How to Save Maximum Storage Space on Android?

With all of the latest phones, you get an ample amount of storage space. However, it is less for some of us. Whether you have an old phone or a new phone, full storage can make your phone prone to many problems. Slow speed, hanging apps, actions aborted abruptly, and cluttered storage space. One must keep their devices clean to make it accessible to reach out to a document on time. If you wish to learn how to save maximum storage space on Android, read the tips below:

Why Does My Android Phone Storage Keep Filling Up?

If you are asking this question to yourself, let us tell you the reason behind it. When the phone is not taken care of, and you do not clean its memory timely, it will become cluttered. The constant downloads and transfer of files create a lot of duplicate files on your phone. The regular usage also fills up the storage with system cache and application cache. If you do not remove the redundant applications, it will again hog your memory.

How Do I Fix Full Storage On My Android?

If you face the full storage on your Android, first, you must start with cleaning the unnecessary data from it. smart phone cleaner is one such application, which will help you achieve this task precisely in a few minutes. It is also a very light application and is easy to squeeze into your device once you follow all the steps given in the next section.

How Do I Free Up Storage Space On My Android

With a practise of decluttering your Android device, you can save yourself from the full storage problem. We are going to give you several tips you can apply to free up space on

  • It is necessary to keep a check on the old and unused applications and data.
  • Store your photos, videos, documents online using cloud storage.
  • Remove duplicates from your device.
  • Shift phone data to the SD card.
  • Clean App Cache.
  • Remove junk files from your phone.

If you are often stuck with the problem of Phone storage full, you should apply these tips.

Let’s elaborate on the points on how to free up space on Android:

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1. Move Data

If you have an SD card option in your device, you can use it to move the data to free up space on Android. If not, you can always go for the option to transfer data on other devices, external drives. But the most efficient solution is to move data to cloud storage. Once you have uploaded the data on your cloud storage, you can delete it from your Android device. This way, you can access the data from your account on any platform, and also it does not hog storage space on any device. This is an effective method on how to free up space on the phone.

2. Remove Duplicates

As one of the big reasons to fill up phone storage, duplicates found on phones often make it chaotic. Therefore, it is necessary to remove them and sort the phone, and this is how to clean internal storage on Android. We at Systweak recommend the best cleaning solution for your phone. Loved by millions of people, smart phone cleaner  is an Android app that can clean up your phone and boost the performance. This will quickly scan the phone for the duplicates and remove them in one click.


Step 1: Open the app, and it will start a scan immediately. You will be shown the filled storage space. Under it, you will see a Duplicates section; tap on it.


smart phone cleaner


The scan will run for the internal storage of the phone. It will then collect all the data and form the results in different sections.

Step 2: Go through each Group as they include similar and exact duplicates.


smart phone cleaner


For your convenience, one file is left unmarked, and the rest is marked so you can simply click on Delete Now and get rid of it.

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3. Clean Junk

Over time, phones collect a lot of temporary and cache files from the application and system usage. It is required to be removed precisely from the phone to free up the phone storage. To learn how to, we again take help from the application – smart phone cleaner.

Step 1: Open the application. Now tap on the Junk icon. This will begin to calculate the junk files from the internal storage of your Android device.


smart phone cleaner



Step 2: Click on Clean now to remove the marked files from your phone.

This process is the easiest way out to remove junk from your Android. Using smart phone cleaner helps you avoid any mistake caused by manual cleaning.


With the help of smart phone cleaner, you can learn how to free up Android effectively. It is an all in one solution to boost the performance of your phone’s performance and save it from cluttering. It will solve your problem of phones filled up with junk by deleting it. The cleaning application serves best as the solution to saving maximum storage space on Android. Download it now from the link below.

We hope that this helps you free up space on Android. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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