Quick Look Not Working on Mac? Here’s the Fix!

Unable to use Quick Look after upgrading to macOS Monterey? Yes, it can be quite disheartening. Quick Look is a useful feature on Mac that allows you to view and edit the files in preview mode without having to open the file. So, rather than opening files in different apps, you can use the Quick Look feature to edit your images, trim a video/audio, use Markup, share files, and so on.


To use the Quick Look preview, you simply have to select a file and press the Space key to directly launch the Quick Look window. Although, there may be a few rare circumstances where you might not be able to use the Quick Look feature on Mac.


So, before you lose your hope when Quick Look fails to launch on Mac, here are a few workarounds that come to your rescue. In this post, we have listed a bunch of useful solutions that you can use for fixing the “Quick Look not working” issue on Mac.

Here you go!

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How to Fix Quick Look Not Working on Mac

Missing the Quick Look functionality on Mac? Here are a few simple solutions that will help you restore the Quick Look window on macOS. Let’s get started.

Solution 1: Force Quit the App

Force quitting apps is one of the most basic yet effective workarounds to deal with unresponsive applications. So, let’s try this hack.

Tap the Apple icon placed on the top menu bar, and select “Force Quit”.


The Quick Look feature is embedded in the Finder app so we try terminating and relaunching the Finder app on Mac.


Select the “Finder” app from the list and then hit the “Relaunch” button.

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Solution 2: Clear App Cache

A corrupt cache can also lead to several issues so we will try clearing out the cache for the Quick Look app using Mac’s Terminal. Follow these quick steps:

Launch the Terminal app on your Mac.

Type the following command in the Terminal window and press the Return key to execute it.

qlmanage -r cache


Exit all windows and launch the Quick Look window to see if the issue was resolved.


Manually cleaning up cache and junk files sounds like a tedious task, for sure. Well, we have a useful suggestion for you. Download and install the Disk Clean Pro utility tool on your Mac that helps you remove junk files, redundant files, log files, partial downloads, and other obsolete data in just one click. You can instantly free up storage space and enhance your Mac’s performance by using the Disk Clean Pro tool on your device.

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Solution 3: Use the Activity Monitor

The Activity Monitor on Mac is just like we have Task Manager on Windows that shows you a list of ongoing apps and processes. So, in our next workaround to fix the “Quick look not working” issue, we will try using the Activity Monitor to restart the Quick Look service. Here’s what you need to do:

Launch the Activity Monitor app on your Mac. Type “QuickLookUIService” in the search box placed at the top right corner of the window and press Enter.


Select the first process that you see on the list and then hit on the cross icon to stop the service.


Exit the Activity Monitor and close all the active windows. Reboot your Mac and check if the Quick Look feature is working or not.

Solution 4: Update your Mac

Using an outdated version of macOS can also result in several errors or bugs. Hence, to ensure that your Mac never runs into any kind of trouble, always keep your device up to date. To update your Mac to the latest available version, follow these steps:

Tap on the Apple icon placed on the top menu bar, and select “About this Mac” from the menu.


Select “Software update”. Wait for a little while until Mac looks for updates. If any update is available for your device, hit the “Update now” button to install the latest version of macOS on your Mac.

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Here were a few simple solutions that you can use for fixing the “Quick Look not working” feature on macOS. Previewing files using Mac’s Quick Look feature is a pretty handy delight. You can use any of these above-listed workarounds to restore the Quick Look functionality on your Mac. Do let us know which method did the trick for you. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Good luck!

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