Try These Tricks To Turn Chrome’s Fake Google Search Box Into Real Search Bar

Do you know Google Search box present in the middle of the Chrome browser is not Real?

Google Search boxEver tried using the big Google Search box in the middle of the page when you open a Chrome browser or a new tab? What happens?

When you start typing in the Google Search box, it moves to the address bar right? That’s because the search bar you see on the Chrome browser is fake and it only redirects the user to the address bar.

In addition to this, if you have set another search engine as default the search field will disappear.  Infuriated by this and want to get rid of this fake Chrome search bar?

Here we explain how to activate this dummy search field and use it for doing an actual search.

Google search bar vs. Chrome browser address bar

All this doesn’t make any sense, right? Why would a company like Google do such a thing? It is said that way back in 2012 Google placed this fake search bar for experimental purposes and since then it has been there. No one knows the reason behind it, but users get annoyed with it. Therefore, here we are with the steps to turn this fake Chrome search bar into the real one.


  • The latest version of Google Chrome with an active internet connection.
  • Google should be set as the default search engine.

How to get Chrome fake search bar work as the Real One?

Since this fake search bar is of no use why not get it working. To do so follow the steps explained below:

1. Launch the Chrome Browser and type chrome://flags/ in the address bar of the new tab. This will redirect you to the Chrome advanced configuration page.
advanced configuration

2. Here look for the “Real search box in New Tab Page “ flag. You can use the search box.
Real search box

3. Alternatively, you can also type in chrome://flags/#ntp-realbox in the address bar.
address bar

4. Once you have located the option you’ll notice flag status is set to Default. You need to change it for this click on the down arrow and select Enable from the drop-down menu.

5. Now, to activate it click on the “Relaunch now” button at the bottom right. This will reset Google Chrome to new settings.
reset Google Chrome

That’s it. Now, you get the search box working as an actual Google search.

Note: To disable this feature follow the same steps this time choose the Default option and restart your browser to apply changes. Another important thing if Chrome’s search engine is not set to Google Search then this will not work.

Now that we know how to change a dummy search bar into a real one, it’s time to learn certain other tricks to boost productivity.

Boost Productivity with these Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

1. Mute Noisy Sites

No one likes to be interrupted especially when it is auto-playing videos while browsing. If you get annoyed by such sites and want to mute them permanently here’s the way.

Right-click on the site that you interrupted by and select Mute Site. This will mute the page of that particular domain until you choose to Unmute Site.

Mute Noisy Sites

2. Undo Closed Tabs

Keyboard shortcuts do make things easy. If you have closed an important tab and don’t remember the URL  press Ctrl+Shift+T on Windows (or Cmd+Shift+T on a Mac). This will bring back the most recently closed tab.

3. Customize Chrome

Change the way your Chrome looks by opening a new and using Customize button in the bottom right.Customize Chrome

From here you can change the background, create your own shortcuts, and customize page using color and theme.
color and theme

4. Access Saved Passwords

Chrome is very smart it remembers passwords and usernames for various sites. If you want to look up a password, click three stacked dots > Settings > Passwords. Here, you can look for the details click the eye icon to reveal the password.
Access Saved Passwords

So, this was all about how to activate the fake search box and make it the real one. Do let us know which one you prefer the fake or real one? Also, try these Chrome tips and see the difference. Your comments are valuable to us please your thoughts.

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