How To Fix 100% CPU Usage In Windows

Computers generally consume a small amount of CPU. They use only 5% of their CPU power. Whenever users play video games, run applications, the CPU usage rises temporarily.  Once the processes running are closed, the CPU usage falls. Consider that no application requires more than 50% of CPU.

Although the programs can cause high CPU usage without your knowledge, this happens when a program faces an unexpected error. If the programs running are using CPU at 100%, it will have to free up processing power for different processes, which will make your computer slow.

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To reduce the high CPU usage in Windows 10, determine what processes take up CPU in a large amount, background processes, and hardware issues. Find out in the article how can 100% CPU usage problem be fixed:

Ways To Fix 100% CPU Usage In Windows

1. Check Background Processes:-

A background process is that which is running on the computer but is not open in a window. A computer has many background processes running altogether since Windows itself requires some programs to run.

To limit the background processes, open Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE.

The process tab will open itself, projecting the usage of CPU by each program and its overall use. Note those processes which take 10% of CPU in the system regularly.

Now, exit Task Manager and open msconfig.exe through Windows Search or the Run dialog box. Go to the Startup tab and find Startup items in context to those items that you noted. Uncheck them, click Okay and restart your PC. This step will stop your computer from launching those programs at boot.

2. It Can Be A Malicious Virus:-

Malware or virus are infections that can damage the computer and steal your sensitive information.

An infected computer may run processes in the background or even spread itself by multiplying and sending it to others via email or network. All these activities of malware require good processing power and thus make computers slow.

Determining the presence of malware or virus manually is difficult. Install antivirus in the system to detect and remove viruses from it.

We recommend using Advanced System Optimizer– a third-party tool for your Windows PC. It works as a system cleaner, game optimizer, driver updater, system protector, and disk optimizer. It will clean your computer protects it from infections and fix the 100% CPU usage problem.


3. Hardware Problems:-

If the fan connected to the CPU fails, the computer can heat up, causing 100% CPU usage. Replacement of the faulty fan can solve this problem. Apart from this, make sure that the CPU fan is dust-free.

Dust also slows down the fan and prevents it from cooling the CPU. Dust deposited on the RAM can either slow down the system or cause memory modules’ failure. Remove the dust and experience the hike in the performance of the computer.

High CPU usage in Windows 10 can be difficult to detect. The common reasons behind 100% CPU usage are listed above. Try to figure out the problem and apply the solution to it accordingly. If it still troubles you, let us know. We will come with a powerful solution to sort your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. Why Is My CPU Usage At 100%?

If your computer shows a CPU usage percentage at 100% for a long time, it can be problematic. As this will make your computer very slow and this will obstruct your processing.

Q2. How do I check CPU usage in Windows?

If your computer responds at a slower rate than usual, it might be due to high CPU usage. You must check CPU usage in Windows 10. To do so, open Task Manager from the search bar in the Start Menu. Now under the Processes tab, you can see which process is taking up CPU at 100.

Q3. How Do I Reduce 100 CPU Usage Windows 10?

If your computer does high CPU usage most of the time, it can be harmful to the way it can heat and damage the parts. It can affect your computer in several ways such as system crash and CPU running at 100 must be fixed using any of the above methods.

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