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For Windows 10 - 2021-02-12

How to speed up upload and download speeds in Windows

Wondering why network bandwidth on Windows is restricted? Want to increase bandwidth on Wi-Fi/ Ethernet?  Yes, then you are in the right place. Here we will explain ways to improve bandwidth on Windows 10. Fact Check – To ensure system activities like Windows update, license checking, etc work properly Microsoft limits network bandwidth to 80%….

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For Mac - 2021-03-10

Step-By-Step Guide: Factory Reset MacBook Pro/MacBook Air (2021)

If you are all set to sell or give away your existing MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, you should consider wiping your machine and perform a factory reset. In this guide, we’ll list step by step instructions to backup entire data, sign-out from Apple Services, and reinstall macOS. We’ll also be sharing important tips that…

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Backup Software, For Mac, How-To - 2021-02-19

How To Bypass SMART Hard Disk Error On Mac

If you’ve landed here, I am assuming you are facing a SMART Hard Disk error. The acronym stands for (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology System). It is a mechanism for reporting disk error and overall health. SMART utility keeps a check on your drive and tells you if it has some fatal issues related to…

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