How to Test Your VPN’s Security?

Blog Summary- VPN services advertise the best features like privacy and security of your data and device. Speed is another important feature associated with the VPN. To ensure you are getting what you are promised, let’s learn how to test VPN’s security in this blog.

How can I test my VPN?

We use VPN to remain anonymous while using the internet. In addition, it provides us with features like Kill Switch, IPv6 leak-proof, DNS leak-proof. Well, whatever your VPN has promised you sounds good, but how do you know it is actually what it says? Whether it is providing you the speed, it offered in its plan or is it safe enough to be used. To learn more about if your VPN is keeping user logs or not, we have summarized a few tips for you. In this blog, we will tell you how to perform the VPN test and to learn the simple ways to check if VPN is working properly.

Test Your VPN's Security

You must know about the VPN security features before buying a service. Most of the popular names in the VPN industry offer a free trial or money-back guarantee which supports the cause. You pay for what you like the most and it is easier to decide which one offers you the best security features.

The common types of VPN leaks are IP leak, DNS leak, and WebRTC leak. Studies have found that almost 70% of Android VPN leak the IP address of the user. Also often the Kill Switch offered does not function as promised and puts the user at high risk of revealing the IP address to external parties or online trackers.

Methods to Check if VPN is Working as Claimed or Not

1. VPN Test for IP leak

If you want to learn about your VPN services working properly or not. As VPN works for keeping your IP address hidden, you can try out this easy method. Here all you need to do is go to the websites mentioned below, and it will help you find out if the VPN you are using is saving you from IP address leaks or not. Run the VPN test for IP leaks on these websites-

  •  for IPv4, IPv6, WebRTC, and DNS testing.
  • Perfect Privacy Test tools for IPv4 and IPv6, DNS, WebRTC leak tests.
  • ExpressVPN leak tests for IPv4, DNS, WebRTC leaks
  • for IPv4 and IPv6 leak tests.
  • to use the extended test to identify any kinds of DNS leaks.
  • BrowserLeaks for WebRTC Test.
  •  for IPv4, IPv6, WebRTC, DNS.
  •  for IPv4, IPv6, WebRTC and DNS.

Follow these steps to test your VPN –

  • Connect to your VPN server.
  • Load a few of the VPN test websites.
  • Disconnect your internet connection manually.
  • Check the results for the IPv6 leak.

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This will promptly inform you about the VPN security flaws if found any. It also helps you stay aware of the situation you are putting yourself in by choosing a VPN service with any security issues. While the result accuracy of the mentioned VPN test websites is also going to be a determining factor for how secure your VPN services are.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How do I check VPN percentage?

To check the VPN percentage, you can always rely on running a VPN test to check the VPN percentage on your device.

Q2. Is my VPN active?

Running a VPN test will help you ensure if your VPN is active or not. This will allow you to keep your browsing safe and prevent you from the potential dangers of IP address leaks.

Q3. How do I know if my VPN is blocked?

Most of the time, you will see a notification from a VPN service provider if you are visiting a website or platform which has blocked your VPN. In those cases, you can switch to a different VPN service as they might not be listed in the block list for that particular website or platform. We do not recommend using VPN if the regional law does not allow it.

Q4. How do I know if I have a VPN on my laptop?

To check if you have a VPN on your laptop, go to Control Panel >Network and Internet >Network Connections. Although you will be needed to set up a VPN in most cases.

How To Setup VPN On Windows 10 

Q5. Can Internet providers block VPN?

Yes, internet providers can block VPN usage for the users and it has been a known fact for the region where VPN is deemed as illegal.

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Wrapping up

VPN is an answer for safe browsing over public networks and a medium to get you to geo-restricted content. However, with the promised services, if you are not sure of the safety and speed of the VPN, running a test will help you clear the doubts. In this blog, we are sure to help you in understanding the need and the way to check if VPN is working or not. But if you get the best VPN for your device, it will not show any of the leaks or security issues. Therefore, we recommend you to Systweak VPN for a safe browsing experience.

Download Systweak VPN

We hope this article will help you learn how to conduct a VPN test. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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