What Is hkcmd.exe? How To Fix hkcmd high CPU usage?

Luckily, you have come to the right place, here we discuss how to fix High CPU Usage caused due to Hkcmd.exe

hkcmd exe


Hkcmd stands for Intel Graphics Hot Key Control Module, and the .exe extension denotes it is an executable file. 

Since executable files are prone to malware infections and if an executable file like Hkcmd.exe or WUDFHost.exe, TiWorker.exe, MRT.exe, AccelerometerSt.exe, etc. are creating a problem, read our post.

Attention: This article is a part of our ongoing series, explaining why certain Windows services consume High CPU Usage. To read related posts, click here.

What Is Hkcmd.exe Module?

It is a legit Intel process that loads during system boot time. The process runs on machines having Intel motherboard & it provides support to Intel chipset drivers. This means users can quickly access their graphics card settings via hotkeys like Ctrl+Alt+F12. 

File Name Hkcmd.exe
Description Detects and handles hotkeys/keyboard shortcuts
Location C:\Windows\System32
Is it a Safe file Yes, but hackers often camouflage malware, virus behind it 
Can it be deleted or disabled? Yes

As it is not a Windows system file, you must be wondering why it is located under C:\Windows\System32, right? Since the file is associated with Intel and is important, it can be found under the System32 folder. 

How To Automatically Fix Hkcmd.exe Related Problems?

  • Run the best system optimization and PC cleanup utility names as Advanced System Optimizer
  • Select Deep Scan > click Start Smart PC Care.
  • Wait for the process to finish and then fix all the errors. 
  • Restart the system to check for the Hkcmd process error; it will not be a problem anymore. 

Common Problems Caused Due To Hkcmd

  • BSOD or system crash
  • Every time you boot the system, the file tries to connect with Microsoft’s servers. Though this is not a problem, sometimes, users face issues accessing the web.
  • Uses 100% CPU power, thereby slowing down systems performance.

How To Fix High CPU Usage Caused By Hkcmd?

Here we will enlist different ways to fix the Hkcmd module startup problem on Windows: 

Note: Once the 24-hour free trial version expires, to fix errors, you will have to purchase the product. 

Solution 1 – Fix Invalid Registry Entries

Several programs can use the same Hkcmd module, but invalid registry entries are created when some of these programs are uninstalled. Sometimes, the file directs to an incorrect/invalid location that causes Hkcmd.exe problem and slows down the system. To fix and avoid registry cluttering, we suggest cleaning and optimizing the registry from time to time. 

Doing so manually is very complex, and it even involves risk. This means if an incorrect registry entry is deleted, your system might crash. Therefore, to avoid such problems, we suggest using the Registry Cleaner module offered by Advanced System Optimizer. This will fix invalid registry entry and help clean malware infections and perform other tasks.

To use Advanced System Optimizer, follow the steps below: 

1. Download, install and run Advanced System Optimizer

2. Click Registry Optimizers > Registry Cleaner

3. Perform the scan and fix detected errors. 

This will help deal with Hkcmd module errors and slow startup time problems.

Solution 2 – Scan System For Malware And Virus Infections

In case fixing the invalid registry, entries do not help perform this next step and scan the system for infections. This step is recommended as hackers disguise malware in the name of Hkcmd.exe. System Protector is the best solution for this problem. Using this module, you can scan your system thoroughly. Moreover, as the definition updates are regularly done, the tool is quite effective compared with other system protection tools. However, if you want to give standalone antivirus tools, try to read our post on Windows’s best antivirus. 

To use System Protector, follow the steps below: 

1. Launch Advanced System Optimizer 

2. Click Security & Privacy

3. Run the scan, wait for it to finish, and then fix errors.

If the Hkcmd.exe process is not detected, move to the next step.

Solution 3 – Update Outdated Drivers

If you have Intel82810 Graphics Memory Controller installed and the driver is outdated, you cannot find the Hkcmd.exe error. To resolve this error, we suggest updating device drivers. This can be done both manually and automatically. 

Note: To update drivers manually, you need to know the version, bit of operating system, device model number, and other details. However, if you update them using the best driver updater, you don’t need to collect them. 

To update drivers automatically, follow the steps below:

1. Launch Advanced System Optimizer

2. Click Windows Optimizers > Driver Updater

3. Perform the scan and update all outdated drivers.

Note: If you choose to update all drivers at once, you will be prompted to purchase the product. 

4. To bring changes into effect, restart the system. 

After this, head to Task Manager to check if High CPU usage has returned to normal or not. If yes, you found the culprit. However, if the problem persists, move to the next step. 

Solution 4 – Clean Junk File

Junk files, temporary files generally cause several Windows errors. Therefore, to fix excessive CPU usage and sluggish system performance, we suggest clean junk files. To do so, again, you can use Advanced System Optimizer. 

1. Launch the best junk file cleaner

2. Click Disk Cleaner & Optimizers > System Cleaner 

3. Run the scan and fix all errors

4. This will clean all junk files and will declutter the system. 

Solution 5 – Update Windows

If the above fix did not work, then try updating Windows. To do in Windows search bar type Windows Update. Click Check for Updates. If there are any updates available, they will be downloaded, and install on the PC. 

This will help fix all the problems you are facing due to the Hkcmd.exe file. 

Solution 6 – Use System File Checker

Another way to fix Hkcmd CPU usage is to check system files for errors. To do so, follow the steps below: 

1. Press Windows + X

2. Select Windows PowerShell (Admin)

3. Type SFC /scannow and press Enter 

Note: There’s a space between /scannow

4. Wait for the process to finish.

5. Restart the system

This should fix the Hkcmd error. Hopefully, using the fixes discussed above, you can resolve High CPU Usage caused due to the Hkcmd file. Some might have to follow each step, while for someone fix would be enough. Please let us know the case with you, which step worked in the comments box. We’d love to hear from you and be happy to know that your Hkcmd 100% CPU usage problem was resolved. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.


1. Is Hkcmd needed at startup?

Yes, as this file helps run the Hotkeys and is associated with Intel, it should run at startup. But, if you face any problem due to it, you can disable it. 

2. Can I disable the Hkcmd module startup?

Yes, you can disable hkcmd module startup in windows 10. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Press Ctrl+ Shit+ Esc
  2. This will open Task Manager
  3. Here, look for the Hkcmd.exe process
  4. Right-click > End Task
  5. Now click Startup tab > Open Task Manager
  6. Look for Hkcmd.exe > right-click > Disable 
  7. Apply changes, and all is done. 

3. What Is hkcmd.exe?

Hkcmd stands for Hotkey Commands, and it is a system file that handles and detects hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts. 

4. Is Hkcmd.exe safe? 

Until the time Hkcmd.exe is located under C:\Windows\System32, it is safe. However, if it is saved under a different location or slows down the system, causing 100% CPU usage, the file is most likely to be infected. 

5. How to remove a Hkcmd error? 

To remove Hkcmd error, fix invalid registry entries, update drives, clean junk files, scan the system for malware infection, and clean them. This helps fix Hkcmd errors on Windows. 

6. Is Hkcmd.exe a Virus Or Malware?

No, it is a legit file. However, hackers disguise themselves under this name; hence if you face any problem due to this file, scan your system for infections. 


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