Windows Default Cleaners vs Third-Party PC Cleaners – Which Ones Are Better

To maintain digital sanity it is essential that you keep your computer clutter free.This means it should be able to remove all kinds of unwanted files. It should be able to help you get rid of files that are hampering your system’s performance, those unnecessarily taking up storage space, or doing both.It is important that you regularly free up storage and remove unwanted files in order to keep your computer in top shape.

Thankfully, Windows itself is equipped with tools with which you can clean up your computer. But are they as efficient as some of the best third-party PC cleaners? At the outset, we don’t mean to demean the built-in utilities. They do their job well, but imagine you have a special task and need a tool that focuses on that specifically.

That’s where third-party PC cleaners come in. They’re like specialists that can give your computer a bit of extra care in certain areas. It’s not about saying the built-in tools are bad; it’s just choosing the right tool for the right job!

How Inbuilt Windows Cleaners and Third-Party Cleaners Fair Up

For the purpose of this post we are going to take an example of Advanced System Optimizer which is one of the best PC cleaners and optimizers and see how its features fair up against the inbuilt cleaning utilities –

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– Disk Cleaner & Optimizers

Disk Cleaner & Optimizers

Cleaning up the various disks on your computer is essential as timely cleaning helps organize storage space as well as keep the system functioning. Coming to disk cleaning, Windows has a tool called Disk Cleanup that helps free up space by helping you get rid of all kinds of temporary files, unwanted program files, cache files, and various other kinds of files. We have covered a separate blog, where you can learn how to perform disk cleanup in Windows.

However, if you take a look at what Advanced System Optimizer has to offer, you can see that the Disk Cleaner & Optimizer module lets you dive deeper. Using this you can –

  • Save system resources by safely removing unwanted clutter.
  • Get rid of drive fragments.
  • Resolve common disk issues.
  • Get an overview of disk usage by files and folders.

– Smart PC Care

smart pc care

In case you are short on time and have a sluggish PC at your disposal, wouldn’t you want a utility that can help you identify the issues in a jiffy? Sure you would.

Instead of manually trying to identify issues as you normally would on your computer, Advanced System Optimizer comes with Smart PC Care. It runs a comprehensive set of scans that checks PCs for various kinds of issues. You can clean unwanted data, clean any hidden privacy traces, defrag hard disk, and do much more.

– Registry Optimizer

Registry cleaner

Windows Registry is formulated to support the working of your computer. Every change, for instance, an installation, setting, update, etc creates a registry. In case wrong registries take place, problems can arise.

Sure Windows has a registry editor. But, for someone who is not that familiar with registries, won’t it be dangerous to meddle with it?

Advanced System Optimizer has a Registry Cleaner as well as a Registry Optimizer. The Registry Cleaner helps repair Windows registry issues while the latter helps optimize and reduce the size of the registry. To know more, you can check out this post.

– Security & Privacy

security and privacy

These days PC cleaning is not just confined to cleaning up storage but is also about keeping PCs protected from various kinds of malicious threats. To do that, Advanced System Optimizer has a “Security & Privacy” feature that –

  • Protects systems from malware, trojans, spyware, and other malicious threats in real-time.
  • Helps remove internet browsing history and other hidden traces.
  • Password-protect files and folders.
  • Permanently delete files and folders in a way which makes them unrecoverable.

Sure, Windows has an inbuilt Antivirus that does a fair job at keeping malicious threats at bay, but Advanced System Optimizer takes your security a notch further and helps you remove identity traces that could put your security in jeopardy.

– Backup and Restore

file backup

Before you make any changes, optimize the registry, defragment disks, or perform other tasks, you might want first to take a backup of important system files, so that, just in case something goes wrong, you can always restore from previous backups.

Even though with Windows you can create a System Restore point efficiently, Advanced System Optimizer lets you take a backup of all system files and restore them in an easier manner.

To dive deeper into the various features of Advanced System Optimizer and see it in action, check out this post.

Other Important Offerings Of A Third-Party Windows Cleaner

A dedicated “Game Optimizer” with which you can enjoy your gameplay in a disturbance-free environment.

– Optimize memory usage, and manage the system’s cache

– Delete unwanted duplicate files that take up a considerable amount of hard disk space.

– Recover deleted files.

– Update outdated system drivers.

Optimize Wisely: Windows Default Cleaners for Basic, Third-Party Cleaners for Advanced Cleaning

One thing that we felt while working with both Windows native cleaners and third-party cleaners is that, unlike Windows inbuilt cleaners, the third-party cleaners have all the functions – cleaning up storage, backup and security, registry cleaning, and various other tasks all in one place.

In conclusion, a harmonious approach to PC maintenance involves leveraging the strengths of both inbuilt and third-party cleaners like Advanced System Optimizer. While the native tools offer essential and initial protection, integrating a specialized third-party cleaner, such as Advanced System Optimizer, can elevate your computer’s performance and address more advanced optimization needs. By combining these resources, you ensure a comprehensive care routine for your PC, allowing it to thrive in both basic and advanced realms of maintenance.  Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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