger than normal. It has an absolutely simple and fast interface and one can tap on these icons denoting functions like calls, messages, favorites, etc. This simplicity has definitely coded BIG launcher as the best launcher for Android.

Why So Cool?

  • Very handy launchers that can be set up for all those who can’t manage the present interface.
  • Its Premium account is free from annoying ads and distractions.

BIG Launcher - best android launcher

Launch Here!

12. Evie Launcher

Last in the list of best Android launcher apps is Evie Launcher. It has gained popularity within many people around the world because of its capacity to display minimalist design and clean setup. On the left-hand side, notice a bar that allows you to search anything in one place making things easier. You may choose any search engine according to choice, for example, Google, DukcDuckGo, Bing, etc.

Why So Cool?

  • Expanded language support and app drawer customizations are big add-ons.
  • Frequently used apps keep themselves in the search bar.
  • Create custom shortcuts quite easily by pressing long on search results.

Evie Launcher - best android launcher


Before heading ahead, when you want to Change the default launcher, reach to Settings > System & Device > Homescreen > Recents. As you find Default Launcher Option, click on it and select the preferred launching option from here.

Now that you have a huge list of best Android launcher apps present, select the one that supports your requirements while reading features of each. Yes, Nova Launcher, Pixel Launcher, and Action Launcher are quite distinct in its characteristics, you may also call them as amazing app launchers for Android.


  • comment_avtar
    Apex Weather is a new weather app from the developers of Apex Launcher, one of the best Android launchers. This weather app is above average. You get your basic stuff like the current, daily, and hourly forecasts. It also includes a weather map, severe weather alerts, and some of the better clock and weather widgets we’ve seen in a while. It even shows less common stuff like sunrise and sunset times, air pressure, UV index, and more. You can get weather forecasts in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia along with a rather bland news blog if you want one. The ads can be a tad annoying, but otherwise this weather app checks all of the boxes. You can also remove the ads with a single $5.99 payment.

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Tim A Sharp
    I’m looking for a good launcher to replace Microsoft launcher. I noticed that your review is a little off or not updated even though it was written in March of 2020. and launchers as like Microsoft launcher does not have Cortana as an assistant anymore it was retired in 2019. And they also retiring in the feeds the timeline period that’s why I’m looking for a different launcher to replace Microsoft launcher as they keep taking things away but not putting them back in. Now I would like to know if there’s some good launchers that are better than Microsoft launcher and even a little snappier than Nova launcher to replace what I have now. I would appreciate any information you could provide. Thanks for your reviews.

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Mathias mgbada
    Xos launcher excluded Why

    3 years ago

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