8 Best LaTex Editors Of 2023 – Listed Top Latex Editors

LaTex or Lamport Tex is not a new term for those who are regular with writing journals of technical, mathematical, psychological or scientific fields. It is so as LaTex has become one of the most popular methods of document presentation and used for any form of publishing. Now the best latex editors available today can help in controlling the content on your own terms by

  • Typesetting the articles or slide presentations.
  • Allows control even over large documents through sectioning, cross-reference, tables, etc.
  • Inclusion of artwork or color, etc.

And many more features tag along with best latex software, let’s see which of these settles right for you! Forget about spending huge time in formatting a publishing page and employ a good offline or online LaTex editor before anything.

Best LaTex Editors for Windows, Mac And Linux

1. LyX


Supported with numerous modern features at its back, LyX is an open-source editor. Interestingly, you can use it even for structuring your own novel or script apart from editing mathematical documents.

This best latex editor for Windows 10, Mac, Linux & Haiku contains advanced tools to access any algorithm, theorem, arrays of equations, etc. so that they can be dragged and dropped quickly. Moreover, the creation of bibliography (BibTex support), spell-checker, support to various graphs and tables make Lyx stand apart from many others.

Get Lyx Here!

Availability: Windows | Mac | Linux

2. TeXstudio


Easy to use interface, a decent level of customization, and multi-platform LaTex editor introduces itself as TeXstudio. What counts more with this one of the best latex editors is comfortable editing using multi-cursor, auto-completion, bookmarks, image assistance, table-formatting, and interactive spellchecker.

If you want to know more than you would love its advanced build system including bibliography, glossary tools, easy PDF viewing capacity, and more. Plus, its easy setup and a portable version for USB make it the best latex editor for Windows 10 as well as Mac.

Get TeXstudio Here!

Availability: Windows | Mac | Linux

3. Texmaker


How about another best free latex software for you that can manage cross-platform view, Unicode supportive editor, auto-completion, code folding and more features that make editing simpler than ever? It can be crowned as one of the best latex editors considering the integration of many tools in just one single application.

In fact, you can streamline your documents into different sections using ‘Structure View’. After this, insert tables, math formulas, pictures, references, or anything right into the documents.

Get Texmaker Here!

Availability: Windows | Mac | Linux

4. Kile


As simple as it looks, the containing editor is quite powerful to note for. The best part is customization of anything or everything according to your wish at one side and very easy to use on the other. It helps in auto-completion of the documents, compile or convert them in one click, easy insertion of citations and references, and much more.

Besides this, maximize the editing space at your will, configure the build system, take help from LaTex library and use creative features for a perfect look of your journal to be published. By the end of your work, you would call it as best latex editor for Windows 10, for sure!

Get Kile Here!

Availability: Mac | Linux

5. Gummi


To make your documentation easier than ever, Gummi is here as one of your best LaTex editors. A two-panel window with Gummi helps in editing syntax and formatting errors at the same time. Easy, right? Gummi also saves a PDF copy automatically and contains smart features like image addition, citing tool, spell-checker, document viewer, etc.

Various types of templates, wizards, bibliography management, Live preview makes it user’s first choice very easily. Though you may not be able to find mathematical symbols and document summary here, its work efficiency makes people go for without another thought.

Get Gummi Here! 

Availability: Linux

6. Overleaf (Online)

Overleaf (Online)

A smart online writing and collaboration tool, Overleaf, claims to have a large user base all around the world. It is perfect for people searching for templates of CV, Resume, assignments, letters, projects, presentations, and more than 500 others. Interestingly, you can enjoy real-time collaboration to find out each author’s contribution.

A good text mode, real-time preview, and compatibility with major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. make it an easy way to approach. Call it the best free latex editor by keeping in mind the free plan, apart from which two other plans are available for upgraded features.

Get Overleaf Here!

7. Papeeria (Online)


No need to download any of the best latex software if you are super-comfortable with browser editing. Papeeria gives you an open-end option having an awesome auto-compilation feature to compile everything in the background. There can be discussions in the margin besides which spellchecker, instant math previewer, collaboration works simultaneously.

Moreover, it is absolutely workable on mobile phones and desktops are no necessity for editing. The template gallery is loaded with CV, presentation, journal, etc. for ease and saving time.

Get Papeeria Here!

8. Authorea (Online)

Authorea (Online)

Be it an article, a collaboration of data, multiple figures or any image, you can imply them all swiftly in your journal through this amazing publishing platform. It also allows users to write in both LaTex and Markdown language. Interestingly, you and your team can make changes in a document simultaneously and the comments posted become visible to everyone.

Export your LaTex documents in any format including Word, PDF, etc. yes, all the top browsers support it quite well and you can simply enjoy this best free latex editor to work smoothly.

Get Authorea Here!

9. Texpen


Another best latex editor is here for you which is based on C++/Qt. Writing, documentation and compiling them becomes interesting with features like document templates, auto-completion system and article outlining for navigation. There are various themes or background colors that help in protecting your eyes while you sit on the screen for a longer duration.

You might not be very happy to see the interface when compared to its competitors but Texpen would help you with grammar improvements and correcting expressions in your documents. In-built preview, one key building PDF and one key table insertion are some other additional features you would like to see.

Get TexPen Here!

Availability: Windows | Mac | Linux

10. TeXnicCenter


Developed for Windows users especially, TeXnicCenter is using Microsoft’s MiKTex typesetting distribution while also offering a quick setup wizard for the same. This latex editor is integrated with a suitable environment for Windows and contains powerful auto-completion features within it. 

Moreover, you can find GUI editor, multiple UTF-8 character coding and a smart navigator to find your Latex documents. Bracket matching, spelling checker and syntax highlighting are some other features you definitely don’t wish to miss with this Latex equation editor. 

Get TeXnicCenter Here!

Availability: Windows

11. VIM-LaTex


A powerful combination of Latex as intelligent typesetter and Vim as best editor comes together to form this amazing latex editor for you. These both are trying to bring the best set of tools to view, edit and compile LaTex documents. Vim-Latex is an extension for documentation and thankfully, the process is explained on the sourcepage.

You may say that this best latex editor is designed for programmers and it can function anyway the configuration is required. Visual editing, compiling, mode mapping, code folding, etc. are some key features with this amazing and simple latex editor.

Get VIM-LaTex here!

Availability: Windows

12. RTextDoc


We believe that your search for latex editors will surely stop at this place. This editor is completely designed for editing the structured documents and typesetting professional research papers where images and mathematical expressions are also present. Writing notes, books, ebooks or slideshows? This latex editor is present for you!

If you think why RTextDoc is so special, we have certain reasons behind it. It supports Latex and AsciiDoc plain text-markup language and has instant grammar checker besides. Moreover, there are dozens of dictionaries, in-built PDF viewers and more. You do not even need to install it and its portability on a USB flash drive is the most exciting thing to note for.

Get RTextDoc here!

Availability: Windows | Linux

13. TeXworks


TeXworks is a cross-platform latex editor and based on open-source tools and libraries. It simply provides a proper environment for scientific analysis and data visualization. Moreover, data mining, analysis with arrays and histograms and mathematical calculations are also possible. Its 2-page mode, citation management, syntax highlighting and fastest rendering capacity are some things unique to look for.

Get TeXworks here!

Availability: Windows | Mac | Linux

14. LaTex Base (Online)

LaTex Base

Without the need of installation or running internet connection, you can easily edit the documents using this Latex online editor. Add new files, import them from other sources like Google Drive or other resources and work on it fruitfully with this plain simple latex editor. 

Once the work is done, you can even export your files to another system or download it in your system. Supported by images and other media files, you are ready to rock and roll on this best latex editor as soon as it appears in front. 

Get LatexBase here!

15. Scribes


A minimalist text editor which combines simplicity with power is here for you. This best latex editor is intelligent enough to understand your design and focus exclusively on the tasks. Automatic correction, replacement and word completion are some things you definitely need to check. This open-source latex editor gives you amazing and customizable templates or snippets where quick insertion of tables, figures, listing, environment, etc. is absolutely possible.

Not to forget, bookmarks, smart navigation, document switching, automatic indentation, manipulation functions, text processing and powerful text procession are only some of the impeccable features which you shall not dare to miss.

Get Scribes Here!

Availability: Ubuntu | Fedora

Final Words!

So just find your genre of publishing the papers, pick any of the good latex editors and your work is done in no time! From downloading a latex editor for Mac or Windows 10 to finding the best latex editor online, you shall check each of it before reaching a goal. Include anything you like in them.

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We would love to hear from you!

If you have used any of the above or any other, do let us know your experiences and suggestions on same in the comment section below.

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