Google’s New Tool Verifies Suspicious Apps

Lately many apps on Google Play Store have been compromised by various malware attacks. These apps appear to be genuine but in reality they are infected. This issue has been a biggest point of concern for the company keeping all these issues in mind, Google has come up with its newest tool Play Protect. It aims at assisting Android users to stay protected from any suspicious app. The service continuously scans your Android device and shows you an alert message if any issue is found.

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Play Protect is premeditated to scan and detect corrupt apps available on the Play Store, not from third-party sites. The most convenient way to secure your device is to install apps from the Play Store only.

Here are different ways to know if an app is approved by Play Protect.

View recent scan details

recent scan details

To view the recent scan status and to see if an app is Play Protect assured, you need to enable the feature. To do so open Settings then Google next Security then Google Play Protect.

Here, you will see list showing recently installed apps, infectious apps and the option to toggle the service on or off is shown.

By default Play Protects is enabled but there is no harm in double checking. Just don’t by assumption and think your apps are getting scanned. Ensure that Play Protects is enabled by following the steps provided above.

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On App’s Play Store Page

Google play protect

You will be able to see the Play Protect doing the verification on apps Play Store Page. There will be verification badges assigned to the app which is secure. This way you can quickly and easily check the app before downloading it, it is safe or not. You don’t have to wait for the app to install and then Play Protect will do its job.

Before downloading only you can check for the safe apps.

Before You Update An App

Before you update an app

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If the app is safe at the time it is uploaded on the Play Store, it doesn’t means it is always safe. Bad guys can make changes to the app any time they find various ways to place something infectious into the app down the road.

So before you update the app you can check if the update is safe to download or not using the new feature.

Soon Google will add another feature to Play Protect i.e. it will assure that all updates you’re about to install are safe.

After this feature is rolled out above the update list, you’ll find a “No problems found” alert with the time when application was last scanned.

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Wrap Up:

This new feature is indeed a great help for those who are unable to detect suspicious app. Also it is a sigh of relief for people after a long time. It rightly said it’s never too late, to take a right decision so it is true with Google. At last Google realized the problem users were facing caused due to suspicious apps. Play Protect will be a complete savior from malicious apps.

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