How To Back Up Your Precious Memories

Almost anything you care about, such as videos, music files, books, and photos, may now be kept on your hard drive thanks to digitalization. While this shift has the benefit of taking up less space, it also has the disadvantage of data loss due to mistreatment, hardware damage, or theft. This means that all of the data saved on a single hard drive could be lost in one fell swoop. I’m sure you’ve all heard of backup, and many of you have undoubtedly started using it.

Many applications are available to assist you in backing up your data. Right Backup is one such Cloud Backup Storage that allows you to move back up files from one device to another.

How To Back Up Your Precious Memories

Step 1: From the official website or the linked link, download and install Right Backup on your PC.

Step 2: Sign In with your credentials. You may have to generate new ones if this is your first time.

Note: The free version of Rightbackup allows users to upload 100 MB of data. For more storage, you will have to purchase one of the subscription plans.

Step 3: You can now launch the software and the automatic scanning process will now begin.

Right backup

The cloud backup software searches the computer’s local disc drives for data such as photos, essential folders, document files, movies, and other items.

Step 4: After the scanning is complete, you’ll be able to select whatever files you’d like to back up to the Right Backup cloud space from the scanned files.


Step 5: Once you’ve done that, simply click the Start Backup button to begin the backup process. When it comes to safeguarding data over a cloud space, Right Backup also displays what data is normally prioritized.

Start Backup

Step 6: The upload duration varies depending on your internet connection or speed, as well as the extent of the data you’re backing up in that given session.

What Is Right Backup Software And How Can It Help Me?

Right Backup Software

Right Backup is a cloud backup tool that allows users to back up their files and save them on a cloud server. Remember that backing up your files is different from moving them to the cloud because backing up stores the file’s location as well as its path. When you restore a file from a backup, it will appear in the same position as when it was originally posted. The following are some of the key elements of Right Back up:

Organize Files. Right Backup organizes all of your files into several categories, making it simple to backup certain file types.

Backup from Several Devices. Depending on the storage capacity, Right Backup allows users to backup data from multiple devices to a single centralized account.

Supports Windows, iOS, and Android devices. One of the most essential characteristics of Right Backup is that it works with Windows, iOS, and Android devices. This means that a user can back up their data from any device using the same account.

Large Files Can Be Saved. As long as you have purchased enough space on the Right Backup cloud server, there are no limitations on the size of files that can be uploaded.

Restore Anywhere. If you’re signed in to the same account as Right Backup, you can restore backup files from one device to another. This function allows you to keep essential files online and access your account from any device, allowing you to download them at any time.

The Final Word On How To Back Up Your Precious Memories?

Right Backup provides a highly safe and trustworthy platform for storing data in a dedicated cloud space. Its 1TB base storage capacity gives it extra versatility because it can also be utilized to backup massive media files. Furthermore, Right Backup’s associated mobile applications enable users to not only monitor their cloud storage, but also to create direct automatic backups of documents, media files, and email downloads from their mobile device to the cloud.

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