Protect Yourself From These 8 VPN Scams In 2023

Thanks to its robust features, VPN Services have increased in popularity to protect users’ privacy & security. Not only do they act as a perfect shield for getting an additional online safety, but they are a powerful means for accessing geo-restricted content, anytime & anywhere.


There’s a long string of hackers out there, misleading people with sales gimmicks, bogus marketing claims, and other VPN Scams. They take advantage of users’ growing interest in online privacy and security as an opportunity to get huge profits from unsuspecting victims.

This being said, listed below are several types of VPN scams along with a list of best VPNs to avoid falling victim to them. So, let’s start!

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VPN Scam Alert: Common Mistakes You Should Avoid To Protect Yourself

Let’s take a look at these 8 VPN Scams you can avoid:


1. The Lifetime VPN Subscription


While browsing third-party websites, you may encounter ‘Lifetime VPN Subscription Plans’ being advertised as clickbait. The quoted price is so low that it piques your interest. But what you should be aware of is legit VPNs are never available at cheap costs.

The service has to bear overhead costs, marketing investments, developmental costs, maintenance costs, and more. Therefore, offering you a VPN solution for a lifetime membership at such a low price is not feasible for the service providers.  Hence, the ‘Lifelong’ claim is a lie, and it’s nothing but a Ponzi-scheme.

This can happen when you fall for the Lifetime VPN Scam!

The Lifetime VPN Subscription
Source: Restore Privacy


2. The Free VPN Scam

A free VPN promise is nothing but a tactical plan to collect your data & private information. And as the old saying goes, “Nothing in life is truly free” these Free VPN Scams are a perfect example of it.

Free VPNs have been known for: Injecting malware to track your Internet activity, bombard you with advertisements, security is never guaranteed, and the company sells, distributes personal data for their excellent. Try scrolling their Terms & Conditions pages once, and you can find inconsistencies or lack of clarity & contradictions.


3. Logging Scam


Today there are hardly any VPN solutions that don’t claim it keeps no logs. But the reality is most VPNs take part in some form of logging. The deception comes when these firms don’t explain what specific data and details are and aren’t being logged in their database.

To be fair, certain logging is needed to make VPNs better so that they meet user expectations. But since explaining their entire logging process isn’t clear and remains susceptible, some VPNs will continue to promote themselves as reliable services that never collect data. If the service is upfront and says that they do log data, this isn’t a big problem. You can navigate to their policy outline to see how your data is being used. 

4. Fake VPN Services



Promoting fake VPNs also falls under the category of Hottest VPN Scams. Many points need to be kept in mind while differentiating between a legitimate & fake VPN service. For starters, I define a ‘Fake VPN Solution’ as a service that engages in multiple activities that go against users’ security & privacy.

Fake VPNs have been known for: accessing your data, social security information, or Wi-Fi data. These bogus services can easily be abused and attack you with adware, spam emails, or even worse – Ransomware. A trustworthy & reliable VPN solution will always be transparent regarding their operations and encryption methods they use. Do your best research when purchasing the Best VPN Service!

Fake VPN Services 

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5. VPN That Infects Your Devices With Malware


Some VPN providers offer to enjoy free VPN services in exchange for displaying advertisements. They don’t showcase that behind the apps and websites, they hide tracking capabilities that enable monitoring and logging your browsing activities.

Some are worse, infect your device with malicious content, making you completely vulnerable in front of hackers and opportunists.


6. VPNs That Requires Private Data


The sole reason for designing & developing VPNs is that it can keep your stuff safe and secure, even from the end of the VPN itself. If any VPN service is demanding access to your contact number, address, or SSN, then chances are it’s a big VPN Scam.

VPN Scams

Make your anonymity & privacy a top-priority while you choose the Best VPN Service for your Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, or Linux.

VPN asking for private information

7. VPN That Doesn’t Respect Its Refund Policy



Some VPN providers market their subscription plans in a way to make their short-term & long-term VPN tiers look like a big bargain. Some even claim to offer a 100% money-back guarantee, but the companies mistreat users when requested for a refund.

They bombard their customers with tricky questions or asks for terminating their accounts or just ignore their Payment dispute emails. To help our readers beware of such providers, we have created a concrete list of worst VPNs: ExpatSurfer, Earth VPN, Onavo Protect, Betternet VPN, Cryptostorm VPN,, Liberty VPN.


8. HTTP VPN Scam


Apart from paying attention to the pricing models, Terms of services, and other policies. You must verify the VPN provider website is secure. If VPNs websites aren’t secured with Https, how can you trust that it would protect your privacy online?

A good VPN service provider would encrypt their websites with HTTPS & not HTTP. You can check out our guide on how to stay secure for better security when you visit a non-encrypted website.


Watch Out For VPN Scams This 2023

Legitimate VPNs will not be available for free and will not confuse you with different gimmicks to claim themselves as the best in the market. Apart from following these tactics above to avoid VPN Scams, the best way is to do the best research by following multiple genuine resources before you subscribe to the best plan!

Based on Forbes research, “While VPNs are not foolproof and certainly are useful, they’re not immune to attacks —- but having one is decidedly better than not having one as its real value that it prevents your data from being hijacked from so-called “man-in-the-middle” attacks.”

Looking for some quality VPN recommendations? Check out our list of Trustworthy VPN Services or give the one a chance to the one I’m using Systweak VPN.



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