How To Wipe Hard Drive In Windows 10

If you are planning to give away your computer for any reason, then foremost, you delete your data from the system and format it, but it is not enough. To clear all the data completely from the hard drive you need to take measures that assures no traces are left. That is to wipe hard drive in windows 10 clean. In general when you delete stored data, what happens is that the files only get removed from the main view, as in the invisible for you. But they are all present in the system just invisible to you most. This can give an impression of all data deleted from the system which is not true.

It might not appear as such, but the recovery tools can retrieve the data later on from your computer. So you need to take precision before giving away your data along with the system to someone. When you move the files to recycle bin and later empty it thinking all the files are gone forever, it’s not true. You can recover the files deleted from the recycle bin in Windows 10.

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You need to follow the steps carefully to wipe your hard drive in Windows 10.

Before you proceed, it’s important that you backup your data into the computer. If you are not aware Windows 10 has an automatic backup program within the system. You can also use third-party tools to transfer the data. Or you can take the use of cloud storage provided by Google Drive, OneDrive, Right Backup.

Steps to Wipe Hard Drive in Windows 10?

Giving away our computer with information as sensitive as accounts, photographs, documents can be dangerous. If not in the right hands, it can be misused so to erase hard drive in Windows 10 is important task.

Let us discuss what you need to follow to clear all the data from your system i.e wipe hard drive in Windows 10.

Windows provides a method that can be used by giving commands in PowerShell. You need to run the command Windows Powershell in the Administrator mode for complete disk wipe in Windows 10.

1. Open Start Menu and type “PowerShell” in the search bar.

Windows Power Shell

2. Open the app Windows PowerShell by clicking on Run as Administrator.

3. You need to type the following command:

Windows Windows Power Shell Administrator CommandPower Shell Administrator

And this Command will erase hard drive in Windows 10.

How To Wipe Hard Drive In Windows 10 Using Third-Party Tool-

We can use Advanced System Optimizer for clearing the system file entries from your computer. Using the tool will make it nearly impossible to recover any data from your computer. Since a data recovery tool can work on getting the files back, using a tool to wipe hard drive diminishes the possibility. The tool used here works as a complete solution for the computer as it is a smart way to care for your system. It’s Security & Privacy function has Secure Delete feature which will erase data completely. Disk wipe in windows 10 is made easy with the help of this tool.

The process used overwrites on the deleted files which makes the data appear in a binary format. That makes it not comprehensive to anyone and therefore even if a data recovery software is used on the computer, it will retrieve the data which is of no use.

When you are trying to find out how to wipe hard drive in Windows 10 just to get a fresh start. remember to use the Disk Cleaner & Optimizer option. It will clean all the data and then later optimize it to save storage space.

Once you are done with this process, you can reinstall Windows 10. Now, this tool made sure that your hard drive is clean, and no data is left which can be recovered by any software.


Taking precautions is a good habit before giving away your computer. Remember to erase hard drive in Windows 10 before handling your system to a new owner.The options given in the article will help you wipe hard drive in Windows 10. Download Advanced System Optimizer and keep the system clean and permanently delete the files no longer required. These methods to disk wipe in Windows 10 are to work for your computer.

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