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How-To, PC Optimization - 2022-01-19

How To Optimize Memory and Manage System Cache

Although the Windows PC is described as a user-friendly machine that can be used by anyone with a few tips and tricks, it is a complex machine. There are many aspects of a Windows PC that Microsoft has kept hidden from the common folk. One of such aspects is Memory optimization and managing system cache….

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How-To - 2022-01-14

How To Conduct a Performance and Security Scan on Your PC?

A Personal Computer is the new Man’s Best Friend and life without a PC would be extremely difficult especially during the Pandemic. However, do you know that with the increase in PC users and online activities, the number of threat actors has also increased with a new diversity in cybercrime that has never been seen…

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How-To, Windows 11 - 2022-01-11

How to Disable Microsoft Teams on Windows 11

A part of the Microsoft 365 Suite, Microsoft Teams offers you a digital workspace where you can make conversations, collaborate and work in teams, share documents and files, video chat, and more with your colleagues and friends. As “Work from Home” became a thing of the pandemic due to Covid-19, a lot of productivity and…

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For Windows 10, How-To - 2022-01-07

How To Optimize Windows 10 Performance With Optimization Tool

The majority of people are completely unaware of how much trash is stored on their hard drives. Recycle bin files, obsolete system files and drivers, invalid and redundant registry entries, multiple restore points, leftover files from removed programs, duplicate files, photos and documents, faulty shortcuts, internet cookies and history, and so on are all examples…

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How-To, PC Optimization - 2021-12-02

How To Perform Quick & Regular Maintenance on Your PC

PC maintenance is a huge task that covers a lot of modules, steps, and methods to achieve. It is also known as the Optimization Process and requires many different tools and apps to perform. This procedure consumes considerable time and effort and requires inapt knowledge of the computer’s services and processes that only a certified…

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