How To Gameshare On Xbox One In 2021

A complete guide to game sharing on Xbox One

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When you know that your best friend has an amazing library of games on his Xbox console, you would certainly want to know how to gameshare on Xbox One. Gamesharing on Xbox One saves you enough pennies at one end whereas you also get to share your console games at another. You can gameshare your library using Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

What Is Xbox Gamesharing?

As the name suggests, gamesharing on Xbox One allows a person to access the library of someone else’s Xbox on their system. One needs to sign up in their Xbox One and make sure that it becomes ‘Home XBox’ from internal settings. This step is necessary so that other accounts of the same Xbox One do not collide with gamesharing feature.

Home Xbox lets you designate one Xbox as the primary console. Now, if someone signs in this account, they can surely enjoy the whole library you own. Right? For gameshare on Xbox One, let us understand below.

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How To Gameshare On Xbox One (2021)

Below are the steps to follow for an Xbox game share. (Setup of Game share on Xbox One)

Step 1: Sign in the console. Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button on the controller.

How To Gameshare On Xbox One

Step 2: Scroll over to the left and reach to ‘Sign In’ tab. Here, select ‘Add New’ option.

Step 3: Enter the email address or phone number along with the password of your friend’s Xbox account. Or you can let him sign in.

Step 4: A privacy statement is displayed. Select ‘Next’ here.

Step 5: Once again, open the Guide by pressing X on the controller.

Step 6: Move your RB and select Settings now. Here, go to General > Personalization > My home Xbox. And select Make this my home Xbox.

Step 7: Go to My Game & apps after opening the home screen, and you will be able to play all the games your friend owns.

In a similar manner, ask your friend to repeat the same steps on his Xbox One console and both of you will be able to gameshare on Xbox One. These steps are the answer to your question on how to gameshare on Xbox One in 2021.

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Points To Remember For Xbox One Game Sharing

  • Make sure that the sharing of accounts is a sensitive matter, and someone else can use it in a wrong manner. Since the payment card is also attached to your credentials, you may lose money from the account. Hence, you shall gameshare on Xbox One with the trusted and understanding friend.
  • In case you want to play a game of whose physical copy is available, you cannot gameshare it on Xbox One. Only digital games are allowed for the same.
  • Both friends can enjoy the same game at the same time on their respective consoles.
  • Gameshare on Xbox One is limited to two people. No single account can be shared with more than one person.
  • My Home Xbox can be changed only 5 times in a year. So if you are planning to switch it multiple times, keep a count of the same fact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you Gameshare on Xbox One?

After signing in to your console, open the Guide. Reach to the sign in tab again, and select ‘Add New’. Here, add email address & password of your friend’s account. Once again, open the Guide. Go to Settings >  General > Personalization > My home Xbox. And select Make this my home Xbox.

This is how you can Gameshare on Xbox One.

Q2. Does Gamesharing still work on Xbox One?

Yes, Gamesharing works on Xbox One where you can share your games with a friend and vice versa. Now, you can also share Xbox Live gold benefits with your friends

Q3. How many times can you Gameshare on Xbox One?

Once the accounts are shared, you can play the games any number of times. But remember, one account can be shared with only one other person but not more than that. At the same time, you need to take care of the fact that My Home Xbox account can be changed only 5 times in a year.

Q4. Can you Gameshare with multiple accounts on Xbox?

No! One account can only gameshare with a single account. Xbox One hasn’t facilitated any more services in the case.

Q5. How many people can you Gameshare on Xbox One?

Each account allows only one other person to gameshare. For example, if you own an account, you can gameshare with only one of your friends.

Q6. Can you Gameshare with more than one person on Xbox?

No. One account can be shared with only one other person.

Q7. How to stop gamesharing on Xbox One?

One, you can current Xbox as ‘Home Xbox’ and delete profile on other consoles. Or you can simply change your Xbox password to stop gamesharing on Xbox One.

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Enjoying Gamesharing On Xbox One?

Let us know in the comment section below if you are able to enjoy unlimited games with your friends or not? Are you guys able to save money? Can we help you anymore? Tell us more!

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  • GenFury
    If you have game pass and XBOX Live Gold, should that be the home XBOX or should it be the other . I have two Xboxes at home now with two IDs.

    2 years ago Reply
    • Akanksha Soni
      Hi Mark
      Please make your Xbox Live Gold as Home Xbox in order to enjoy unlimited services.

      2 years ago Reply
  • Freddie
    Hi, me and my friend game share.
    It kicks him out of the game after about an hour when we both are on the same game…
    Any ideas as to why this happens?


    2 years ago Reply
  • Juelz
    does my friend keep the games he has on his Xbox one

    2 years ago Reply
  • Gajendra Singh
    This process really helps me

    1 year ago Reply
  • James
    Can you get more gameshares I wasted mine wen testing it and tried getting my cousin xbox live gold but it did not transfer than I ran out and got 1 from the xbox help and gameshared with my dad and he doesn’t play anymore and I can’t gameshare with my cousin because we want to play red dead redemption 2 but he doesn’t have it

    1 year ago Reply
  • marko
    Hey there, I’m trying to gameshare with a buddy who i have done it with many times. The game were looking to share isn’t showing up anywhere on in my “ready to install” tab. Any advice?

    11 months ago Reply
  • Erik
    I can download and play my games from xbox on my windows 10. But can my gameshare friend download the games on he’s own windows 10 logged in to he’s xbox app?

    11 months ago Reply
  • Sean k
    How to game share I can’t login my account with all my games I bought digital too n save progress I only have access to my son’s account Xbox live somehow he can still play online for fortnite how is that possible I have ultimate game pass gold with it too . For Xbox one .

    9 months ago Reply

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