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Mac’s incredible platform offers users various hidden features and tricks allowing them to explore in-depth computing. While working on MacOS have you ever used the Command+Tab keyboard shortcut for switching between applications? Well, if not then you can simply do it by holding down the Command button then press Tab—you’ll then see icons representing every application open on your Mac. Press Tab again until you switch to the application you want.

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Not just this, there’s more treasure than you can possibly imagine! Let’s explore a few more keyboard secrets in detail.

1. Quit Applications in Bulk

Quit Applications in Bulk

Press Command+Tab to open the application switcher, and move towards the application you need to quit. Keep holding Command, then press the “q” key. This will quit the selected application instantly. This keyboard shortcut lets you bulk quit applications later, which is useful if your computer is starting to slow down.

2. Hiding Apps Instantly

Hiding Apps Instantly

If the cluttering of apps makes you feel annoyed, you can likewise bulk hide applications on Mac. Open the application switcher, select the application you need to hide, now press “h.” Every window for the chosen application will be hidden in a flash.

3. Switching Between Individual Windows

Switching Between Individual Windows

There are a couple of more keys you can utilize while holding the Command key. The Right and Left arrow keys let you change the currently selected application, which can be faster than pressing tab repeatedly when you want to go backwards. So here comes the real deal: the Up and Down arrow keys will both demonstrate every single current window in a particular application when pressed.

Suppose there are a bunch of pictures in the preview panel, (refer above snapshot) then by holding the Command key and arrow keys can allow you to switch which picture is selected—search for the blue edge around one of the windows. Press “Enter” and you’ll open the currently selected window.

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4. Jump Between Windows in an Application

If the above stated method seems like a slow procedure to you, then we have another quick trick (which not everyone knows about). Pressing the Command + ~ key allows you to jump between windows in the currently open application.

Surprisingly cool, isn’t it? Like we said earlier Mac’s Command key gives you a whole lot of power then you can possibly imagine. Hope you learned something new today, do let us know if you have any queries on mind. We’d love to hear from you!

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