How To Fix High CPU Usage By RAVBg64.exe?

Task Manager is a system monitor that provides information about the background running processes and applications. Unless the system starts to misbehave or freezes, we do not check these processes by opening Task Manager. However, if you face issues like:

  • Unstable internet connection
  • Too many pop-ups
  • Slow PC performance
  • Continuous system freeze, etc., looking for a resource-hogging process is a must.

Now that you have opened Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift+ Esc and seeing RAVbg64.exe taking up to 60% of resources, what will you do?

I will either try to fix High CPU Usage or try to know if the file is legitimate or virus, right?

So, let’s know more about RAVBg64.exe and how to fix the High CPU Usage Caused by it without any further delay.

What is RAVBg64.exe?

 RAVBg64.exe is a process related to Realtek High Definition Audio codecs. The process runs in the background, and it supports audio on PC. Disabling or terminating the process hampers audio on the system; however, there seems to be an issue if the process consumes enough CPU power. Hence, we need first to check the file location, update drivers, check system for malware, virus infection, and perform other cleaning operations.

For this, we suggest using Advanced System Optimizer – a powerful system tweaking tool that offers driver updater, system protector, disk checker, optimizer, junk file cleaner, and a lot of different features.

To download and install the tool, click here.

Alongside this, you can read a comprehensive review of Advanced System Optimizer.

File Location for RAVBg64.exe process

The process is usually located in Program Files under the Realtek\Audio\HDS folder. To confirm if it is at the said location, head to Task Manager. To open it, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Click Processes tab > look for RAVBg64.exe > right-click > open file location. If you are redirected to the above-mentioned location, all is well; however, it opens some other locations. You need to take immediate action as there are chances that the file is infected.

How To Fix RAVBg64.exe on Windows

To fix RAVBg64.exe, follow the troubleshooting steps listed below:

Method 1: Update the Realtek Audio Driver

If RAVBg64.exe continuously eats enough CPU power, you should try updating Realtek drivers. As drivers help communicate with hardware and operating system, you might face an issue when they are outdated or incompatible. To update them, you can use the Driver Updater module offered by Advanced System Optimizer or can do it manually.

Note: To update drivers, you need to log in as an administrator.

How to update the driver using Advanced System Optimizer

1. Download, install, and launch Advanced System Optimizer.

Advanced System Optimizer

2. Click Windows Optimizers > Driver Updater

Windows Optimizers

3. Run the scan and update the Realtek HD Audio driver.

This is the quickest and simplest way to update drivers, as you don’t have to gather information like a version of the operating system, model number, etc.

However, if you want to update drivers manually, follow the steps below:

How To Update The Driver Manually

1. Press Windows +  R

2. Type devmgmt.msc > ok

3. Now expand the Sound, Video & Game Controllers section.

4. Look for Realtek Audio Driver > right-click > Update Driver > Update Audio Driver

5. Reboot PC

This should resolve the problem.

Method 2: Disable Realtek Audio Manager

Since the problem you are facing is related to Realtek’s software, we suggest disabling it from the startup. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Device Manager using the steps explained above.

2. Look for Realtek Audio Driver; right-click Realtek Audio Driver > Disable device.

Alternatively, you can disable it from msconfig. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. Press Windows + R

2. Type msconfig > Ok

3. Click the Startup tab.

4. Uncheck the Realtek Audio Manager.

This will take the CPU to normal.

Method 3: Add New Registry Values

This one is the safest method as there’s no need to disable RAVBg64.exe. Once you follow it, all the invalid registry keys that were creating a problem will be resolved. Besides this, you can also use the Registry Cleaner module offered by Advanced System Optimizer.

How To Add New Registry Values

Warning: We do not recommend making any changes to the registry manually. However, if you decide to overlook the warning and proceed, do it at your own risk.

  1. In Windows search type Registry Editor.
  2. Select the search result > right-click > Run as Administrator.
  4. Right-click Software folder > New > Key.
  5. Name it SRS Labs >  right-click SRS Labs > New >> Key > name it APO.

Now check the system; the RAVBg64.exe error should now be resolved. Before creating the key, make sure you follow each step; however, if you don’t want to manually use the Registry Cleaner offered by Advanced System Optimizer.

That’s all; using these steps, you can easily fix the high CPU usage caused due to RAVBg64.exe. Do let us know which step you applied and why in the comments section.


Q1. What is RAVBg64.exe?

RAVbg64.exe is a trusted software element that is a part of Realtek High Definition Audio codecs. The file can be found under C:\Program Files > \Realtek\Audio\HDA folder.

Q2. What is the HD audio background process?

HD audio background process is a process related to Realtek High Definition Audio, and it helps with audio functioning on Windows.

Q3. Can I disable the Realtek HD Audio Manager?

Yes, you can, but we do not recommend doing so, as this might create problems with audio on Windows PC.

Q4. What does the program HD audio background process RAVBg64.exe do?

 The HD audio background process supports the working of audio. This executable file is related to Realtek High Definition Audio.

Q5. Does Realtek HD Audio Manager need to run at startup?

It depends on the user’s requirements. However, if you face high CPU usage due to RAVBg64.exe, we recommend disabling it from a startup. This will help fix the unwanted CPU usage leading to system performance lag.


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    CPU high usage can be a problem, but your methods help in solving it.

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    Dheeraj Manghnani
    Hight CPU usage is the main cause of many issues

    4 years ago
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    Mansi Vijay
    Updating the Realtek Audio Driver is probably the best workaround to resolve the high CPU usage. Thank you for the detailed fixes & solutions!

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