“Unknown Sources Keeps Turning On”? Here’s How To Fix The Issue

Even though Android’s mobile Operating System has improved a lot, some issues still need to be fixed to enjoy smoother functioning. Lately, some users have noticed that Android’s ‘Unknown Source’ option is getting automatically enabled. Not only that, but certain individuals have claimed that after manually disabling ‘Unknown Sources’ in the settings, the option switches to ON after around 30 minutes and even shows an annoying pop-up message Unknown Sources Keeps Turning On.

If you’re dealing with a similar problem, you’ve landed in the right place. This article will go through multiple solutions to get away with Unknown Sources Keeps Turning On error.

Why does “Unknown sources get turned on” automatically?

Well, if the unknown sources option gets enabled automatically without your access, it can happen for several reasons.

  • For starters, it can be due to clicking on strange ads or links accidentally.
  • The respective problem may appear if you’ve installed third-party apps from the APK play store or any other unofficial or unauthentic source. These 3rd party apps have inbuilt spyware, which allows installing the insecure apps by simply turning on unknown sources.
  • Another common reason for this action can be a virus or malware infection on your phone.
  • Some Android devices come pre-installed with bloatware and other unwanted apps, which may automatically allow your mobile to turn on the Unknown sources option.
  • Accumulating a lot of trash and junk files on your Android affects common mobile activities, including apps installed on your phone automatically without your permission.

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How to fix Android’s “Unknown Sources Keeps Turning On” issue?

Follow the below-mentioned workarounds one-by-one to resolve the issue of Unknown sources getting turned on automatically.

WORKAROUND 1 = Restart your Android:

Sometimes the problems which we feel are complicated can be sorted out without much hassle. Likewise, when your Android is having troubles like Unknown Sources Keeps Turning On, the easy trick you can perform is just close down all the recently used tabs and then restart your device.

Give rest to your Android device for a few minutes, and hopefully, it should resolve the annoying error on your phone.

WORKAROUND 2 = Clear Cache on your Android:

Over time, your desktop, smartphone, and tablet get packed with dozens of temporary files (cached data). These files take a significant amount of storage space on your phone and can slow down your overall device performance and speed. So, you must erase it frequently to free up storage space and get away with annoying problems like ‘Unknown sources keep turning on”.

To manually clean your Android and remove caches, follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Open Chrome or another browser(s) you use frequently.

STEP 2: Tap on the three-dotted icon on the top-right of your screen.

STEP 3: Hit the History option, and you will be navigated to the page where all your recently visited webpage can be seen. You need to tap on the option that says – Clear browsing data.


STEP 4: On the next screen, you must select the time range from which you want to clear the cache, browsing history, and other redundant data.

STEP 5: Besides history, check the option next to ‘cached Images and files’ and ‘cookies and site data.


STEP 6: Select the option to Clear Data.

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WORKAROUND 3 = Use A Reliable Smartphone Cleaner & Optimizer App

The above method is one of the most commonly used methods to clear caches from your browser. But what about the other app, cache, and temp files accumulated over time? You certainly can’t erase those files manually. Still, you can take the help of a dedicated Android Cleaner like Smart Phone Cleaner by Systweak Software that will automate the cleaning process on your Android smartphone. The application holds the potential to comprehensively scan, identify and eliminate junk files, caches, cookies, duplicates, junk files, and other residuals. Additionally, it features a lot of optimization and security modules that keep your device in optimum shape for better performance and stability.


To know more about this one-click cleaner and optimization app, follow the guide: Smart Phone Cleaner Review- Speed Booster & Optimizer.

WORKAROUND 4 = Reboot Android into Safe Mode:

Rebooting your Android into a safe protective mode is the best way to block APKs and unauthorized websites accessing your device. Simply jump into the safe mode when you encounter the problem of “turning on unknown sources automatically.” You can reboot your Android by following these steps.

STEP 1: Turn on your Android by clicking on the power button on the device.

STEP 2: Hold the power button for a few seconds while pressing it.

STEP 3: Hold the power off button until your Android directs you to Safe mode.

STEP 4: Once the safe mode is displayed on your screen, tap on the option.

STEP 5: Once you tap the safe mode option, your Android switches off for a few seconds.

STEP 6: Your Android automatically turns on and displays the safe mode.


The methods listed above can solve the problem of Unknown sources turning on up to a maximum extent.


Q.1) How do I stop unknown sources from installing in Chrome?

The steps included in this process are;

  • Go to Home Screen> Settings.
  • By tapping Security, the screen will be locked.
  • Click Unknown sources> Turn on/off.
  • Tap OK to continue.

Q.2) How do I turn off accessibility to unknown apps?

The simple way to turn off the accessibility is,

  • Go to settings> General tab.
  • Scroll down to Developer Options.
  • Search for installation from unknown sources.
  • Disable the ‘install from unknown sources’ if it is turned on.

These steps will make your Android fix the issue of unknown sources turned on.

Q.3) How do I get rid of the unknown sources app on Android?

To get rid of unknown sources:

  • Open Google> Files which shows the installed apps from the Play store.
  • Move to Installed apps.
  • Select the unwanted or the suspicious apps.
  • Uninstall the ambiguous apps.


As an Android user, I recommend our readers beware of unsecured and unauthorized applications and websites. While you face the issue of turning on unknown sources, the best method is to keep your device cleaned and optimized regularly. Additionally, maintain digital hygiene – get an Antivirus, avoid clicking on unknown links, and do not download apps from unofficial sources other than Google Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for iPhone).

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, be careful before a virus or malware enters your Android, and don’t panic or neglect the issue. Seek professional help and resolve it quickly to prevent a huge loss!

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